Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 15-3

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TL Note: Based on the official translation from the movie, apparently Wiro is using “axe” instead of hatchet despite he is using only one hand to wield it. Thus, from here on, he will be using the “Fire Dragon Axe 212” instead of “Fire Dragon Hatchet 212”


Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 15-3

“Your success still won’t let you escape the punishment that you are going to face!” hissed the Cult Head. He stepped to the edge of the trap, but he lightning quick fell back as a strong gust of wind blasted from the bottom of the trap. The roof of the marble stone building that was wrecked was destroyed further by the “Sunstrike” technique!

“Damnit!” Cult Head snapped. His right hand sent a punch to the bottom of the trap. And he even sent five dozens of red needles! But once again the Cult Head was shocked when a storm like wind blasted his poisonous needles shot back upwards. If he didn’t dodge as fast as lightning from the edge of the trap, he would have eaten his own hidden weapon’s might!

“Damn slave! You can use up all your techniques and skills, but don’t ever hope to step out of this trap of ours!”

After he said that, the Soul Snatching Devil Cult Head pressed a hidden button on the top corner of the trap with his toes. At the bottom of the trap, the walls on four sides strangely were lifted an inch and from inside of it hundreds of poisonous animals such as snakes, centipedes, scorpions and the likes all crawled out! Every single one of them crawled to attack the 212 Fighter!

This disciple of Granny Sinto Gendeng jumped up two spear distances high. Once he was in the air, he quickly too out a fire stone and the Fire Dragon Axe 212 from under his robe. He clashed the two items and a blaze of flame burned down to the floor of the trap. All of the poisonous animals were dead with none surviving. All of them were burnt black and they omitted a bad odor which suffocated one’s breath.

212 Fighter could no longer wait. When in the world outside, he could use his light body technique to jump over thirty spear distances, so why would he hold himself in a trap that was merely twenty spear distances high? The only thing that he was worried about was that he would be unable to destroy the iron bar that was covering the trap hole with his Fire Dragon Axe 212!

Over the trap, he saw that the Head and Vice Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult were closing to the trap hole again. 212 Fighter quickly shot his hand upwards, unleashing another “Sunstrike” to them, and at the same time he also jumped up to the air. He brandished the Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 with incredible nimbleness!

“Trang… trang… trang…!”

Apparently the Fire Dragon Axe 212 was strong enough to destroy the iron bars covering the trap hole. The 212 Fighter laughed in glee with his left hand on his waist while his four enemies in that room were secretly feeling afraid of this youngster’s formidable might!

From his veil and robe that was redder than blood, 212 Fighter quickly figured out which of these people was the Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult. Thus the youngster talked with raging voice, “At once hand over the Tumbal Wilayuda kris. And if you all promise to return to the righteous path, I will definitely still grant you mercy this time!”

The Cult Head snorted, “You are still a young man with little experience, you are still even reeking with the smell of your mother’s milk, perhaps you still pee in your sleep. But you dare to shout and give orders to me?”

“You’re nowhere near funny, Devil Cult Head! Now tell me, are you handing over the Tumbal Wlayuda kris or not?”

The Soul Snatching Devil Cult Head lifted his hand slowly to the air. This motion of his was followed by the Vice Head and the two members.

“Fine!” he said. “I’ll hand over the Timbal Wilayuda kris to you, but before that, I want yo to hand over your life to me!”

After he finished his words, the four hands that were preparing in the air were all pulled back, unleashing the power of the technique that was so heavily relied on by their Cult, the “Soul Snatching” technique!

In a distracted condition like the one in the Blue Veiled goddess’ cave last time, perhaps the four mighty techniques would surely finish the 212 Fighter’s life. But this time the circumstances were different, especially since at that moment the 212 Fighter was already holding his mighty Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 in his hand!

Once the four deadly winds were pulling on his body, the 212 Fighter shouted fiercely! His body vanished! Following that, a shrieking whistling voice sounded and the deadly Fire Dragon Axe 212 spun a fierce white whirlwind. The wind blown by the mighty Axe blasted against the deadly pulling wind from the four enemies. And half a second after, the two first class members of the Soul Snatching Devil Cult both shrieked miserably! Their body fell lifeless on the floor. One of them were gutted until his innards flowed out, while the other one had his neck severed almost cleanly!

Both the Head and the Vice Head staggered back in backlash.

“Are you still not willing to give what I ordered you to?” 212 Fighter snapped

“I told you to first give me your life, damn brat!” the Devil Cult Head snapped back.

“Idiotic human! I gave you mercy and you asked for death instead!” the 212 Fighter were really incensed. His body flashed for the n-th time. This time he unleashed the “Opening Window Shooting Moon” technique. Fire Dragon Axe slashed nimbly horizontally, and the scream of death from the Vice Head of the Soul Snatching Devil Society reverberated in the room. The Cult Head was shocked and he jumped back when he saw his Vice Head staggered backward with his chest all red with his own blood, before falling back on the floor sitting down! But the 212 Fighter wasn’t about t let anything to chance. His axe finished its moves and afterwards slashed fast in the air.

The Cult Head howled in pain to the sky! His chin was slashed cleanly along with some part of his veil! His body was slammed to the wall! When the Fire Dragon hatchet was about to make another turn to finish the life of this evil Cult Head, a figure flashed in along with a shout, “That one bastard is mine, Wiro!”

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