Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 12-2

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Hello Fellas! Thank you very much for reading this English translation of Wiro Sableng! I know I haven’t been the most consistent of translators, but with the whole COVID-19 thing going on, I have quite some spare time to stock up on chapters and I can tell you that I have around 1 month spare of chapters to post. From now on, I promise I will post regularly from Monday to Saturday. I’m going to try out some new timing since apparently I am not getting enough traction here hahahaha. I’ll be posting regularly at 23.00 GMT+7 starting from this week

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 12-2


Once he knocked on it, the thick, heavy stone door opened by itself to the side. Shockingly, the stone door was more than two spear distances thick! When Wiro looked beyond the opening stone door, he saw behind that door an extremely luxurious, extravagant beautiful room! This was the first time our favorite Warrior saw a room this beautiful.

On the left of the bed, a bed with a green sheet was laid down, with motifs of red, yellow, white, blue and brown flowers drawn on it. On the wall beside the bed, a beautiful huge painting was hung. 

On the right hand side he saw a set of tables and chairs while the entirety of the floor was covered by a thick, pleasant carpet!

But the sight that attracted 212 Warrior’s attention the most was not the beauty of the room itself, but on a figure of a woman sitting on a couch in the middle of the room. This woman wore nothing but a long, green robe made of a pitifully thin silk. Her right leg was placed upon the left, so that her long robe was opened, showing a tight, smooth, silky white thigh! Under the thin white silk, the two big, perky breasts were almost clearly visible. But all those lovely views that were almost naked to the eye suddenly disappeared when one looked at the face of that woman, which was covered fully by a thin layer of skull mask!

“Come in, please, Wiro…” Green Scorpion Goddess called while waving her hand.

“If you wish to talk, then let me just stand here,” replied 212 Warrior coldly.

“Ahh… your words speak well of your suspicion, right? You don’t need to be wary, don’t need to be worried that I will set a trap for you. Please come in.”

“Even if you ARE trying to set me up, I fear nothing! Losing my life would mean for you to lose yours as well, Green Scorpion Goddess!”

“Hmm… Well said, truly well said. Come, come in please, Wiro. I wish to talk with you.”

Thus the 212 Warrior entered the room. Once he went inside, the door behind him swiftly moved and closed the exit.

Green Scorpion Goddess laughed cheerily, “Please sit down” she said.

Wiro stood still where he was. Seeing this, Green Scorpion Goddess once more asked, “What do you think of this room? Is it beautiful?”

“It’s really nice and beautiful” Wiro replied.

“It’s just a pity that…”

“Just a pity what?”

“It’s a pity that it is resided by an ugly looking woman!”

Green Scorpion Goddess guffawed at his words, “I’m not as ugly as you think, Wiro!” she said

As if to prove her words, right after the speech left her mouth, her left hand moved to take off the skull mask that covered her face. Apparently, Green Scorpion Goddess was extremely beautiful. Her nose was small and pointy, her lips were full and as red as a peach, her eyes clear and shining as sparkly as the eastern star, on her left chin, a small mole added to the painting-like beauty. 212 Warrior could only scratch his head seeing this contrast.

“So tell me, do I look ugly?” asked Green Scorpion Goddess.

“No” Wiro answered quickly.

“But what’s the use of such a beautiful countenance when your heart is even more evil than the heart of a devil?” 

Green Scorpion Goddess’ uproarious laugh once more lit up the room, “Wiro, right now we only have only little time to speak. In a moment I will go out to formally announce the establishment of the Skull Valley Sect! I hope that you are willing to join us and be a part of us…”

Wiro Sableng put on a wide grin on his face

“You’re still daydreaming about your Sect! And have you forgotten that I had once rejected your offer? Once I reject something, it will stay that way forever!”

Green Scorpion Goddess stood up from her couch and walked over right before the 212 Warrior. Oh how glorious that beautiful piece of her figure was! Our favorite warrior felt like his breath turned stiff and ragged.

