Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 10-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 10-1


For the second time Green Scorpion Goddess and her three disciples were surprised. Green Scorpion Goddess glanced at the corpse of Deadly Feet and glared at the young man, snapping angrily

“Who are you really ?!”

The young man smiled. “If you want to know my name, I have written it on the forehead of your slave, Dear Goddess…!”

Green Scorpion Godess’ pair of eyes glared in rage. “Don’t talk bull, young man! Once again you mess with me, your life won’t be yours anymore!”

“Bull fart!” the young man blurted

“You asked me and I answered, is that what bullshitting is called?! If you don’t believe me, why don’t you take a look at your blinded slave…!” 

In her curiosity, Green Scorpion Goddess turned the man’s body around with the toe of her left foot. Once the body splayed out, frowns emerged upon the faces of the devil woman and her students. In the forehead of the black and blued face Deadly Feet seemed to be written three numbers, the number 212!

“So you are Wiro Sableng, the man with the nickname Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet Warrior 212?!” said Green Scorpion Goddess coldly.

The young man just laughed. “It seems that you and your students are not exactly excited with this encounter, right?”

Green Scorpion Goddess pondered for a moment. The name Wiro Sableng and the title of Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet Warrior 212 had indeed been well known for a long time. When he gave this mission to her students and when she himself left the cave at the foot of Mount Merapi, Green Scorpion Goddess had learned that the warrior was one of the many opponents she would have to inevitably face in her plan to establish the Skull Valley Sect.

And as she was confronted today, it was never expected before that the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet Warrior 212 was a young man with a devastating valiant look! She had witnessed herself the young man’s greatness first hand.

The Shadowless Assassin was beaten down in one move and Deadly Feet was given a dog’s death in two moves! Such formidable mighty people, especially when they were as good looking as this Wiro Sableng, was surely needed by Green Scorpion Goddess in her grand plan.

Thus said the woman. “Even though you have killed two members of my Sect but looking at your famous name, I am willing to forgive your pitiful soul as long as you immediately kneel down and swear fealty to enter my Sect! I’ll even consider giving you a high position in the Sect later on!”

“Hmmm …” Wiro Sableng rubbed his chin. “Such an enticing and grand promise!” he said, “If I join your sect, how much can you pay my salary …?”

“Crazy young man!” snapped Green Scorpion Goddess. “I am already willing to forgive, yet you are still talking utter nonsense!”

“Goddess, let alone enter your party, even seeing your face makes me want to throw up! And witnessing your crime made my hair stand on my neck. Frankly I have heard about you and your students for a long time! Your crime is more than whatever is pardonable in this world. Your sin is as high as the sky above and as deep as the ocean beyond! You will never succeed in establishing the Skull Valley Sect! The martial world will unite to destroy you! Therefore it is better for you to return to righteousness before it’s too l… “

“Shut your trap!” shouted the Green Scorpion Goddess with her face black and blue in rage. “If you want to preach, you can go preach in hell!”

This woman turned to the group of students who now only had three people left.

“White Scorpion! Take his darned life in one move!” the Green Scorpion Goddess commanded with full-blown ferocity.

White Scorpion nodded and then turned around to face the young man. As soon as her pair of eyes collided with the Warrior’s eyes, the skull-faced girl’s heart was plucked out in awe. Actually, since the appearance of the young man, White Scorpion had been attracted by the valiance of the 212 Warrior, especially after witnessing the greatness and might of that young man! In the heart of White Scorpion, a kind of conflict brewed. Her little heart was conflicted and did not want to follow the command to kill the dashing young man but on the contrary her teacher’s order must be carried out, unless she wanted to get an exceedingly harsh punishment!

“White Scorpion! What are you waiting for ?!” snapped the Green Scorpion Goddess. “Quickly kill that crazy young man!”

White Scorpion moved forward a few steps more. “Prepare to die, you insolent young man!” White Scorpion barked, albeit with a trembling voice.

She lifted her right hand upward and with a lightning quick move she smashed it forward


A green light wave with six poisonous green scorpions soared towards Warrior 212! The one being attacked instead whistled loudly and jumped five spear distances upwards and hit with a palm of his right hand forward.

A series of powerful winds roared and clashed with White Scorpion’s deadly attack. Dust flew in the air. Sand and gravel were slammed! The green light and six poisonous scorpions were swept away and shattered to the ground! If the White Scorpion herself did not rush to the side, she would definitely be hit by a blow from the opponent that kept chasing at her.

It was the formidable “Myridia Layered Wind Wall” unleashed by the 212 Warrior Wiro Sableng! The Green Scorpion Goddess’ face paled when she saw the attack. Her eyes opened all the way wide! The same expression was clearly visible on the face of her 3 disciples, particularly on White Scorpion who was the direct opponent of the young man!

“White! I’ll give you 2 extra moves to snap the neck of that youngster! Quickly go!”

When she heard this, White Scorpion resolutely lunged with all her might.

Wiro Sableng whistled shrilly. His body was nowhere visible, while his voice reverberated, “Don’t get panicky and hasty when attacking, skull faced girl, if any it might even bring harm to yourself instead! I hated it the most when fighting against opponents whose real face is covered by a mask! Take off your mask first, White Scorpion!”

Gnashing her teeth in anger upon hearing what 212 Warrior said to her, White Scorpion doubled her inner power output in her attack. It was so strong that even just the wind from that attack was equivalent to the strongest of tornadoes! But White Scorpion was conflicted inwardly, since where shall she direct that attack? 212 Warrior was nowhere to be seen!

In her confusion, the skull faced girl saw a flickering of something attacking to her face. Thus White Scorpion smashed her right hand forward. She struck empty at the wind! and… 


White Scorpion exclaimed in surprise. Both her hands swept forward once more, trying to protect her face, but it was utterly in vain. The thin mask covering her face was snatched off and taken by the young man’s hand and thus the real face of White Scorpion was out there in the open!

212 Warrior Wiro Sableng was utterly surprised to the core when he got the full view of White Scorpion’s beauty. Who would have thought that the girl with that high level of martial arts and such kind of vicious heart would possess such earth shattering, country destroying beauty!

“Ahh… It is indeed such a remarkable coincidence!” Wiro Sableng lamented while scratching his head. “You have such devastating beauty, but why are your crime and viciousness comparable to the unbounded ocean? If only you would turn over a new leaf and be a good girl, at the very least you’d get yourself a Duke as a husband!”

“Lowly bastard! Shut your mouth!” shunted White Scorpion.

Upon unleashing two streaks of green lights that contained fifty poisonous, deadly scorpions, White Scorpion sent two strong kicks forward while her mouth puffed out a white gaseous smoke filled to the brim with evil vicious poison! Every single blood vein inside 212 Warrior’s body was now under the threat of destruction!

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