Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 10-3

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 10-3


“Fear not! There is no way in hell that you all will be hurt by that cheap parlor trick!” barked Green Scorpion Goddess. With that shout, doubt was erased from the faces of the three girls. In unison, the three of them once again started their attack! And just as was said by the Green Scorpion Goddess that the might of their combined assault was indeed unstoppable by Wiro Sableng’s Whirlwind Fist”

No more than three passes had passed when the young man was once again forced back near to the stage! The 212 Warrior cold sweated in bullets. He said inwardly, “If these devilish women truly manage to establish the Skull Valley Sect, the martial art world will be doomed for sure!” 

While he was thinking in silence, a kick managed to snuck in his defense and hit his waist! The 212 Warrior was thrown to the ground. Before he managed to balance himself, four streaks of blue gaseous smokes whirl towards his head!

“Friggin fudge!” the young man cursed and quickly dropped himself to the ground, rolling to dodge the attack.

“Hahaha… your life is already at the end of the road! For the last time, I’m giving you a chance! Give up, yield, kneel and beg for forgiveness, and join my sect!” said the Green Scorpion Goddess once again.

“Dream on, Skull Lady!” Wiro Sableng replied while standing up. “If your disciples can defend against my next attack, only then will I be willing to join your damn Sect! Hell! I’d even lick your asses clean!”

After saying that, Wiro opened his legs wide. A second later, he raised his right hand up high, while his feet were planted deep in the ground. His body trembled, while his right hand turned shining white and his nails glowed red!

“Sun Strike!” Green Scorpion Goddess exclaimed with undisguised surprise. “Girls, step back and retreat! You won’t be able to defend against this one!”

“Master!” Blue Scorpion shouted. “We are willing to die for the glory of the Skull Valley Sect!”

“Stop being foolish!” shouted Green Scorpion Goddess.

212 Warrior guffawed heartily. His right hand  was dropped abruptly. One great streak of whitish silver light that shone very brightly and radiated a scorching heat was flashing towards Blue Scorpion, White Scorpion and Black Scorpion. The three disciples of the Green Scorpion Goddess whistled loudly and without caring for their master’s warning, flashed and attacked forward in frenzy!

“Stupid disciples!” Green scorpion Goddess yelled. She quickly overtook her three disciples. Both of her hands sent out the “Green Scorpion” fist art that was known for its formidability. Hundreds of poisonous scorpions were thrown while her mouth blew out four streaks of green gaseous smoke that flew towards the 212 Warrior!


A sky piercing, earth shattering explosion cut the sky in half when the green and whitish silver streaks of light collided in the air!

Green Scorpion Goddess rolled on the ground but she was not wounded one bit, while the 212 Warrior fell down on his butt on the ground! His forehead was drenched in cold sweat! 

Green Scorpion Goddess’ three disciples cried out, calling out their master as they felt anxious, thinking that their master rolled over in death. But once the woman got back up, their hearts were relieved.

Astonishingly, when the two streaks of white and green light clashed, the winds and shock wave from them dispersed to the side and struck the grand stage, and it destroyed the stage to pieces. The dead bodies that were scattered on it were thrown all around, many of them fell into the lake and drowned!

Wiro Sableng stood and stared unblinkingly at Green Scorpion Goddess. Their two pairs of eyes exchanged looks of admiration. They both deeply admired the might and formidableness of their enemy. This is especially true for the Green Scorpion Goddess. Her admiration to the level of martial art from the young man added more to her fondness of the stalwart and handsomeness of the other side!

“212 Warrior,” Green Scorpion Goddess said. “Are you still not willing to give up… before everything becomes too late? There is still time and chance for you to enter and join our Skull Valley Sect! I will even give you a leadership position! We shall lead the Sect side-by-side!”

Wiro Sableng laughed coldly. “I was sent by my master from my secluded sage life not to ally with people like you, but to vanquish evil just like yours!” 

This remark badly angered the Green Scorpion Goddess! She signaled her three disciples. A mere moment later, the four of them restarted their siege on the 212 Warrior along with a deadly shrieking shout! This 1v4 fight is undoubtedly one that would be an epic one, one that words cannot describe vividly enough! As the Green Scorpion Goddess and her three disciples no longer gave the chance for Wiro to unleash another one of his Sun Strike, the young man was badly cornered in three mere passes, and this time it was one that is lethal and deadly… one that might cost him his life!

“Female Devils! I hate the most to fight with my weapon against enemies that are unarmed! But since you have been ganging up on me cowardly like this, you all forced me to take out my weapon! Besides, I don’t feel the need to abide by the rules of the martial art world against the likes of you all!”

Right after he made his speech a roaring sound shattered ones’ ears, as if that place was under the attack of thousands of bees! Green Scorpion Goddess and her disciples immediately felt that their skins became scalded and itchy while the attacks that they unleashed were dispersed easily! Their bodies and movement were restricted and forced to follow the flow of the white light shining out from the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 in the hands of Wiro Sableng!

And if previously they were the one on the offensive and were suppressing Wiro Sableng, it was now the other way around! They repeatedly tried to attack with their Green Scorpion Fist art, unleashed their Deadly Four Smoke Trails from their mouths, but it was all in vain. The rolling layers after layers of white light from the Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 held by Wiro Sableng repelled all of their attacks!

Green Scorpion Goddess started to get worried and anxious. Her guts to continue this fight started to grow thin once the edge of her green robe was slashed and ripped by her enemy’s weapon! The woman immediately signaled to her three disciples for a retreat. The four of them unleashed another full power attack before jumping out of the battle and running away!

“Coward vixens! Where are you going?” Wiro Sableng shouted while chasing.

“Lowly slave, unfortunately we don’t have time to spare to finish you! If you are still seeking for your death, you are welcomed to come to our Skull Valley on the twelfth day of the twelfth month!” Finishing her words, Green Scorpion Goddess took out a black spherical ball the size of a fist! She threw the ball to the ground right before Wiro Sableng.


The black ball shattered, and black thick smoke covered everything beyond it!

“Friggin fudgy hell!” Wiro Sableng cursed loudly. He jumped through the smoke while gritting his teeth, but the smoke itself was as thick as ten spear distances! And once he was out of the smoke, Green Scorpion Goddess and her three disciples had all gone with the wind! Even the dead body of Red Scorpion was also gone!

* * *


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