Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 10-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 10-2


The young man inevitably had to quickly dodge the attack. And if he disregarded the fact that the woman before him was a ravishing, beautiful girl, Wiro Sableng would surely have sent an even more vicious counter attack.

While jumping to dodge White Scorpion’s assault, Wiro Sableng yelled out, “White Scorpion, I’m going to give you a chance to repent and turn back to the path of the righteous!”

“Lowly bastard, stop spouting nonsense!” White Scorpion yelled back with gritted teeth. And once more, she let off attacks that were deadly and lethal, even though a tiny crack had been opened deep in her conscience. She realized that as a woman she could not forever rely on her martial might and in living this kind of life! But in the middle of this fight, she barely had any time to take and think things through.

“Little girl, you’re an idiot!” 212 Warrior shouted a curse. His right hand struck forward, unleashing the dependable “Monkey Throwing Fruit” technique. White Scorpion welcomed this attack with her own right handed fist that blasted off a thick green gaseous striking wind!

The two mighty techniques clashed in the air, blasting off a grand shock wave. 212 Warrior’s body swayed back slightly while White Scorpion was struck back four steps in retreat with her hands numb from pain!

She felt deeply resentful as she had never faced any opponent who was as strong as this young man. Thus White Scorpion focused her entire inner power to her stomach region, circulated it to her chest, all the way to the throat. As she blew to the front, a wave of white gaseous smoke that was even stronger than the previous one flew towards Wiro Sableng from four directions as if they were alive, from his left, right above and below! This technique is called “Deadly Four Smoke Trails” that was invented by the Green Scorpion Goddess and it even needed five years before the technique was considered perfect.

Every single one of her disciples all owned their own gaseous smoke, which color was a match with the clothes they were wearing! Seeing these weird streaks of gaseous smoke as well as the sinister aura induced and seeping out of them, 212 Warrior was immensely startled.

“What kind of demonic martial art is this now!” Wiro Sableng said inwardly. Both of his hands were raised upwards with their palms facing to the front. Wiro knew how strong and dangerous those four streaks of smoke that he understood dodging to the side or jumping upwards will only bring him to more risk and dangers. Thus as soon as both his hands were opened wide and well prepared, 212 Warrior immediately struck the two of them forward.

Two gusts of colorless, invisible wind blew forward with indescribable ferocity! That was a technique named “Hurricane Ravaging the Oceans” that he learned and mastered perfectly from his master, Granny Sinto Gendeng! The two powerful striking winds from 212 Warrior collided with the four streaks of white gaseous smoke from White scorpion! The collision was so forceful that White Scorpion’s two feet were planted 4 inches deep while 212 Warrior’s own feet were now 1 inch deep in the ground.

The two of them were still standing, facing each other with their hands readied in the previous position. Both their foreheads and bodies were trickled in sweat, signifying that the both of them had unleashed the entirety of their inner power!

Green Scorpion Goddess who witnessed the whole fight understood that if the fight dragged out further, it would be inevitable that her disciple will be severely wounded internally, and it was even not impossible for her to meet her demise, as from the previous clash, her sharp, discerning eyes had measured that the inner power of Wiro Sableng was in a far higher level than her top disciple!

Without further ado, Green Scorpion Goddess struck a forward punch. A strong gust of wind blew straight towards where Wiro Sableng’s and White Scorpion’s attack was colliding. The sky was as if it was going to fall down. The Earth trembled and cracked when the clash of three powers were causing a blast that was incredibly strong!

Whute Scorpion was sent rolling on the ground, but at least she was safe and sound. Wiro Sableng stumbled and staggered but weirdly, he started laughing and guffawing in glee once he managed to balance  himself!

“Green Scorpion Goddess!” he called out. “Have you still not seen the light of righteousness?!”

“Shut the hell up you lowly human!” Green Scorpion Goddess barked.

“Crazy bitch,” Wiro Sableng cursed back in response. “I dare bet my own ear that your intent to establish that accursed sect will never come to reality…!”

Green Scorpion Goddess let out a laugh as cold as snow. “Skull Valley Sect will not only be established in the martial arts world, but it will also become the only Sect that rules the entirety of it! All other sects that dare defy us will definitely meet their doom! All other martial art figures that are unwilling to be our disciples or members will definitely be fated to their demise, and that includes you!

Wiro Sableng guffawed gleefully, “you’re simply daydreaming my dear Goddess…”

“You’ll be the one dreaming, but in hell!” barked the Green Scorpion Goddess. She then quickly gave her orders to her three disciples.

““All three of you, quickly end that lowly slave’s life!”

Blue Scorpion, Black Scorpion and White Scorpion immediately had the 212 Warrior besieged. Blue Scorpion held the chain of command and once her sky-piercing whistling was heard, all three of them transformed into black, white and blue blurs.

They attacked their opponent fiercely for five passes, and for those five passes the 212 Warrior was passive in defending against their furious attacks. He was forced to face the deadly attacks from their green-colored-poisonous-punches and lethal scorpions, while the mouths of all three of those Green Scorpion Goddess’ disciples unceasingly sprouted streaks of smoke in red (TL Note: I believe this should be blue actually, just like the color of their clothing), black and white, where every color was divided further into four deadly streaks of gaseous smoke!

Five passes later and the fight became increasingly deadly and lethal. 212 Warrior was badly cornered! In many occasions this young warrior was forced to unleash the “Myriad Layered Wind Wall”, the “Ocean Destroying Hurricane Fortress” as well as the “Monkey Throwing fruit” fist techniques, but the prowess of the three disciples of Green Scorpion Goddess was getting harder and harder to dispel!

The Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet Warrior 212 grunted and shouted loudly while releasing the “Mad Man Striking Fly” fist art. His two arms struck and smashed all over wildly. However, even with that, he only could defend two more passes, after which Wiro Sableng was direly suppressed once more!

“Damn insane!” The young man cursed with a heart full of ferocity. He jumped out of the battle siege. Green Scorpion Goddess who thought that the youngster was trying to escape shouted loudly, “Little lowly slave, don’t you ever think that you can escape alive from here!”

“Hey monkey ass woman! Who the hell said I am running away?” Wiro Sableng retorted with fury. “Even with you joining the battle, I still won’t run away even a single step! Come along! The more the merrier!”

“You’re way over your own head, little slave! Lasses! Finish him quickly!” 

The Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet Warrior 212 Wiro Sableng stood firmly with his legs wide open. His pair of hands were raised high to the sky. As the three disciples of the Green Scorpion Goddess assaulted him once again, Wiro Sableng spun his hands like a windmill. Storms of wind blew forth ferociously! Dust and sand rose to the air. The water in the lake was waving chaotically, leaves fell and flew from the trees. This is the “Whirlwind Fist” technique. The might of this wind was a great shock to the three disciples of Green Scorpion Goddess.

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