Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 9

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I am back, now in Bangkok with my new job and new life. Am ready to start churning out more chapters of our crazy story of Wiro! Here’s a chapter for a start. Of course, I am ready to share even more, including bonuses!

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 9

“Since you are the one so eager to meet your death, you can start first, Slanted-Eye!” said the Soul Snatching Devil cockily

Once he heard this, the Slanted-Eye Beggar no longer hesitated. As if he were flying, his body shot forward. Four kicks hurled, six fists stormed foward!

Silently, Soul Snatching Devil was really shocked seing how formidable his current opponent was. He shouted fiercely and flashed, his body disappeared from sight! His movement technique created a strong gust of wind that blocked all of his oponent’s attacks. Full of anger, the Slanted-Eye Beggar reached for his pocket that was full of patches.

“Eat my nails!” he roared

Twelve black poisonous nails shot forward to attack towards twelve body parts of Soul Snatching Devil. The hooded man grunted and flicked both of his hands. Instantly, a miserable scream was heard from the Slanted-Eye Beggar. Six of his poisonous black blood nails was shot back and stabbed at his body, while the other six were parried to the roof!

The Crooked-Leg Beggar and the other remaining members of the Society looked wide-eyed disbelievingly, while the eyeless Blind Beggar had a deep frown on his face.

“Soul Snatching Devil,” said Blind Beggar. “We are all from the Dark side of the martial arts world. Between you and us had no enmity nor grievance. Why must you be so vicious and overbearing…?”

“Agh… I’m tired of listening to your hipocrisy! No matter what I don’t want to be put in the same level and side as you all are! I’ll give five breath of time for you and your handicapped guy over there to think and fulfill my demand…”

And the five breath of time passed on in an intense atmosphere.

“You stubborn stupid fools!” cursed Soul Snatching Devil. “Die!” His hands thrusted forward and two streaks of red lights fanning out, chasing thirteen of the Black Blood Beggar Society Members. Crooked Leg and Blind Beggar were startled. They hurriedly punched forward to deflect the attack but missed their target! At the other side of the room, thirteen members of the Black Blood Beggar Society were smashed to the wall and piled on the floor lifelessly. Their bodies were red and burned black!

This incurred the rage of the two top leaders of the Black lood Beggar Society. The two of them lunged forward simultaneously.

“Ha ha ha! Two top figures well known for their might, yet in reality those names and fame were empty shell, dare attacking only in groups!” mocked Soul Snatching Devil loudly.

The Blind Beggar, despite being a dark martial artist, fell back when he heard this mockery and said, “Crooked-Leg Brother, please take care of this little trouble maker!”

“Don’t worry, Blind Brother,” replied the Crooked-Leg. “Although I’m not realy happy facing this kind of person who only dares to hide his face under a hood!”

Once he finished his words, he unleashed the “Mighty Garuda” technique and thus the Crooked-Leg Beggar shot forward. His movement was so quick that it was totally unpredicted by Soul Snatching Devil.


Soul Snatching Devil’s hood was ripped and dropped down! Crooked-Leg Beggar was utterly shocked when he saw the face. Soul Snatching Devil’s face was unbelievably hideous, akin to a devil. His face was almost wholly wrecked and blackened by wound marks. His two eyes were so big and his eyeballs were almost as if bursting outward, not to mention unfocused. His nose was almost as big as a palm, short and wide, covering his emaciated cheeks. His lips were incredibly thick and almost unclosable, revealing his big, blackened teeth!

Crooked-Leg Beggar was only startled for a brief moment, and afterwards he burst into unstoppable, derisive laughter, “Hahahaha… Apparently the Soul Snatching Devil was so hideously ugly, even worst than the ugliest devil himself! No wonder he has to hide under a hood!”

Soul Snatching Devil sighed and looked to the sky. He then snorted coldly, “Don’t think you’ll survive for more than three strikes, damnable demon!” he cursed.

At that very moment the Crooked-Leg Beggar already lunged forward. His two hands were opened to the sides and he roared six times like a hungry tiger, followed by four fierce kicks. Soul Snatching Devil flashed once and his body vanished from sight, and a blink of an eye later a streak of red light fanned out in waves, assaulting Crooked-Leg Beggar.

“Crooked-Leg Brother! Watch out!” warned Blind Beggar.

“Ahh… it’s just some easy technique… who’s scared of it!” mocked Crooked-Leg Beggar while jumping three spear distances upward. The enemy’s attack was dodged by Crooked-Leg Beggar. Angrily, Soul Snatching Devil also jumped to the air while unleashing the “Kicking the Sky, Upturning the Clud” technique. As this technique utilized more than half of his inner power, no wonder its strength kicked Crooked-Leg Beggar all the way through the roof, blasting it away! Such ferocity! After he managed to extricate himself from the roof, Crooked-Leg Beggar took out his big pipe from under his patched clothing. He huffed at it once, and a thick pipe smoke, greyish and sinister, puffed out, obviously containing some strong poison!

