Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 8-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 8-1

The red veiled person laughed with a crisp voice. The Blind Beggar stacked his two hands tight in front of his chest. “So it’s actually the Soul Snatching Devil! No wonder the fist technique was so strong and mighty! But I wonder what brought you all here and interfere with our Society business?!”

The man in hood who was none other than the Vice Leader of the Soul Snatching Devil Association chuckled again, “Masters of the Black Blood Beggar Society, no need to mince words with me, I hope you immediately give me the Tumbal Wilayuda Kris, Sultan Hasanuddin and the girl…!”

“Eeee… it’s truly unexpected! It appears you also covet the same things as us heh…?”

“Bull Crap!” cursed the Soul Snatching Devil. “I told you to cut the crap! Now quickly give them to me! Or I’ll wreck your whole Society!”

“Ah… if I recall correctly we are all still in the same side. Why must you push us so hard? Every able man is indeed entitled to claim the kris and the two people you just mentioned! And my side had gotten to them before you, so you are late. It’s your own fa–…”

“Do you really dare not giving me what I asked you?” cut the Soul Snatching Devil harshly.

“To get those things my Society even had to sacrifice one of its leaders! And now you strut in here and ask all you want! What kind of law are you using?!” barked the Crooked-Leg Beggar.

“Crooked-Leg… you just signed your own death wish by saying that…!”

The Crooked-Leg Beggar laughed drily, “Others may fear you! But this Crooked-Leg Beggar is not! You can try taking my life if you can.”

Soul Snatching Devil guffawed. Both his legs opened to a stance, “In one strike, you’ll die a dog’s death and sent to the underworld, Crooked-Leg!”

“Try me! Let me see what you got!” said the Crooked-Leg Beggar with a derisive laugh. Meanwhile, his ears heard what his partner the Blind Beggar said with a voice transmission, “Crooked-Leg Master… Be careful. This man smells danger…”

When the Soul Snatching Devil lifted his right hand up high, and when the Crooked-Leg Beggar focused his inner power to his left hand, suddenly Kuntawana jumped in right in the middle of the two men.

“Fucking Bastard! Are you looking to die as well?” howled Soul Snatching Devil. Kuntawana faced towards the Blind Beggar and Crooked-Leg, “Masters, please allow me to take on this hooded villain to compensate my earlier mistake!”

“Hmm…” pondered the Blind Beggar, “Fine. Crooked-Leg, you hold back a bit!”

And thus the Crooked-Leg Beggar stood down from the arena, while Kuntawana took out his black whip. Soul Snatching Devil grinned. “Some ants like you would suffice with a three steps move!”, he said.

Kuntawana skillfully wielded his whip like a windmill

Soul Snatching Devil took one step forward.

Kuntawana immediately unleashed a left-handed fist strike, while his whip hurled down unceasingly like rain towards his enemy.

Soul Snatching Devil took his second step. His right hand fingers opened forward as if clawing, while his left hand flickered to block the enemy’s attacks. The second he made his third step his right hand was abruptly pulled hard to the back! This was the infamous “Soul Snatching” technique!

Kuntawana felt as if his whole body was sucked in! His innards yanked out of his body!


A mere second after, the Black Blood Beggar Society member threw out mouthfuls of blood! His body laid lifelessly on the ground!

It was as if the blood of all the members of the Black Blood Beggar Society was turned cold. The Crooked-Leg and the Blind Beggar were shaking in their hearts! Kuntawana was a member of the society whose skills were not placed low. But this Soul Snatching Devil managed to kill him only by taking three steps!

Soul Snatching Devil laughed uproariously to the sky, raisining the hair of all that heard him! “Whoever feeling offended by that ant’s death may come up now!” he said. His eyes then shifted to the two masters of the Black Blood Beggar Society, flashing wildly with a sharp light. “Now the two of you still unwilling to give me what I want?”

Even before the two Masters of the Black Blood Beggar gave their answer, a figure jumped lightly, standing before the two Black Blood Beggar Masters.

“Society Masters, please allow this Lah Simpong to vanquish this lost devil!”

Blind Beggar didn’t reply directly. He understood that Lah Simpong’s martial arts was indeed of higher level than Kuntawana, but for it to face off against this Soul Snatching Devil, it was still far from the threshold. On the contrary, the Crooked-Leg Beggar pondered for a moment, nodded and said, “Fine, but be careful. This man is indeed very fierce like a devil!”

After such introduction, Lah Simpong turned his body. Whip on his left hand, an iron staff in his right hand, and he stepped forward to the Soul Snatching Devil.

Sooul Snatching Devil grinned under his red hood, “It seems that the Society Masters of the Black Blood Beggar prefer to sacrifice their own members rather than fighting themselves!”

“Shut your mouth Devil! See my whip!”

The black whip in Lah Simpong’s left hand flickered. Its sound rumbled like a deafening thunder. The tip of the whip flashed really fast, way beyond normal people’s eyesight, moving towards the face of the red hooded man!

Before this attack hit its target, Lah Simpong already followed up with his black iron staff attack. The two end of the staff whirled and turned illusory, as if there were hundreds of them and it attacked to dozens of body parts of the Soul Snatching Devil!

The one under attack instead chuckled, “take out everything you have, Lah Simpong! Otherwise, half a technique after this, you’ll turn into a corpse as well!”

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