Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 7-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 7-1

“One-Eye! Did you manage to steal the Tumbal Wilayuda kris?” exclaimed the Blind Beggar in joy.

This one-eyed blind with scary face Society member chuckled. None of the society member, even the leaders, knew the real name of this person, therefore people just refer him as the One-Eye. Compared to the Slanted-Lip, this One-Eye’s martial levels is actually threefold higher, not to mention that he had his own special moves, the poison spikes hidden weapon! His martial art was also taught to the society members, including the leaders, so that gradually the hidden weapon was referred to as “black blood spike”, following after the name of their society. With the formidability of his martial arts, along with his skills in utilizing the hidden weapon “black blood spikes”, it is actually more appropriate that the One-Eye become the society leader instead of the Slanted-Lipped Beggar. But the Slanted-Lipped Beggar had been a part of the society for tens of years, and even he was the first one who had the initiative to establish that Black Blood Beggar Society!

“We’re having drinking party tonight!” Yelled the Blind Beggar.

“Of wine and beer!” continued the Crooked-Leg Beggar.

The two society leaders both took out a pouch of money each and threw it before the One-Eye. This was indeed what One-Eye had been waiting for. He immediately caught the money pouches and bowed to them. Before he even managed to stand back up rom the bowing, from the door another member of the Society came in. His face was as scary as the others, but at that moment his countenance was pale, lifeless and ragged!

The Crooked-Leg Beggar frowned when he saw this member of his. It is unusual for Juntawana to be in this bad of a condition. Thus he inquired, “What kind of news do you bring from outside the jungle, Kuntawana?”

“Hmm? Kuntawana had also returned?” said the Blind Beggar.

The newcomer bowed down. Took a deep breath and reported, “I came bringing ill news, respected Society Masters…”

“What the hell kind of bad news?” Asked the Crooked-Leg, while the others directed their gaze at Kuntawana.

“Yesterday I went to the city of Asoka. It was in an uproar as they found a dead body behind a stable. When I went through the crowd of people, I saw that apparently the body belonged to the Slanted-Lipped Beggar Society Head!”

This piece of news shocked everyone present

“There is something strange in the way he died…”

“What kind of strange thing?” asked the Blind Beggar.

His forehead was blackened, his chest was blue. Meanwhile on his forehead there was also three numbers, the numbers 212!”

The expression on the faces of the Black Blood Beggar Society abruptly changed. The Crooked-Leg Beggar gazed at the Blind Beggar. The Blind Beggar himself also fell in deep pondering. “What do you think, ole Blind Master?” asked the Crooked-Leg Beggar.

After a while the Blind Beggar finally answered. His tone definitely had turned very serious now. “After almost 40 years missing without anyone knowing where she was gone, she actually re-emerged. She was a terror for dark martial artists like us, Master Crooked-Leg. She is definitely coming back to destroy our people, just like forty years ago…”

“You mean the Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter, THE Sinto Gendeng…?” asked the Crooked-Leg Beggar.

“Who else can that be?”

“Ah… if she indeed is coming out like in the past, she has miscalculated! The current martial world is no longer the same as in the past! The Dark Martial Artist world had gained a lot of advantages, with plenty of strong experts with incredible might! Sinto Gendeng can haul her ass here… and that would be no different than her delivering her own life!”

The Blind Beggar inhaled a deep breath, “we must not underestimate that dreadful woman, Master Crooked-Leg,” said the Blind Beggar, “You should know, these two blind eyes of mine, were all that crazy woman’s doing…”

The Crooked-Leg Beggar was started. His eyes bulged out as he took a careful look at his friend’s face. After a while he finally looked away as his hair stood on end looking at the two scary blank cavities of eyes!

The room fell into an abrupt silence, until it finally was broken by the harsh shout of the Blind Beggar, “Kuntawana, what did you do to the dead body of Master Slanted-Lipped Beggar…?!”

Kuntawana was startled and shivered in place.

“Answer me! Did you leave him just like that afterwards…?!”

“Society Head… at that moment the body of Master Slanted-Lipped Beggar was crowded by numerous people. Some of them were even the Kingdom’s soldiers. It was impossible for me to…”

“Shut your mouth! Your sin is unforgivable! You are hereby expelled from the Society!”

Kuntawana paled in hi shock. “Master…”

“Silence! Get your ass out this place!”

“Society Heads…”

“Beat it! Get out of here before my rage turns you dead!” barked the Blind Beggar.

Kuntawana stepped back and begged, “I am willing to return to Asoka to retrieve the body of Master Slanted-Lipped…”

“No need!” shouted the Blind Beggar loudly. “I can get someone else to do it!”

Kuntawana’s face turned steely in anger, “Fine, I’ll go but first give me my reward money, bastard!”

“You son of a…! How dare you speak like that in front me! Here’s your reward for you!”

The Blind Beggar waved his black robe sleeves. A ferocious gust of wind hurled towards Kuntawana, startling him. He knew exactly what kind of attack the Blind Beggar had unleashed. That was the “Thousand Typhoon” Fist technique! Lightning quick, Kuntawana tried jumping upwards to dodge, but he found that the ceiling of the building was rather low, preventing to take air!

“Oh no… I’m dead!” exclaimed Kuntawana inwardly.

But at that lethal moment, from the side window a streak of red light flashed and clashed against the Thousand Typhoon Fist, and that instant the formidable fist technique from the Blind Beggar was dispersed and Kuntawana was saved!

Blind Beggar was someone with extraordinary sense. His pair of ears were not just incredibly sharp, they were even had become just like a pair of eyes for him.

He turned his head to the window, “Damn nosy bastard, do you dare show yourself!” he shouted.

From outside a delightful laughter rung. A moment after a red robed figure with a red head veil had nimbly and lightly stepped into the room!

“Soul Snatching Devil!” exclaimed the Crooked-Leg Beggar along with several other Society Members! Their faces frowned with deep solemnity!

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