Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 3

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 3

Even when badly surrounded as such, the 212 Fighter kept his calm as if he was just facing a single enemy there. The black face, who was none other than Saint Singo Ireng, Parit Wulung’s man, swept across the scattered, laid dead bodies before him with his eyes that was as cold as winter snow. One thing that confused the black faced Saint was that why, in the middle of Parit Wulung’s lackeys’ bodies, there was also the body of Mangkubumi Mintra? It was impossible for the scattered bodies to be the doings of the long haired youngster, unless he had his own enmities with both the army side and also with Mangkubumi Mintra’s. Moreover, with the old man’s body being there, Sultan Hasanuddin himself was definitely also in this place before this! Singo Ireng was indeed one with a sharp mind. Looking at the clothing of Mangkubumi Mintra, he deducted that the old advisor was trying to flee Banten under the disguise of a beggar!

“Where’s the Sultan?” Singo Ireng asked with a high tone.

The 212 Fighter didn’t answer. He instead gazed around blankly as if there was nothing and no one around him! He looked up, gazing at the sun that was climbing up the sky.

Looking at this insulting attitude of his, especially in front of the numerous soldiers, of course Saint Singo Ireng felt incomparably curious and embarrassed of it. His black face looked even darker now, “long-haired brat! Are you deaf or mute? This daddy’s asking you and you don’t answer?”

The 212 Fighter still didn’t reply anything. Even now his left fingers went “gold-digging” near the edge of his nose, and then he even sneezed twice in a row!

“Bastard!” shouted Singo Ireng with his thundering voice.

“Eeeeh… who the hell are you cursing at?” asked the 212 Fighter while turning his head around, as if barely noticing that he was not alone in that place!

“Soldiers! Capture that crazy kid!” Saint Singo Ireng ordered in his anger;

And thus twenty rebel soldiers jumped down from their horses, grabbed their weapon and immediately charged towards the 212 Fighter.

“Rebel goons…” sneered Wiro Sableng or the 212 Fighter. “If you wish to catch me, why not come down here and do it yourself?”

At that time the twenty soldiers had already surrounded the 212 Fighter to capture him.

“You crooked rebels are just coming here for a beating!” said the 212 Fighter in smiles. Yet once the smile faded from his lips, a thunderous shout was heard.

Five of the closest soldiers who was about to grab him suddenly slammed to the ground and laid there lifelessly!

Blood was as if gone from Saint Singo Ireng’s face, pale like a sheet! He never thought that the stupid-faced long-haired youngster was that formidable! Thus he shouted another order, “No need to capture him alive! Just cut him to pieces!”

And fifteen sharp weapons hurled at the 212 Fighter.


Wiro Sableng’s body jumped three spear distances to the air. All of the enemies’ weapons all passed under his feet. At the very seconds when the weapons passed underneath him, it was right then that the 212 Fighter dived downwards, kicking the sword off of a soldier. And when the sword hurled like a windmill, it took five lives bathing in their own blood, with two more badly wounded!

In his surprise seeing the incredible move, Saint SIngo Ireng saw a shadow flashing towards him. He pulled his horse’s rein quickly, but before his mount managed to move, the horse’s body already slumped to the ground! Its four legs were cut off and it now whinnied unceasingly! Luckily this nimble Saint immediately realized his predicament and he hurriedly jumped to the side and stood there with his dark, blackened face, eyes burning with rage!

The 212 Fighter laughed uproariously while the soldiers who managed to keep their lives found their guts shrinking, and moved away from the youth whom they now considered as extremely dangerous.

“Long-haired young man! You’re pretty strong! But don’t you know who is standing before you now? Quickly get on your knees and beg for mercy, and I might consider sparing your life!” said Singo Ireng.

“Ugh! What do I need to fear from an ugly old man like you?!” exclaimed Wiro Sableng while going up one octave in his laugh!

“Ah… then tell me your name! for those rather formidable fellas that I want to kill, I don’t quite enjoy killing them without knowing their names!”

“If you want to know my name, I don’t really mind. Come here, let me write it on your forehead!” said Wiro Sableng while wiggling his index finger.

The dark faced Saint growled in anger. For as long as he was alive, as long as he come and go as he pleased in the martial world, it was only today that he was mocked and insulted consecutively by someone! And the culprit was even someone who was much younger than he was. From behind his robe the Saint took out a weird-shaped weapon, an iron rod with a circle tip.

“If you have any mighty weapon, better take them out now so you won’t die in regret!”

“Stop bullshitting!” barked the 212 Fighter. “Come come… This crappy sword that was one of your dead lackeys’ should be enough as my weapon to face you!”

The midget Saint Singo Ireng burst forward and launched forth a powerful attack. His weird weapon produced a whistling sound, unleashing ferocious, sharp winds. The circle tip seemed to have multiplied to hundreds of them! A half-assed opponent with their sloppy eyes would definitely find it difficult to differentiate which was the real weapon and which were not. In his confusion, that weapon would be able to smash into the opponent’s head and in a single swing his head and neck would be flying away from the body! That was how strong the weapon of this southern coast Saint was!

