Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 11-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 11-2


“Demon Net was dead in the hand of that young man, master…”

Green Scorpion Goddess turned pale when she heard the news. And White Scorpion continued her story, “We found the young man on a cliff around thirty kilometers from here two days ago. We grouped up to fight him. After five passes, Demon Net managed to capture the young man with his strong net. The young man tried to unbound himself, he even unleashed the Sunstrike, but the net wouldn’t let go. However when Demon Net approached him suddenly he quickly took out his hatchet and made one forward slash. Suddenly the net relent and broke, while the hatchet continued to hack on Demon Net’s belly and… and… he died!”

“And then…?”

“I… I tried to face the young man. But in no more than three passes I had been cornered badly and… and I was forced to make my escape.”

Green Scorpion Goddess bit her lips. Her eyes scrutinized the face of her disciple, but she couldn’t really make heads or tails of it, as she kept on lowering her head.

But no matter what, Green Scorpion Goddess’ sharp eyes of discernment and senses could tell that there was something else, other than what was recounted by her disciple! But as she had so many things in hand, Green Scorpion Goddess quickly concluded their meeting and said, “You can go and help the others prepare everything. Some of the invitees had already come…”

White Scorpion made a quick bow and left. After the sixth day, when many of the guests had arrived, Green Scorpion Goddess could see the differences in her disciple, White Scorpion, even more clearly. She quickly summoned that disciple of hers.

Right after White Scorpion finished her propriety bow, Green Scorpion Goddess immediately questioned her, “ever since you went out with Demon Net, there have been so many changes in your attitude. Isn’t that right?”

White Scorpion was slightly nervous but managed to eke out an answer, “No… nothing changed in me, Master…” 

“Don’t lie to me! Don’t you ever try to lie to your master! Don’t lie to yourself!” Green Scorpion Goddess snapped in anger. “Tell me what happened!”

“Nothing happened, Master.” White Scorpion meekly replied.

Green Scorpion Goddess banged on the table, “All this while you were a cheerful person, you like making jokes, fond of laughing and messing around with your martial sisters! But after your return two days ago, your attitude and temperament changed so much! You become a loner, silent and often blank out! Don’t think I’m a blind woman, White! You! Are! Lying! Lift your face, look at me in the eyes!”

White Scorpion lifted her head slowly and tried to meet her master’s eyes. But she could only do it for a mere second. After that, she quickly lowered her face again. For the first time ever, White Scorpion felt terror and fear when she looked at her master’s pair of eyes and expression!

Green Scorpion Goddess let out a grin, “Are you still trying to hold your secret, White? Still trying to keep what happened back then a secret?”

White Scorpion’s throat felt stuck and went up and down. Her voice slowly stuttered as she recalled, “Af… after Demon Net met his death, I tried to… fight against that young man for… a few passes. I was only able to defend for three passes before I tried to make my escape, but in a flash my back was accublocked, so that I became stiff and cannot move at all…”

Green Scorpion Goddess’ mouth mumbled incoherently, “and then?”

“At first I thought that the young man would definitely kill me, but he did not. He talked over and over, advising me to return to the path of righteousness and to leave this base of Mount Merapi…”

“And how did you reply?”

I cursed and cursed at him with all my strength. I even spat on his face, but he just laughed at me! He threatened that he would toss me off the cliff, unless I promised him that I am willing to go back on the righteous path and to leave this place. I… I didn’t have any choice but to pretend that I agree with his terms. He let me go, and then I made my escape and return here…”

“Was it just that…? Was it really just that?” 

White Scorpion replied with her silence

“Don’t play the dumb and mute act on me!” yelled Green Scorpion Goddess.

“No… master…” White Scorpion finally relented.

“What do you mean no?”

“It wasn’t all that happened…”

“Huh? And then what happened next?”

White Scorpion once again felt her words were stuck in her throat, “I… I…”

“I what?” cut her master impatiently.

“Please forgive me master… I was… I was attracted to that young man…”

Green Scorpion Goddess’ eyes opened wide in disbelief, “what did you just say? You are attracted to that brat? You are in love with that snotty brat?” And White Scorpion responded with a nod.

“Little b**ch!” snapped Green Scorpion Goddess. She kicked the chair in front of her until it flew for several meters and crashed in pieces!

“I sent you to catch your enemy, and you instead played all lovey-dovey with him! What have the two of you done?”

“We did… nothing… master…”

“Bullshit! Spit it out, now!” Green Scorpion Goddess lifted her right hand up. Her two eyes flashed with sinister light.

“If you don’t come clean now, don’t blame me for taking your life this second!”

“He… He kissed me master…”

“He kissed you! The hell! What the hell! He kissed you and you did nothing?” White Scorpion silently conformed.

“Other than kissing you, what else did he do to you?”

“Hu… Hugged me…”

“You little bastard!” This time it was the table that became the next victim of Green Scorpion Goddess’ rage.

“So what’s next after a hug?”

“Nothing else happened master, I swear.”

“Don’t lie to me! You… you slept with him didn’t you?”

“No, I swear on my life I did not, master…” and White Scorpion started sobbing.

Green Scorpion Goddess paced back and forth in the room for a few moments.

“What did he say to you?”

“He said that he will come here and foil the establishment of Skull Valley Sect. He also said that he will kill you if you do not repent and return to the righteous way…”

“Fart! You’re also a big fart, White Scorpion!” Listen up… once the establishment of our sect has been done, you will definitely receive severe punishment from me!” 

White Scorpion quickly dropped to her knees, “Master, I hope you are willing to give mercy. I… I…”

“Scram! Get out of here! I’m sick of seeing you!” yelled Green Scorpion Goddess with infinite anger. White Scorpion stood up slowly. She wiped the tears on her eyes and with a lowered head she left the room

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