Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 16

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TL Note: Based on the official translation from the movie, apparently Wiro is using “axe” instead of hatchet despite he is using only one hand to wield it. Thus, from here on, he will be using the “Fire Dragon Axe 212” instead of “Fire Dragon Hatchet 212”


Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 16

212 FIGHTER turned around to see that the incoming was none other than Blue Veiled Goddess, Anggini!

“Ah it’s you Anggini. Alright. It is indeed proper that you be the one to take the life of this little damn mutt! You go and finish your old business.”

Using the time when 212 Fighter was speaking, the Devil Cult Head immediately used it to burst out of the door. But in a blink of an eye, Wiro put out his leg to trip the leg of the Devil Cult Head. He fell on the floor mercilessly like a dog.

“Come on up, little devil-man, so I can quickly deliver your little life to the guardians of hell!” Blue Veiled Goddess snapped!

Soul Snatching Devil Cult Head slowly stood up. Suddenly he slammed a punch towards the Blue Veiled Goddess. But the power behnd this punch had already decreased by a huge margin due to the poisonous wound on his chin, and after the poison started to spread in his vein to his whole body!

Seeing that her enemy still had the power to attack her, Blue Veiled Goddess nimbly dodged and sent a counter attack with the “Berserk Thousand Head Dragon” technique! The Devil Cult Head was startled when he saw this mighty technique. He jumped back three spear distances away and shouted, “Blue Veiled Goddess, between you and me had neither grudge nor enmity! Why must we battle to the death?”

Blue Veiled Goddess icily chuckled, “Have you forgotten a girl that you were about to rape a few months ago?” Blue Veiled Goddess opened her veil, “Do you still forget about me now, and still don’t recognize me?”

Soul Snatching Devil Cult Head was incomparably shocked when he saw the face of the girl in front of him. But his shock was cut really short. Anggini one more time assaulted him.

This time she used the “Golden Garuda Talon” technique. Both of her hand opened wide.

“Wrack!” the long, sharp nail from the girl slashed to the chest of that Cult Head. And it didn’t stop there at all. Anggini opened her mouth wide


Blue Chariot Smoke spewed out towards the Soul Snatching Devil Cult Head. The man screamed in fear. His body staggered back. When he fell to the floor, his whole body turned blue and black! The life of this accursed, cruel man had met its end. Not feeling vented even after the enemy meeting his demise, Anggini stepped forward to the man and kick his head. The corpse of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult Head flew six spear distances away with a mangled, smashed head!

“You’re really incredible, Anggini.” Praised the 212 Fighter while closing in on the Devil Cult Head corpse. When he searched on it, slipped under his waist was the Tumbal Wilayuda kris!

“What should we do next, Wiro?” asked the Blue Veiled Goddess Anggini.

212 Fighter pondered for a moment before answering, “after the Kingdom’s Tumbal kris has been found, I think it would be best for me to meet up with the Sultan of Banten”

“Why is it so?” asked Anggini. “Weren’t you yourself known already that Sultan Hasanuddin went to Demak to ask for the help from the army of Sultan Trenggono to eradicate the rebels that are now reigning in Banten?”

“True, but right now I have a new plan. This new plan will reduce the number of casualties by a huge margin… people who are innocent…”

“I’m not sure I get what you mean,” said Anggini in reply.

212 Fighter smiled, “You’ll understand what I mean after you see it yourself. While I chase for the Sultan to Demak, I hope you are willing to go to the border and wait for us there…”

For Anggini, she is definitely would be more willing to go together with the youngster. But after thinking about the matter for a bit, she finally nodded in reluctance.

“I’ll see you later Anggini,” said 212 Fighter while holding the shoulder of the girl.

Anggini lightly squeezed the fingers of that youngster and before he felt his body crawling with the youthful blood of desire, the 212 Fighter immediately left the premise.

Even though he was late by one day, but with his high level running skills, Wiro managed to catch up with Sultan Hasanuddin who left for Demak on horseback. Wiro waited for the arrival of Sultan in the outer Eastern road of the city. Of course, Sultan Hasanuddin was really surprised seeing his good young friend.

“My friend, how did you suddenly be here?” asked Sultan while jumping down from his horse. Wiro Sableng briefly recounted his story to him. After sharing his story, he took out the Tumbal Wilayuda kris and he handed it over to the Sultan.

Sultan Hasanuddin’s expression shone with delight, “My friend, your merit is truly immeasurable even by the width of the seas and height of the mountain. I am truly grateful to you…”

Wiro interrupted the Suiltan’s words by replying, “Sultan, before we enter the city and meet Sultan Trenggono, please allow me to share my plan to you…”

“Of course. It will be my pleasure, please.” Said the Sultan and he slipped the Tumbal Wilayuda kris under his robe.

“By bringing the army of Demak to Banten, it means that another war will break out and more blood will be shed in Banten. You as the Sultan should know even better than me that the worst impact of war is the suffering and more burden that shall be shouldered by the commoners…”

“True. In this case I am indeed trying my best so that the common people will have the least number of victims,” said the Sultan in agreement.

Wiro nodded, “moreover, most of the rebelling soldiers were none other than tools to be used by their superiors! In their deepest hearts, perhaps they also did not wish to wage this merciless war. So the responsibility should only fall on the shoulders of the higher-ups of the rebel forces! Well… these wretched humans are the ones that we need to take care of first… the ones in the low level are simply piece of cake… especially now that the two lackeys of Parit Wulung, Saint Singo Ireng and Macan Seta had already met their death!”

All that you just said were indeed spot on, Friend,” said the Sultan. “But I still don’t see how you think is best and suitable to reclaim the throne of the kingdom by avoiding blood shed…”

“If Sultan is willing to put some faith in me, I am willing to be your hands in doing it…” and the 212 Fighter explained the entirety of his plan to the Sultan.

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