But the one that Singo Ireng was facing at that moment wasn’t some half-baked martial artist! Not some young man who only knew one or two martial art moves! Once the enemy’s weapon rushed toward his head, Wiro sableng quickly ducked and managed to counter with a sneaky swift stab to the Saint’s stomach! Singo Ireng was shocked to the core! He immediately took two steps backward and hacked away his weapon, trying to parry the opponent’s weapon with this iron rod.


The two weapon clashed.

As the weapon in Singo Ireng’s hand was an enchanted weapon while the sword in Wiro’s hand was only an ordinary one, the sword broke to two pieces! Yet on the other hand, Singo Ireng felt that his hand was still trembling violently and heated because of the clash! Thus he understood that the youth has an incredible level of inner power! Therefore the Saint no longer hesitated and left no chance at all by unleashing his strongest offensive. He intentionally unleashed his strong attacks, the “Picking Flower Slashing the Fruit” technique, which was quickly followed up by the “Eight Erupting Volcanoes” technique! Being attacked by these two techniques, along with its rather strong area damage, the 212 Fighter was somewhat troubled as well.

But once he quicken his speed, along with the soul-shaking whistling sound coming forth from between his lips, it was clear that the Saint Singo Ireng became the one on the back foot. But even in his disadvantaged position, the Saint could still be able to defend himself with his skills for at least ten more passes from this!

“Ugly guy, your martial arts are not bad… but do you dare take on this attack of mine?!” asked the 212 Fighter. He lifted both his hands high and closed his eyes. Right after, both of his hands started spinning swiftly, and storm wind started to gather around, blowing dust and sands in the air, darkening the surroundings!

“Whirlwind Strike!” exclaimed Saint SIngo Ireng while retreating backwards. His mouth mumbled some repelling mantras, both of his feet were planted two inches deep into the ground! His body shook profusely, his white robe and messy hair flapping along with the wind!

Abruptly the 212 Fighter Wiro Sableng punched both his hands forward. Saint Singo Ireng’s body thrashed backward all five spear distances away! When he finally managed to get himself back up, he bent and staggered, his breathing raced uncontrollably and chaotic. It was clear that the mighty Saint had suffered severe internal injuries due to Wiro Sableng’s earlier punch. Even his weapon was gone to God knows where! Wiro chuckled in glee when he saw the enemy’s condition.

On the contrary, the enemy was growling like a wounded lion. His mouth was clenched tightly, his jaws gritting hard, his temple muscles wiggled in a bid to contain his rage while his eyes turned bloodshot.

“Young brat! Today let this Saint Singo Ireng challenge you to a life-and-death duel!” The saint lifted his left hand high. In the passing seconds his hand turned black. It shivered fiercely as every single bit of his inner power was focused to that single hand!

Wiro Sableng laughed mockingly, “It seems that you are indeed a suicidal fellow huh, ugly little man! With that kind of internal injury, trying to unleashed such a strong technique was nothing less than courting death ridiculously!”

Singo Ireng indeed understood about his option, but it was already unstoppable. He had been tuly embarrassed and his anger had clouded his brain! “I will indeed die, but I’ll take you along with me, damn bastard!” he shouted. Thus his left hand was swung down swiftly. A blitz of eerie black light flashed towards the 212 Fighter! It was none other than the “Black Steel” technique that had brought death to Braja Paksi, the head of the Banten Army!

The 212 Fighter jumped upwards, six spear distances high. The wind from the “Black Steel” technique was fiery hot, as if melting both his feet, the martial artist gritted his teeth holding his pain and then launched his own signature counter attack, the “Monkey Throwing Fruit” technique!

At the other end the body of Saint Singo Ireng was blown away, making several spins before slumping on the ground, throwing out a few mouthful of darkened blood, and he fainted unconscious.

In reality, the “Monkey Throwing Fruit” technique that he launched would be far from enough to bring any mortal danger to the Saint. However, as he was unleashing a strong attack with his entire inner power in his injured state, he actually was caught by his own backlash. It was already a great luck for him to not lose his life in the process!

Wiro Sableng chuckled. He moved closer to the Saint. The remaining, living soldiers all had their eyes opened wide seeing how their mighty leader was beaten black and blue until he fainted that they unconditionally crawled backward in fear.

“Coal-faced Saint!” said the 212 Fighter. “You asked me who I was right? Now let me write down your name for you!” And after he said that, the martial artist expertly wrote the numbers 212 on the black forehead skin of Singo Ireng. After he finished he stood up, “Hey you rebellious pebbles!” he barked to the living soldiers, “You all may carry this pot-butt-faced man back to the Capital! As today I am sparing your little lives and also his, don’t expect me to do the same again the next time we meet in battle! Tell him this when he wakes up!” and after conveying his message, Wiro Sabeng quickly left that place, carrying along the body of Mangkubumi Mintra.


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