“Young valiant warrior, it seems you are the one daydreaming. Are you blind and not seeing the truth when you see the stage out there? Did you not see the waves of guests coming to this place to witness the glorious establishment of the Skull Valley Sect?”

“Fine… if you said so then I’m the dreaming one. But nevertheless I will not join your Sect. In fact, my purpose of coming here is to destroy it instead!”

Green Scorpion Goddess walked closer and stood right before the 212 Warrior, even closer now. Her exotic breath and sweet fragrance swept upon the face and simmered the nose of 212 Warrior. Suddenly, the woman put both her hands to the neck of the young man and whispered faintly, “Wiro… obey my will. Let’s lead the Skull Valley Sect together. You can stay here… and I will obey whatever… you… want…” 

212 Warrior felt a rumble on his chest. He felt his blood flowed even more rigorously than usual. This was especially so when that woman placed her head on his chest and hugged him tightly!

“Wiro…” whispered Green Scorpion Goddess faintly. “You are willing to grant my wish, right?”

Wiro did not answer her, but he slowly let go of those hands that hugged him tightly


“I cannot accept your offer, Green Scorpion Goddess.” Wiro Sableng responded sternly.

“You will be granted the position of Sect Master and I will be yours. We will be living together and be happy forever…!” said Green Scorpion Goddess. Once more, her body stuck tightly to the young man.

“I still cannot accept your offer.” 

Green Scorpion Goddess moved her body slightly. And thus at that very moment, the only piece of clothing that she wore fell on the floor! With her body stark naked and clothless, the woman once again hugged the young man fiercely and her steaming breast warmed up Wiro Sableng’s own.

If only this 212 Warrior was not the direct disciple of Granny SInto Gendeng whose body and soul had been tempered since young, he would probably have fallen into the seduction of the devil.

“Green Scorpion Goddess, I’m leaving! Show me the way out!”

“Wiro… don’t go. Please accept my offer…” replied Green Scorpion Goddess while pulling the hands of the young man, that the two of them fell on top of each other on the bed!

“Lowly woman! Don’t even think of tricking me!” snapped 212 Warrior in anger.

“Who is tricking you? I was being honest and wholeheartedly meant with what I said” exclaimed the Green Scorpion Goddess. 

Wiro pushed the woman away until she sat on the bed, whereafter he leaped to the stone door where he came from, but that door was gone without any trace at all, as if it was wiped out and flat with the wall of the room!

“Wiro!” Green Scorpion Goddess also leapt after him and grabbed the young man.

“This room is full of secret weapons. Once I move my hands or feet to activate them, you’ll be a goner!”

“I don’t fear death! But before I die, I will make sure that I smash your head off first!” 212 Warrior threatened her back in reply.

And Green Scorpion Goddess once more looked as if she softened her stance. One of her hands  once again hugged at the young man, while her other hand pulled on Wiro’s and placed it on top of her perky breast!

“Join my Sect, Wiro. I’ll hand over the title of Sect Master…”

“NO!!!” snapped Wiro.

“Get away from me!” With a single push the Goddess almost fell to the floor. After balancing her body, Green Scorpion Goddess for the many times once again sobbed like a little girl. Yet, this did not move 212 Warrior in the slightest.

This actually broke the last straw and fuelled the anger in the woman’s heart. While one of her hand was hugging Wiro Sableng’s waist, her other hand unexpectedly moved swiftly and quickly accublocked the artery in 212 Warrior’s body! Mercilessly, the young man fell stiff on the carpet! He could not move a muscle and couldn’t even open his mouth.

“Stupid man! Idiot! Eat your own arrogance!” cursed Green Scorpion Goddess.

“I’m offering you a path straight to heaven, you instead look for ways to fall into hell! After this formal establishment of my Sect, I will show you the greatest and most painful way of death!” After she said those words, Green Scorpion Goddess put her skull mask back on and her usual simple green warrior robe before leaving the room.

* * *

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