Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 1-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 1-1

Heavy rain and thick fog covered the entirety of Merapi Mountain from its peak to the base of the mountain. The biting cold weather was unbearable. From night time, rain had poured down heavily and it kept on coming down all the way till dawn and more. Thunder rumbled unceasingly. Lightning flashed one after another. The voice was truly hair raising. The world was as if facing its imminent end.

For the tenths of time, lightning flashed and for the tenths of time as well the scene on the east side of Merapi Mountain became bright as day for a few seconds long. In that brief brightness, a scary but mind boggling scene was visible.

On the east side of the Merapi Mountain, there was a masterless valley that was untouched by any human. But in that very moment with heavy rain and thick fog and unbearable coldness, there were four human figures visible in the dead center of the valley! All four of them stood unmoving as if they didn’t care about the severity of the weather at that moment. Perhaps they don’t even feel the weather at all then!

All four people faced onto one direction, which was the mouth of a cave located around ten spear distances away in front of them. Even though the fog was very thick and the rain was immensely heavy, their sharp eyes could still view the mouth of the cave clearly.

The four people were young girls with beautiful looks. The first one wore a simple fitting clothes with blood red colored, the second wore blue one, the third one wore black and the last one was dressed in white.

All around the valley, bones and skeletons of men were scattered, covering the land with white colored as snow! All four girls stood on top of the piles of bones and skulls of the dead.

And even their attitude was indifferent and uncaring towards their situation. Each pair of their eyes kept on staring at the mouth of the cave without even a blink!

Suddenly from the mouth of the cave a streak of green light flashed towards the four girls. Following that, tens of deadly green, poisonous scorpions with their claws and mandibles open assaulted the four. A mere inch from when the death-bringing beasts reached their targets, suddenly the four girls blew forward. The tens of green scorpions were blown away and fell all over amongst the bones and skulls!

The moment the green light from the mouth of the cave vanished from sight, the four girls attached a thin mask onto their faces with lightning quick speed! And thus their beautiful looks turned into hair-raising, scary skulls!

And from the mouth of the cave a green shadow flashed out! The four girls with skull faces altogether quickly bowed and yelled in unison, “Master!”

The person flashing out of the cave was also a girl with skull face with a green, simple clothing. She stood on top of a mountain of human bones. After sweeping at the four girls before her, the girl in green looked to the sky and let out a long chuckling laugh!

“Ten whole years teaching you! Ten whole years I have suppressed my desire! Apparently you lass are not disappointing!” The green clothed skull face let out another long chuckle. And then she continued, “Today shall be the day we begin to move towards our united goal! Today we shall part our ways! Parting our ways to later on build on our dream to establish the Skull Valley Sect that will and must rule over the martial arts world! Now you all must depart! But do you all still remember my orders…?”

“Certainly, Master!” answered the four skull faced girls in unison.

“Good! Now go and do your task well! Off you go…!”

“Master…” said the girl in red.

“Is there anything you wish to ask, Red Scorpion?”

“This disciple and my martial sisters before we leave we wish to convey our gratitude to Master that had taught us martial arts for the last ten years. In this ten years we spent with Master, not once had we ever seen Master’s countenance! We beseech that before we leave, Master would grant us to view upon Master’s real face…”

The green clothed skull face roared in laughter.

“It is not yet time, disciples. Time is not yet ripe! One day you shall gaze upon it for sure! But now you should leave, quickly!” The four girls bowed in respect. They flashed once and all four of them vanished from sight, gone along with the long chuckling laughter of their Master, the Green Scorpion Goddess!

Two months later, the martial arts world was shaken in uproar by the emergence of four girls with skull face mask that were incredibly mighty! With just the “Green Scorpion” technique, the four of them had demolished two martial arts school that was considered strong and killed almost a dozen more martial artist from the righteous path! Even the martial arts figures from the dark side felt wary and afraid of the emergence of these four girls! For the few months after the four girl disciples of the Green Fate Goddess surfaced, the martial arts world was shrouded in anxiety.

If the four fierce girls were able to destroy two powerful martial arts schools and killed a dozen more formidable martial artists, it is hard to measure their strength and the extent of skills of these four people!

* * *

One day, on the first day of the second month, there was something new at the bank of Fragrant Lake located on the south of Ungaran Mountain. On the edge of the lake, now there was a big stage with various colorful flags attached.

In front of the stage, tens of chairs were filled by guests who were all martial arts figures whose fame and height of skills should no longer be questioned at.

That day shall be an important day in the pages of history of the martial arts world as at that place and at that very time, a new martial arts school in this world shall be established, taking the name of “Fragrant Lake School”

This newly established school had received much attentions and highlights from the other schools as well as martial world figures as the Head of this Fragrant Lake School was a famous martial artist in the region of Central Java which was the holder of the title of Sword God. This Sword God, real named Brajaguna, was a righteous path martial artist with incredible skills in sword arts, that it was little wonder that the martial arts world attached the title of “Sword God” to his name!

A few moment later, the sounds of trumpet was blown. Tens of the present guests’ pairs of eyes were glanced to the top of the stage. The Head of Fragrant Lake School came forth, accompanied by his wife, three children and all of the disciples of the School who were carrying flags and banners of the School, a flag embroidered with the image of a sword and a white rose.

The Sword God was a middle aged man with handsome, strong looks. His demeanor calm, steps light while his sword was hung by his left waist. His overall attitude and movements carried on a strong charismatic air.

Sword God’s wife who was clothed simply, named Suwita, was also someone with high level of martial arts. Even though she was not quite at the level of her husband in sword arts, this lady was not one to be taken lightly. Behind the beautiful, charming countenance was a hint of fierce, stubborn and courageous masculinity.

Behind them were three young man with cool air. The three of them were the children of Sword God who, unquestionably, were also having high level of martial arts. The eldest son was named Indrajaya, the middle one was Jayengrana dan the youngest, who was the dearest son of Sword and God and his wife, was called Brajasastra.

Sword God and his wife, along with their three children sat behind the stage, on the seat that was prepared. Meanwhile, the members of the School sat in line behind them. While the sounds of the trumpet was still in the air, the eyes of the Fragrant Lake School Head swept on the tens of guests.

Brajaguna was one with keen eyes. Once his eyes swept on the audiences, he quickly could summarize that the guests coming were split into three groups.

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