“No need to show me this kind of trash skill, Crooked-Leg!” mocked Soul Snatching Devil. He lifted his right hand and then abruptly pulled it backward! It’s the Soul Snatching Fist! Crooked-Leg Beggar hurriedly circulated his inner power. But alas! He couldn’t save himself from the technique. His innards were as if pulled by hundreds of horses, his breath was sucked dry out of him! And vomit!

Crooked-Leg Beggar threw out mouthfuls of blood. Likened to a dry leaf, his lifeless body dropped down and slammed on the floor! Soul Snatching Devil’s threat saying he will kill his enemy in no more than three strikes was now becoming a reality!

Looking up at the sky with his hideous face, the Soul Snatching Devil burst out a long laugh as if a wolf in the dead of the night!

Frown appeared on the face of Blind Beggar.

The vein on his neck bulged out. His temple trembled and his jaw gritted in anger.

“Blind Beggar, now it’s only you are left. Do you still insist to reject my demand?!”

Blind Beggar folded his arms before his chest. The might of Soul Snatching Devil was truly transcendental. After pondering for a moment he finally replied.

“Soul Snatching Devil, even though you have three heads and six arms, don’t think that I won’t dare fighting you. And don’t even think that I’ll ever entertain your crazy demand!”

“Ah… then such a pity! The illustrious Black Blood Beggar Society eventually had to meet its end today!”

“Black Blood Beggar Society shall not end! You better prepare yourself to meet the demons from hell, you evil man! A devil like you indeed have no other place than hell!”

Right after he finished his speech the Blind Beggar put his hand under his patched robe. Once he took his hand out, a glimmer of black light from a sword shone. Soul Snatching Devil even trembled inwardly when he saw the weapon.

“If you have any good piece with you then you better take it out quickly, damn Devil!” barked the Blind Beggar.

“Jika kau punya senjata bagusnya lekas dikeluarkan, Iblis!” berkata Pengemis Mata Buta.

“To face a blind, handicapped man like you, what use do I need of a weapon? Come up! My hands are all itching to rip your puny life away!”

“Dream on, Devil!” barked Blind Beggar harshly. He jumped once and at once black light flashed out of his sword slash!

And… Bang!

Soul Snatching Devil staggered a few steps backward!

Blind Beggar was really startled when he saw that his adversary was not one bit hurt against his mighty “money-begging palm” that he was depending on, not to mention that the fist strike had been practiced rigorously for the last ten years!

Disappointment and shock when he saw his technique was making nothing made a lapse of attention to the Blind Beggar. And that minute opportunity was not passed on by his enemy.

Soul Snatching Devil sent one strong kick to his enemy’s belly. Undoubtedly, Blind Beggar was struck down to the floor in a sitting position. Without giving him any opportunity to get up, his enemy had already started his hand motion for the “Soul Snatching strike”!

Blind Beggar abruptly felt a formidable force sucked out his body, and he instantly threw himself to the side. But alas! His stomach had already been snatched clean. Fresh blood burst out of his mouth. His body struggled for a moment, before the last vestige of his soul left his mortal body. But before his life ended, he still managed to reached into his pocket and threw out a dozen or so black blood nails to his enemy. Yet, this is meaningless before the Soul Snatching Devil. With a whip of his sleeve, the poisonous nails were parried!

For a brief moment, the loud laughter of Soul Snatching Devil reverberated in the room. His laugh made his slanted eyes all wet of tears

The scary faced human with damaged face then crouched down before Blind Beggar’s corpse. His hand searched under the patched robe, looking for the Tumbal Wilayuda kris. Once he found it, he quickly slipped it on his waist. And then he walked to Anjarsari’s body who was still unconscious due to the accublock on her accupoints when Lah Simpong took her away.

Soul Snatching Devil’s eyes glinted strangely as he looked at Anjarsari’s body whose dress was not one bit decently worn anymore. He grinned strangely. He caressed the fair cheek, ooo how soft and smooth. He fondled her breast, and Soul Snatching Devil shivered in delight. If he didn’t remember that he needed to leave the premises quickly, he would certainly go along his lust and went further than that.

He carried the girl over his left shoulder and walked in front of the Sultan who laid on the floor limply due to the accupoint block.

Soul Snatching Devil crouched down and took his body as well, but suddenly a shadow in blue flashed by, and god knows when Sultan’s body was already snatched away and took away!

Soul Snatching Devil was incredibly startled.

“Bastard! Hey! Stop!” He yelled.

But the blue shadow instead accelerated more. Furiously, Soul Snatching Devil threw thirty red needles to the blue robed human. The one being attacked though, without even looking back waved her left hand. All thirty red needles were blown away as if they were struck by tornado!

Soul Snatching Devil tried his best to chase the blue shadow, but no matter how he chased it was already gone. “Fudge!” he cursed, “that must be that damn wench again!”

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