Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 7-1

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Hello Readers,

This is the first weekly portion of Wiro Sableng! I believe that this week we will be able to cash in on a bonus chapter, perhaps two of them in fact! How can you get bonus chaps???

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 7-1

At that era, in the West Java area, a beggar society had long been established, namely the Black Blood Beggar Society. Its members are beggars spread all around the corners and in every city. Every member of the society would have a black whip and generally would master a high level martial arts. Of course, since every place and region have members of the society, thus they would be privy of every single major event and secret. The same thing also occured on the fall of Banten Kingdom to the hands of the rebel and the disappearance of the Tumbal Wilayuda kris. Lastly, they were also privy of the the relationship between the Sultan and Andjarsari. With that knowledge, the Leaders of the Society immediately ordered his men to obtain the Tumbal Wilayuda kris, locate the Sultan as well as kidnap Andjarsari!

Their desire to gain success with this wicked plot was so big that one of the top brass which consist of three mighty beggars, decided to personally take care of the matter. That top brass leader was none other than the Slanted-Lipped Beggar! As told before, when Sultan was staying in one of the inn, the Slanted-Lipped Beggar had come to him and almost managed to escape with the Tumbal Wilayuda kris in tow, if only at that time the 212 Fighter didn’t appear to the Sultan’s aid. Not only the Slanted-Lipped Beggar failed to do what he came for to steal the kingdom’s heirloom kris, he also had to lose his petty life! In comparison to the other two leaders, the Blind Beggar and Crooked-Leg Beggar, the Slanted-Lipped Beggar’s martial arts was indeed considerably lower, that after a few passes with Wiro Sableng, the Slanted-Lipped Beggar met his demise at the hand of the 212 Fighter.

Yet the danger lurking around the Sultan and the heirloom kris was not just up to there. When the Sultan was spending the night at the manor of Wirja Pranata, a member of the Black Blood Beggar Society managed to snatch the kris when the Sultan was in the garden with his future wife Andjarsari! And even Andjarsari herself was kidnapped by another member of the Black Blood Beggar Society!

Meanwhile, about the headquarter or hideout of the Black Blood Beggar Society itself, it was located in the depth of the Riunglaksa jungle. Thus that was the place where the beggar society’s members were bringing the people and the kris that they had snatched. The last few days, the two leaders of the Black Blood Beggar Society were anxiously waiting for the handiwork of their members.

“Ah… why the hell are the members taking so long in doing their assigned tasks…” said the Blind Beggar. His body was very thin just like a pole. His cheeks were sallow, hair long, dropping down like a girl, while his two eyes were only two deep, black hole, that it sent shivers down the spine of people who looked at it!

“Yes… indeed they’re taking so long,” said the Crooked-Leg Beggar while inhaling deeply. Between his lips, a pipe could be seen, which tobacco was already so rotten that it was stinky! This man’s face was so smooth and pale as a corpse! His right leg was crooked. “Even Slanted-Lipped’s news were unknown until now!”

“That Slanted-Lipped was acting as if he couldn’t trust his own men… that he even wanted to handle this personally…”

“Ah… that was just how he is from long ago…” said the Crooked-Leg

“Blind Beggar Bro, do you think…”

The Crooked-Leg hadn’t even finished his words when a shout was heard from outside, “Society Masters, please look at the bounty I’m bringing!”

And not long after a sturdy looking, burly member of the Society came in. His shoulder brought over a young female figure. The woman was none other than Andjarsari. He laid her down on the floor, in front of the two Society Leaders. At that time Andjarsari was no longer moving, unconscious with a strong accublock.

Of course, the two Society Leaders were ecstatic seeing her.

“Your merit to the Society this time is quite a big one, Lah Simpong.” Remarked the Crooked-Leg while rubbing his hands in anticipation.

The nostril of the Society member named Lah Simpong was rising cheerily, singnaling his happiness.

“Trust me, Masters…”continued Lah Simpong, “with this girl in hand, the Sultan will definitely come here to our trap, and we will be able to seize him easily.”

“Indeed!” said the Blind Beggar and the Crooked-Leg almost simultaneously

Lah Simpong who formerly was a mere beggar in the town of Menes licked his lips in anticipation, “Leaders…” he said, “May I get the reward money now…?”

“Surely…!” answered the Crooked-Leg Beggar. From beneath his robe he took out a leather pouch and he tossed it before Lah Simpong. It fell before him with a chink in front of Lah Simpong’s feet. With a happy grin Lah Simpong quickly bent down and took the money pouch away. At that very moment a shout was heard outside, “What would the meaning of Lah Simpong’s bounty compared to what we are bringing before you, o Society Heads?”

Two figures jumped in the window. Not a slightest bit of noise was produced when they landed on the ground! Both the Crooked-Leg and even the Blind Beggars, who was blind but had all his other senses heightened to the limit were ecstatic when they heard the shouts.

“Who do you have with you?” asked the Blind Beggar.

“The Sultan! The Sultan himself!” exclaimed the Crooked-Leg Beggar who jumped happily from his seat.

The Blind Beggar laughed merrily. From behind his waist he took out two big white pouch. “Here, take this!” he said. Two members of the Black Blood Beggars who just entered welcomed them with glee. They bowed cheerily and turned around to leave, but someone abruptly jumped in through the front door to their surprise!

“Aha! What I bring is indeed lifeless! It is also not big, instead rather very small! But this thing I have is the one sign, that the one holding it is the one with the right to be the king of Banten!”

The Blind Beggar and the Crooked-Leg Beggar jumped down from their respective seats!

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