Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 14

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 14

AT the doorway to the room, there stood two men with ugly, hideous faces. The one wearing white garment scarf had a face as black as the butt of a pot, his hair messy and disheveled, he looked just like a lion and he was none other than Saint Singo Ireng! Oh his forehead, the three numbers of 212 was visible. On his side, wearing a blue garment scarf, stood his brother who was none other than Saint Macan Seta with his tiger like face. His skin face was tri-colored yellow, red and black! The two rebel ringleaders who were working for Parit Wulung had been ordered to retrieve the Tumbal Wilayuda kris. And on this day, they had reached the Blue Veiled Goddess’ Cave where they had already tracked the whereabouts of the 212 Fighter. Not only the two Saints suspected that the Tumbal Wilayuda kris to be in the hands of the 212 Fighter, Saint Singo Ireng also had that lingering vengeance when he was forced to throw out mouthfuls of blood in the battle on the border of Banten Kingdom a few days back. And that vengeance had been brought all over the place that it felt like biting itchingly on his skin that was branded with the 212 numbers tattoo.

“Who are they, Wiro?” asked Anggini with a voice transmission.

“Two traitorous bastards that helped Parit Wulung in his rebellion against Banten,” said 212 Fighter in reply.

“Hey hey hey!!! Why are you not resuming the action?” asked Singo Ireng with a jeering tone.

212 Fighter grinned widely, “you sure talk big huh, Pot-Butt-faced man. Are you relying on that tiger faced fellow next to you, huh?”

Saint Macan Seta’s face looked fiercely, ”Open your dog eyes wide, watch carefully so you know who you are trying to mess with!” he snapped.

“Ah… the likes of men as ugly as you I have no interest to know about. Besides, when I see your face, I am anxious to find out whether you are actual human or a tiger apparition!” 212 Fighter bursted into a laughter after he finished his sentence.

“Big-mouthed lad, I want to see if you have what it takes to receive one of my punches?” snapped Saint Macan Seta. He ended his words with a smash of his right hand forward. Thus flashes of yellowish red lights burst towards Wiro and Anggini. It was the “Setting Sun Strike” fist technique.

212 Fighter and Anggini jumped to the side, while Anggini swiftly put back her blue veil on.

Saint Macan Seta was incomparably shocked when he saw that 212 Fighter and the girl managed to dodge his superb technique. It was clear that the fame of the 212 Fighter was not empty words. It was not a surprise that his brother was beaten badly last time!

When they saw the girl after she wore her blue veil back, Saint Macan Seta and Singo Ireng were even more surprised, “It appears that we also have to face the Blue Veiled Goddess, brother Singo Ireng!” said Macan Seta.

“That’s right, but let me capture this goddess alive myself. Her looks and nice figure won’t be bad to hug myself in for a night!”

Wiro’s anger was stoked when he heard what Singo Ireng said, “pot-butt-man, those 212 brand on your forehead hasn’t even faded yet, and now you dare to bluff yourself again!”

Singo Ireng didn’t care with what Wiro Sableng said, instead he immediately attacked Blue Veiled Goddess. He deliberately used the “Picking Flower Breaking Branch” technique. This is one of the best technique to capture an opponent, with its initial attack using a strong long range accublock strike!

But Singo Ireng’s calculation that he would be able to capture Blue Veiled Goddess alive with this single strike was a big miss! Blue Veiled Goddess reacted against his attack with the “Berserk Thousand Head Dragon” technique!

Singo Ireng was incomparably shocked when he saw how the two hands of his opponent flashed around with extreme speed going up and down, left and right, spinning all over and attacking towards him. During his time roaming in the martial world, committing one crime after another, this was the first time he faced such a bizarre technique! On the contrary, the more experienced Saint Macan Seta quickly shouted in warning, “Singo Ireng, watch out! That is the “Berserk Thousand Head Dragon” technique!”

When he heard this, Saint Singo Ireng abruptly retreated. He quickly jumped to the air, and when he dived down, he also unleashed four consecutive kicks along with four more punches. In a blink of an eye the two martial artists were entangled in exchanges of deadly techniques.

“Paint-Face man! Are the two of you the only ones coming delivering your lives?” asked 212 Fighter to Macan Seta.

