Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 4-2

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Hi everyone.

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 4-2

But at that time the Slanted-Lips Beggar was already lunging forward and divided his palm strikes to both the 212 Fighter and the Sultan!

Knowing that the enemy’s technique was incredibly lethal, the 212 Fighter immediately smashed his right hand forward. A strong blowing wind slammed to the Slanted-Lips Beggar. While managing to keep his posture straight, before thrown three spear distances away by the enemy’s attack, the Slanted-Lips Beggar was still able to smash his palm to the chest of the Sultan!

Sultan Hasanuddin groaned. His body shook violently, his chest was as if caving in. Bending down his body forward, he coughed a mouthful of fresh blood!

The 212 Fighter whistled loudly! His body vanished right at the moment when the Slanted-Lips Beggar was about to unleash his Life-Begging Palm Strike for the second time

“Sultan, hurry and swallow this pill!” yelled Wiro Sableng.

Sultan Hasanuddin received the pill tossed by the 212 Fighter and quickly swallowed it. afterwards, he immediately sit in a lotus position to regulate his breathing and blood flow, also to circulate his inner power to the injured areas.

When Wiro Sableng moved in a flash, his body vanished from the Slanted-Lips Beggar’s view. Based on his hearing, the Slanted-Lips Beggar repeatedly unleashed his technique twice towards the enemy’s voice, but of course the 212 Fighter was also not a fool and thus the Slanted-Lips Beggar instead made a big mistake.


The Slanted-Lips Beggar was thrown back four spear distances backwards. His head felt like smashed apart while his forehead was burning fiercely! Meanwhile, on the skin of his forehead three numbers of 212 were now visible! The Slanted-Lips Beggar was enraged. Ignoring the pain on the forehead, he lunged forward and sent out five kicks and four punches consecutively! The 212 Fighter snorted and whistled loudly. With his right hand punching forward, gust of wind fiercely stormed forward, making his way piercing through the enemy’s attacks!

For the second time the Slanted-Lips Beggar was thrown away. This time he went eight spear distances away, and this time even he had to roll on the ground with blood vomiting from his mouth… he was finished! The Sultan who witnessed the grand fight got his tongue stuck in awe, seeing the scene!

The 212 Fighter approached the body of the Slanted-Lips Beggar, taking the Tumbal Wilayuda Kris away and gave it back to the Sultan.

“What a good enchanted kris! Since many covet for this weapon, you better keep it even safer, Sultan”. Sultan heaved a deep breath. “Thank you”, he said. “Twice have you saved me from danger, my friend. May I know your name?”

“My name is Wiro Sableng” answered the 212 Fighter. “If I may advice you, you better not returning back to your lodging, but resume your journey instead”.

“Why is that so?” asked the Sultan.

“There are too many men who are just like this Slanted-Lips Beggar who are looking for you and covet for the Tumbal Wilayuda Kris”.

Sultan pondered for a moment. “Many thanks for your advice, friend! As you have sown good deeds for me, a great merit that I shall never dare forget, how if I offer you to come with me on my journey?”

“Ah… it is an honor to walk alongside you, Sultan” said the 212 in a friendly manner. “But please forgive me… I still have a lot of things to work on. However, I promise that I won’t be far from you…”

“Then fine, I won’t force you” said the Sultan. From under his padded robe, the Sultan took out a shiny item. He gave the item to the 212 Fighter, but the martial artist dared not to take it.

“Friend, please accept this!” said the Sultan.

“What is this item, Sultan?”

“Take it first…”

Wiro accepted it.

It was apparently an 8-pointed star made from gold and in the middle was embedded with a shiny diamond. “That is the highest star of honor of the Banten Kingdom, one gifted to those who had made contributions to the King and to the people of Banten, Wiro…”

“Ah… how am I deserving of this gift, Sultan?” asked Wiro Sableng with humility.

But Sultan still made the 212 Fighter accept the honor. Wiro kept the item safely under his clothing. “My profuse thanks,” he said.

“And one more… since your disguise as a beggar has been uncovered by the crooked and the bad, you better change your persona, Sultan”

“I do plan that already,” said the Sultan in response.

Once more, they said their thanks. The 212 Fighter bowed down in parting and they both went their own ways.

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