Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 4-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 4-1

With a heavy heart, one that mourned the death of Mangkubumi Mintra who deliberately sacrificed his life to save him, Sultan Hasanuddin ran along the edges of the jungle at the foot of the Hill. A fight indeed would require sacrifices, and this not only added the burden of vengeance in the Sultan’s heart towards Parit Wulung and the other rebels, but also thickens his resolve that one day he will for sure return to Banten and rebuild the legitimate, true Kingdom of Banten!

When the day was close to its end he finally reached a small town located in the East Banten. The city was called Asoka. Back then, it was a resting spot of the merchants from all around the areas. After a while, lots of the merchants started building warehouses for their goods, and afterwards they even built houses and slowly Asoka transformed into a town. As a merchant town, Asoka was surely bustling no matter what time of the day it was. The bustling and busy town would last all the way to the night. After he got himself a lodging, Sultan circled the town to see the crowd and stuffed himself in a small restaurant. When the crescent moon in the sky was covered by the thick, dark cloud, the Sultan turned back to his lodging. His discerning eyes immediately noticed the small changes in the room where he was staying. The sheet was slightly crumpled and the position of the pillows was already changed. Meanwhile, the small sack where he brought several of his clothes and some money that he put under the bed clearly had been opened and searched, but luckily none of his things were missing!

The Sultan was rather confused. He looked to the surrounding area. On the far-side wall there was a window, but the window was very much in the same condition as how he left it back then, no traces of damage was found on it… so who was it that entered his room and did the search? Was it a person, or perhaps several people? If he, or they, is a thief, why was it that not a single item and not a bit of his money was gone? Sultan Hasanuddin’s anxiety was getting bigger by the seconds since he concluded that whoever it was that entered his room was definitely looking for and trying to steal the Tumbal Wilayuda enchanted kris!

Sultan Hasanuddin felt relieved as when he was leaving before, he brought along the Kingdom’s Tumbal kris. If it was not so, the weapon would definitely had been brought away by others!

That night the Sultan deliberately slept with the oil lamp off. His eyes squinted really sharply when he faintly heard some rustling sounds on the roof of the building. It was definitely not the voice of a cat. He perked his ears even more. The rustles were gone, and he could only hear the faint sounds of the light rain falling on the roof outside. Slowly, the Sultan closed his eyes once more. Yet, when he almost fell into deep slumber he once more heard of the rustling sounds. This time the Sultan woke up from his bedding and moved to the corner of the room. He waited with his right hands gripping tightly on the hilt of his sword.

Suddenly the door of the room opened! The Sultan was startled badly! He could remember well that the room door had been locked, so how was it opened that easily noiselessly and who was it that opened it? Sultan couldn’t wait any longer. A figure walked in silently into the room. This figure wore a long robe. Due to his short stature, his robe touched and swept along the floor. Suddenly the figure turned his body to the left and jumped. A big item in his hand, a hacking saber, whistled towards the position of the Sultan. The Sultan himself who was fully ready immediately unsheathed his sword and blocked!


Sparks flew all over the room. As the room was dark, the sparks became a dazzling light and shone upon the faces of the two men inside. Both of them paid careful attention at the looks of their adversaries!

Sultan Hasanuddin was scared out of his wits when he saw that the person he was facing was incredibly scary to see. His hair stood erect like a blade of grass, the man also had some beard that grew incredibly dense. His brows were thick, arcing over a big bloodshot eyes. His lips were crooked and a pair of huge teeth protruded out of frame. This man could be considered to not have any nose as his supposedly-nose was pretty much flat a his thin cheeks! And his putrid stench was incredibly foul to one’s nose!

“Beast! If you don’t leave this room quickly, don’t regret if I send you to the afterlife where you belong!” threatened the Sultan.

The scary-faced man laughed coldly.

He blew his breath to the front. The Sultan immediately covered his breathing and for the second time he spun his sword to block another attack. But this time was not the same as the previous one. Even though Sultan managed to block the weapon, his own weapon was smashed out of his hand, leaving the empty hand shaking furiously. Suddenly one of his adversary’s hands pushed him and slammed him to the wall! When he managed to balance himself, the Sultan was badly surprised. His eyes opened wide when he saw the Tumbal Wilayuda’s kris was now in the hand of the scary-faced man!

“Vile thief! Give me back my kris at once!” yelled the Sultan.

The scary-face chuckled lightly, “You’re lucky I only want your kris and not your life!” after saying that the scary-face once more moved and in a blink of an eye he smashed through the window and vanished through it in the dark of the night!

“Cursed thief!” Sultan jumped outside through the window. He managed to see the shadow of the thief behind an old warehouse and abruptly have him chased. But the chase only lasted for a short while as not long afterwards, the thief was gone as if he was swallowed by the earth!

Sultan stood in fury and looked around. Where on earth should he give chase and find the thief in the middle of the night? Is that thief not a part of Parit Wulung’s lackeys?

In the middle of his confusion suddenly Sultan heard the heavy shouts of people fighting. Swiftly the Sultan ran to the back of a stable workshop, and in the darkness he saw two people fighting fiercely. One of them was none other than the thief that he was looking for, while the other one, after carefully looking at him, was in fact the long-haired youngster that helped him this morning near the border.

“Friend! Please leave this vile thief to me!” shouted the Sultan.

“Ah… greetings Sultan”, answered the long-haired man who was none other than the 212 Fighter

“You don’t need to dirty your hand to fight this stinky rotten man…!”

“He stole my kris, friend!” said the Sultan telling Wiro

“I am aware. Let me get him for you!”

Once he heard that the youngster who attacked him calling the other person as “Sultan”, the crooked-lips man smiled. Beyond his surprise, he was overjoyed when he heard it. “Ha… ha… ha… so I am currently in the presence of the Sultan and his lackey? Wonderful! I got the kris, and now His Majesty Sultan delivers himself for me to capture alive! I will surely get much more rewards from Parit Wulung…”

“Hmph… so I was right in guessing that you are the henchman of that darned rebel, huh? Eat my fist you filthy thief!”

The Sultan unleashed three punches consecutively! Yet the person under attack just laughed and waved his torn and padded sleeves. A strong gust of wind blew forth towards the Sultan, but the wind was dispersed midway, slammed by another fist wind coming from the flank! The scary face growled, “it appears that tonight this Slanted-Lipped Beggar must rip two lives off of their bodies!”

Sultan was started when he heard the midget said his name out loud. Even the 212 Fighter was also surprised. The name of the Slanted-Lips Beggar had indeed been long infamous along the coast of West Java. Together with two other men, the Slanted-Lips Beggar was known as the leader of the Black Blood Beggar Association! Suddenly the Slanted-Lips Beggar threw his giant saber towards the 212 Fighter , which was easily evaded by him. However, right after he threw his saber, the Slanted-Lips Beggar raised his hands forward with his palms facing the sky.

“Life-Begging Palm Strike!” exclaimed the 212 Fighter once he recognized the technique that was about to be used by the enemy.

“Sultan, stand back!” he shouted in warning


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