Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 12-1

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Hello Fellas! Thank you very much for reading this English translation of Wiro Sableng! I know I haven’t been the most consistent of translators, but with the whole COVID-19 thing going on, I have quite some spare time to stock up on chapters and I can tell you that I have around 1 month spare of chapters to post. From now on, I promise I will post regularly from Monday to Saturday. I’m going to try out some new timing since apparently I am not getting enough traction here hahahaha. I’ll be posting regularly at 23.00 GMT+7 starting from next week

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 12-1


The twelfth day of the twelfth month. The sun had snuck out of its hiding in the eastern horizon, radiating its reddish yellow ray. As it went higher and higher, the sunlight started to change its reddish yellow color into one that was silvery white.

At the feet of Merapi Mountain, a new astonishing scenery was visible. In the vicinity of the Skull Valley, in its one kilometer radius, it was circled by an immensely deep ditch, with its width approximately forty spear distances long! The water in this ditch looked dark green, signifying that it was containing an extremely evil poison. 

No matter how mighty and strong someone was, it was impossible for one to jump over this ditch! On one part of the ditch, a hanging bridge was present. The bridge was made of human bones such as leg bone, arms and ribs. Some parts of it were even “decorated” by human skulls!

All over the valley that was rounded by the ditch, a bizarre white-like carpet spread out, one that was made from bones and skulls of men. In the middle of the valley, a singular vast stage was standing firm. Just like the hanging bridge, the entirety of the stage was also made of human bones!

The poles of the stage were made from stacks of human skulls, its base of leg bones, arm bones and ribs that were connected together on top of the others! In some parts, there were “banners” and decorations that were made up of human skulls and bones as well! Around the stage, sat hundreds of guests coming from the martial art world that had been invited by Green Scorpion Goddess!

And every single one of these guests were sitting on chairs that were made of human bones as well! Many of these martial art figures had regretted their decision of coming to the Skull Valley. However, none of them dared to show their displeasure and fear in their heart, and kept them all inside despite their building anxiety..

Wherever the eyes laid their sights into, all they could see were just skulls and bones of men, in sights and in decoration as the seats they were sitting on! Many amongst the guests were also wondering inwardly, where did all these skulls and bones of men actually came from?

Are these people and men that had fallen victim to the cruelty of Green Scorpion Goddess and her disciples?

Meanwhile, inside her cave, Green Scorpion Goddess were convening with her three disciples and some of the Sect members that held executive positions. Green Scorpion Goddess was briefing them on some of the final tasks they should do. They were then dismissed to prepare for the occasion, with the exception of Blue Scorpion that was summoned and invited for some private discussion.

“Have you seen that young man among our guests?” asked Green Scorpion Goddess.

“Yes master, I saw him. But he is not sitting on the seats provided to the guests, instead he sat on a walnut tree branch on the west of the stage…”

Green Scorpion Goddess cursed in her heart, and then she said, “You go in disguise and meet him on that tree. Afterwards, you take him here through the secret entrance and bring him directly into my room!”

“Yes Master!” Blue Scorpion acknowledged the order.

“You have only ten minutes, Blue!” 

Blue Scorpion bowed and left that room in a hurry.

Not long after that, on the western edge of the stage, a withered, hunchbacked old man walked slowly, approaching the big walnut tree. Everyone present did not even spare a glance to the old man, as they thought that the old man was just one of the numerous guests that was invited by the Green Scorpion Goddess and her group. Besides, the eyes of most people present there were directed to the stage.

The old man who was none other than Blue Scorpion in disguise, bent his knees and stepped on the ground. Instantly, his body had flown upwards to the branch of that big tree where the 212 Warrior Wiro Sableng was enjoying himself while eating the walnut on it!

“Eh… old man, what do you want by coming up to my special seat here…?” asked Wiro Sableng.

The old man inhaled a deep breath and changed her voice so that it sounded perfectly like a weak old man, “Wiro Sableng, I am sent by the Green Scorpion Goddess. The Goddess asked me to invite you to come to her place. She wants to have a private discussion with you!”

“Hmm… Is that so? What does she want to talk about?” asked Wiro while his pair of eyes looked and scrutinized the old man before him.

“How would this old man know the matters of the Goddess? I’m just running errands for her” replied Blue Scorpion.

“If your Goddess needs something from me, tell her to come here and see me!”

“Don’t you talk big here in the Goddess’ lair” the old man hissed in displeasure.

“Even if you can ruin this occasion, don’t even think of getting the hell out of this place. You can see there, the hanging bridge has been cut down!” 212 Warrior looked away in shock to his right hand side. Indeed, the hanging bridge made of the human bones had been cut down!

“Even if you take down that bridge, do you think I would have no way to get out of this valley huh?”

“Whatever you say, young man… I don’t want to bicker and argue with you. Are you following me to the Green Scorpion Goddess’ abode or not?”

“Eh, old man… you are threatening me, it seems…?” 

Blue Scorpion chucked coldly, “Do you have no balls to go meeting face-to-face with our Goddess? Ah… I thought you were a valiant brave-hearted warrior! But apparently you were just a cowardly little brat with a faint heart!” 

212 Warrior angrily retorted, “I’ll dare go and meet her, even if her place is on the edge of the sky!”

“Prove it then!” The old man who was Blue Scorpion floated down. 212 Warrior could only vexingly follow suit! He was taken to the south east side of the valley, through a winding, curling roa that went ups and downs before making his way to a cave which entrance was covered by piles upon piles of human bones!

The tunnel in that particular cave apparently was lit by old oil lamps like the ones we could find in Aladdin’s movie (TL Note: yes, it was written like this in the raw). After walking for about 2 minutes, he saw a stone door before him where the old man stopped his steps and then turned around to face Wiro Sableng, before saying, “Wait for me in that tunnel over there, and then knock on this stone door…”

“Old man, if this is a trap, don’t you ever wish that you will have a nice pleasant death! I will at least make sure that your limbs will be taken off, ONE! BY! ONE!” 

That Blue Scorpion disguising old man chuckled indifferently and went away from his sight.

The 212 Warrior Wiro Sableng also had a bad feeling at that time, and he was fairly certain that he had fallen to a trap.

But tracing back his steps when coming here would probably have a bigger risk, and he felt his emotion burned every time he remembered every derisive “coward” call from the old man! Thus when he saw that the old man had reached the end of the tunnel on the other side, he quickly knocked on the stone door in front of him.

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