“Crazy boy!” Macan Seta shouted in incense anger that his multi-colored face was getting even scarier.

“If you don’t want to die, you better quickly hand over the Tumbal Wilayuda kris and tell me the whereabout of the Sultan. I can guarantee sparing your life with that at least!”

212 Fighter whistled loudly in jeer.

“You are not a god who can give mercy to a man! I think I better quickly set up a meeting for you with the soul reaper!”

Saint Macan Seta roared like a wounded tiger. His body flashed and vanished from sight. Gushing strong wind like a typhoon blasted at the 212 Fighter. 212 Fighter dodged by rolling on the floor with a flashing speed. All the while, he aimed his right hand in an upward punch! Saint Macan Seta’s punch that missed its target carried on forward to the stone wall, blasting it apart! But instead on the downside, the Saint felt his body raised from the floor and a sharp wind blade made a world of pain on the skin of his leg. When he looked, he saw that 212 Fighter was no longer there in front of him.

“I’m here, Macan Seta!”

Macan Seta turned his body around. Once he managed to turn, he saw a chunk of wind as thick as steel that was aimed and gushed at him. The Saint had no choice but to jump four spear distances away to the air. He abruptly heard a whistling sound that was so close, right next to his ears. He tried smashing his hand to the side, but…


Saint Macan Seta was slammed to the floor. His back bone felt as if crushed. He channeled his inner power quickly to the parts that were wounded by the enemy’s strike and then he circulated his breath. When he stood back up straight, his tiger face looked even grimmer. Both his legs were opened wide. His body slightly bent forward. His two hands that were lifted to the air looked trembling. Wiro understood that his enemy was focusing his entire inner power on those two hands, and immediately the young martial artist also made his preparations!

Saint Macan Seta’s right hand glow a yellowish red, even deeper in color than the last time. 212 Fighter knew that this adversary of his will unleash another “Sunset Strike”, but one that was stronger than the last time. And when his gaze fell upon the Saint’s left hand, he saw that even that hand was glowing a bright red and puffed out red smoke!

Two formidable punch arts that can’t be taken lightly at the same time! 212 Fighter didn’t wish to take risk. He quickly raised his right hand high in the air. And in an instant his arm, all the way to the fingers transformed into bright white, shining so bright just like silver shone under the sunlight!

The eyes of Saint Macan Seta opened wide when he saw this scene. “Sunstrike!” he cursed inwardly with a trembling heart. “This youngster truly has incredibly high level martial arts! Had he truly inherited the whole martial arts of that Granny Sinto Gendeng…?” Macan Seta thought inwardly.

Nevertheless, he was still confident that his two punch arts, the “Flame Core” technique and “Sunset Strike” technique would be able to come out on top against this opponent. He thus slammed both his hands forward. Two streaks of red lights blasted towards the 212 Fighter.

The 212 Fighter waited until the two streaks of light reached around halfway between him and his enemy. A split second after, he smashed his right hand downwards. A streak of searing hot white light shone through and blasted to clash against the two streaks of red lights.


The stone room shook loudly. The stone wall was blasted to pieces all over the places. The ground caved in while the roof fell down! The death groan of Saint Macan Seta could still be heard from where he stood. At that moment where as if Armageddon had befallen, 212 Fighter flashed quickly and grabbed onto the body of Blue Veiled Goddess and escaped out of the cave. Right when they managed to exit the cave, the Blue Veiled Goddess’ cave fell down to rubble. Saint Singo Ireng who didn’t have the chance to run, died under the rubble together with his brother Saint Macan Seta. Outside the cave, 212 Fighter and the Blue Veiled Goddess hugged at each other.

“Anggini… unfortunately your beautiful abode was destroyed to pieces. But I think you can still use some parts of them…”

Anggini nodded. She hid her face in that wide chest.

“Anggini” Wiro said again. He let go of his hug. “I don’t have much time. I must immediately head to Marble Valley where that Soul Snatching Devil Cult is holing up… I’ll see you again, Anggini”

“I’m coming Wiro!” shouted the girl in reply, but the 212 Fighter had vanished from her sight.

The girl stood in daze for a moment. But she also quickly flashed along and left that place.

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