Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 8-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 8-2

“It’s you who will turn up dead first, Devil!”. The end of the whip flailed violently to the face of the Soul Snatching Beggar, while the iron staff will definitely smashed the bones oI the Soul Snatching evil to nothingness!

But in a blink of an eye the Soul Snatching Devil waved his red robe’s sleeve. A gust of fierce wind snuck in between the whip strikes and crashed upon Lah Simpong. The Black Blood Beggar Society’s member’s body fell on the floor, sitting on it blankly. His face was pale as a corpse. He tried hard to get up. His body wobbled, signifying that he was having bad internal injury.

“Now accept your death, Lah Simpong!” Soul Snatching Devil lifted his right hand and abruptly made a pulling motion backward swiftly! Lah Simpong’s body was as if pulled over by a magnet, sucked in two spear distances forward, and then fell face-first to the floor. Blood dripped down the corner of his mouth, dead!

The faces of the two Society Masters of the Black Blood Beggar Society paled considerably. The other members stood there as stiff as statues in fear. They felt like it was their own life sucked out when they saw the death of Lah Simpong!

“You’ve gone way too far, Soul Snatching Devil!” shouted the Crooked-Leg Beggar. “Don’t think you can leave this place in one piece!” the Crooked-Leg Beggar took two steps forward. “Come fight me now if you dare, Devil” he challenged.

The Soul Snatching Devil coldly laughed.

The Crooked-Leg Beggar snorted, “You don’t dare come forward? Then eat my fist!”

Crooked-Leg Beggar lifted his right hand. But before he unleashed his attack, two Society members jumped to the middle of the two fighters. They are the two Garuda Claw brothers, people who were once extremely poor people at the foot of Salak Mountain, but then were saved by the Crooked-Leg Beggar and brought in into the Black Blood Beggar Society.

“Society Masters, just to take care this man, please just leave it to us!” said the elder of the Garuda Claw Brothers.

Even though blood has boiled up to his face, the Crooked-Leg Beggar still had faith in his two members, and thus stepped down.

“Quickly mop the floor with him!” he said

“Ah… it’s again another of his ants who were sent forth!” mocked the Soul Snatching Devil

“Ants or not, know that your life is yours for only a few more moments, Devil!”

Soul Snatching Devil snorted, “Such gall!” he said

At that very moment, the enemies’ whips had danced and hurled like a hurricane, attacking his neck and leg, and then swiftly and rhythmically interchanged and quickly attacked to his chest and stomach! And in a blink of an eye the Soul Snatching Devil was already wrapped by the stunning attacks of the whips. His red robe and red hood flailed around in the wind due to the harsh black whip attacks of his enemies!

“Hmm… your whip art is not bad! But let me see whether you can withstand my “Sky Kicking Cloud Toppling” attack technique of mine!”

After he said that, Soul Snatching Devil kicked his left foot forward and struck his right hand from bottom to the top!

And thus the two members of Black Blood Beggar Society rolled all over the ground. Once they stopped, they realized they were having lost much power even to just stand up. Their faces pale, and cold sweat gushed out, they both realized that they had sustained a rather severe internal injury!

The two of them both grunted. Their black whips once again attacked ferociously, while their left hands formed a garuda claw that made a clawing motion forward with thunderous speed, attacking the face and chest of Soul Snatching Devil!

“Oh… so you people are the infamous Garuda Claw duo huh” commented the Soul Snatching Devil who recognized the martial skills of his enemies.

On the other hand the two Society Members were no longer looking down at their enemy. Their fierce attacks were followed by four kicks unleashed at the same time!

Soul Snatching Devil whistled loudly! It was as if it was about to break the eardrums of those people listening to it! After his whistle ended, from his left hand a red streak of light burst forth, spreading out like a fan and attacked the Garuda Claw Brothers at the same time! The two members of the Black Blood Beggar Society were slammed to the roof, one of them fell back down to the ground and the other one was stuck in the ceiling. Their two bodies were reddened just like roasted meat!

Crooked-Leg Beggar held his breath. “Red Fan Fist Strike!” exclaimed the Black Blood Beggar Master inwardly, while the Blind Beggar although couldn’t see the ongoing but his keen sense and sharp hearing had also made him realized what kind of attack was unleashed by the enemy!

The room fell silent as a graveyard.

One more time the Soul Snatching Devil looked upwards and laughed uproariously.

From the door, a member of the Black Blood Beggar Society stepped lightly. His body was tall and sturdy, with a scary face. His moustache and beard looked sharp and ragged while one of his eyes was blinded.

“Society Masters, please allow this One-Eye demand a compensation from this man!”

Both the Crooked-Leg Beggar and the Bind Beggar nodded their heads. One-Eye was the member with the highest level of martial arts and he was also a master in utilizing the hidden weapon “Black Blood Nail”. Thus the Society Masters of the Black Blood Beggar Society both kept their faith that this high level martial arts member would be able to defeat this strong adversary.

Slanted-Eye turned and faced the Soul Snatching Devil

“Soul Snatching Devil,” he said, “this One-Eye Beggar wishes to compare notes with you, please guide me!”

“Aha… One-Eye, you are quite cultured. Good! Let me have mercy on your soul! But at once dig out that single remaining eyeball of yours and leave it here, and get the hell out of here!”

Slanted-Eye Beggar gritted his teeth that it caused cracking sounds, “Your audacity knows no limit, Soul Snatcher! But let me see if you have any spare lives!”

Soul Snatching Devil chuckled, “I gave you mercy and now your head is blown too big!”

No use talking to you! Now, come forth!” challenged Slanted-Eye

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