Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 17-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 17-2

On the neck of each of everyone of them were hung a piece of paper written:


To each and every one of you, the conditions of surrender had been laid out. But you deliberately picked this path of demise. You all forgot that evil shall always be crushed by justice. To all the soldiers and people of Banten that are still loyal to this Sultan, this day shall be the day Banten be set free from the claws of the rebels!

Signed by



Beyond the shock that enveloped every single person in Banten, numerous questions rose up from their midst. Who had killed and hung those fifteen men? What is the meaning behind the numbers 212 on the forehead of those dead bodes? Is it related to the event where several of the rebel soldiers were killed on the border a few days ago? Is the Sultan still alive, and those letters were truly signed by him? If he is alive and well, where could he be now? And where on earth are Saint Singo Ireng and Macan Seta who were the number one and two lackeys of Parit Wulung? And if the Sultan truly is alive and had taken actions, why was Parit Wulung still not hung as well?

In this confusing and questionable situation, a glimpse of hope rose amngst the common people that they will truly be free from the hands of the rebels. This hope was also supported by most of the Banten army that was actually still loyal to the Sultan. And from this small spark of hope, a determination to raise their weapon to overthrow the evil government of the rebels was also sparked. Furthermore, the only single leader of the rebels that was still being in the palace at that moment was only Parit Wulung himself. The others had already met their death. Singo Ireng and Macan Seta had been gone for a week, perhaps they were also dead and only their names were left!

Meanwhile, in the palace, when they saw the fifteen dead bodies that was was hung, Parit Wulung’s whole body was dumbstruck and felt hot and cold at the same time. His face was as pale as snow. His neck felt cold as ice. Who on earth had hung his top men like that? His guess fell upon that youngster that came last night! In his confusion and fear, Parit Wulung even forgot to order for the fifteen bodies to be brought down!

When he finally managed to collect himself back, he ordered some squads to do a purging in the whole Capital city and to investigate the border. But even before those troops were dispatched, some of the army that was still loyal to the Sultan together with the people bringing along various weapons had already assaulted the palace like flood. The wish to be free from the rebels, the determination to re-establish the rightful Kingdom of Banten as well as the vengeance for their dead families and relatives that died due to the rebels the other day, all had made them move even without any measure of commands, assaulting the palace with unmistakable ferocity!

And when the battle was at its heated point, three figures flashed out from the palace’s balcomny. The first one was a woman in blue veil, the second was a young man with handsome look and long hair, while the third one was the Sultan himself! The emergence of these three people roused the morale and doubled the fighting spirit of the allies of justice!

Parit Wulung and several others of his men left who had high level martial arts put a life-or-death defense inside the siege of around thirty soldiers and forty more commoners. When the Sultan, Blue Veiled Goddess and 212 Fighter joined the stage, in just a few moves the remaining men of Parit Wulung had died! This rebel ringleader tried to commit a suicide in his desperationby smashing his own sword to his head, but 212 Fighter was quicker to snatch the weapon away from him, and Blue Veiled Goddess managed to subdue Parit Wulung in succession! Thus on that very day, the reign of the rebels under the coup led by Parit Wulung and his lackeys officially ended!

In all four cardinal directions, there were only dead bodies scattered everywhere. But amongst them, there were also cheers and victory cries of the people and soldiers in celebration of their victory and in praising Sultan Hasanuddin.

And then, amongst the people and soldiers of Banten another cry roused in numbers, “Hang Parit Wulung to death!”

“Cut his body to pieces!”

“Punish that puny rebel!”

“Just burn him alive!” cried the other groups

Meanwhile, on the palace courtyard, under the fifteen corpses that were still hung and were spun by the morning wind, the 212 Fighter and Blue Veiled Goddess stood before Sultan.

“Sultan, we think everything has been settled now. We bid you farewell…”

Sultan was startled, “You must not!” said Sultan half shouting.

“The two of you must stay here for a few days. I even already have a plan to promote you as the Head of Banten Army and also my Personal Bodyguard, Wiro!”

Wiro and Anggini smiled, “Your heart is truly very kind, Sultan,” said the 212 Fighter, “But the two of us are martial artist, people who put their love in adventuring. On another day, we will surely meet and get together again…”

Sultan felt very disappointed. He was also touched in his heart. “The two of you had done incredible merit for the Kingdom and the people of Banten. I must announce this right now before the people…”

“Ah… please don’t… that’s not necessary Sultan,” said Anggini and Wiro in unison.

Sultan took an eight cornered star shaped item with a big diamond in the middle. “Anggini,” said Sultan to the Blue Veiled Goddess, “this item is the highest star emblem of Banten Kingdom that is given only to those who had done incredible merit to the Kingdom and King of Banten. This is also a sign that whoever holds it is the friend of King and people of Banten. Please accept it…”

“Sultan… how can this lowly me and had made no contributions at all deserves to accept such an outstanding star emblem just like that…?”

“Take it, Anggini. I’ve also given one to Wiro before this…”

Shyly, Anggini accepted the diamond-crusted-eight-cornered-star emblem that was made from gold. Suddenly, Sultan was reminded of something, “Andjarsari, how was Andjarsari…?”

“You don’t need to worry about her, Sultan,” replied Blue Veiled Goddess. “She is at the moment passing through Marble Valley in one complete piece. A trusted carriage driver and two high ranking guards had been sent there to pick her up…”

“Ah, your help and aid is truly as high as the sky and deep as the ocean. I am truly immensely grateful…”

212 Fighter smiled, “It is not to us you should be grateful at Sultan. But to the Almighty God. We puny humans are only His subjects, only the tools of God who can only strive the best, but the rest is still in His hands…”

Sultan nodded in agreement. From under his robe he took out the Tumbal Wilayuda kris. Wth the tip of the weapon, he cut his two palms that they leak out blood. “I hope the two of you are willing to also cut your hands a bit…”

Anggini and Wiro looked at each others in confusion. “What is it for, Sultan?” asked Wiro

“Just cut them,” pushed the Sultan.

The two of them then made small cuts on both of their hand. Wiro cut his right palm while Anggini her left. Sultan then hold his left hand to Wiro’s while his right to Anggini’s. Then the two of them were raised high above in the ar. And without being able to hold the bursting feeling in his heart, the Banten King shouted.

“My brothers, soldiers and people of Banten! Today, witnessed by all of you, I hereby made an oath of kinship with these two people who had made great contribution to all of us…”

“Sultan!” 212 Fighter exclaimed. “We are just lowly people, commoners! How could you made the oath of kinship…”

Sultan smiled, “My blood and yours have mixed together. Before this you mentioned God, is there any difference between me and you in the eyes of the Almighty…?”

And Sultan shouted once more, “The one on my right is the 212 Martial Artist Wiro Sableng, and the one with the veil is the Blue Veiled Goddess Anggini!”

And for the umpteenth time loud cheers of the people celebrated the Sultan’s announcement. And when Sultan glanced eastwards, his face brightened. Far, far away, on the hillside, he saw a small carriage running smoothly. It was the carriage with Andjarsari, his future Queen…

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