Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 10-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 10-1

The blue robed person ran as fast as wind could have. After she reached the peak of a hill, she stopped and released the accublock on Sultan’s body. Once he came up to, of course Sultan was surprised when he found out that he was carried in someone’s armpit. When he tried to pay attention to the face of the person, he saw that apparently this person wore a blue veil. Her body was immensely fragrant, smelled as nice as a blooming jasmine in the early evening! Sultan pondered for a moment. His brain spun fast trying to recall what happened to him before this event. And he then tried to free himself from the blue robed-person and got down on the ground. But no matter how hard he tried to move his body, he still couldn’t let himself go.

“Brother, may I know who you are?,” asked the Sultan. (TL Note: Sultan still doesn’t know that the person saving him was a lady. In Indonesia he/she is translated from “dia” which is gender neutral)

The person didn’t answer and instead wandered her eyes along the foothill with her clear, unclouded eyes.

“Brother, you surely were the one who rescued me. But who might you be? Can you please put me down?” asked Sultan Hasanuddin. However, the person in question kept her silence. She then once again flashed by and her body once again ran like a wind towards the east.

“Brother, if you don’t wish to tell me who you are, that is not a problem. But please, can you put me down?” said Sultan after he was carried for another half an hour long.

The blue robed-person kept her running.

Curiously, Sultan said, “If you don’t put me down, I would be forced to be rude to you!”

But the blue-robed-blue-veiled person still ignored his threatening speech. Thus the Sultan moved his right hand to strike his elbow on the waist of the blue robed person. But weirdly, no matter how many times he tried to strike his elbow, not once did he manage to hit the target.

“This person is definitely someone with incredible might!” inwardly said Sultan Hasanuddin. “Brother, where are you planning to take me?” finally asked the Sultan

It appeared that the veiled person had already run out of her patience for the constant questioning, “You are too noisy, find out yourself later!”


Sultan was incredibly shocked. How could he not? Apparently the person who took him on his escape was actually a woman! Even though the shut-up warning was a bit harsh but it was incomparably melodious at the same time. “No wonder her body smells so good…” said Sultan in his heart. And when he realized that he was carried on his… no… her armpit and was carried lightly just like that, of course he would feel awkward and embarrassed. He struggled to free himself one more time, but still to no avail.

The two of them then entered a jungle. There was a cave in the middle of that jungle, and into the cave was where the blue veil carried Sultan. Apparently the interior of the cave was as bright as outside. The cave was long, with several winding paths criss-crossing, and the deeper they got, the more the floor was declining.

Finally they stopped in a room that was like a cubic room. This was where the blue robe let go and put the Sultan down. Sultan stood up and looked around.

On one of the wall, Sultan could read a writing: THE CAVE OF BLUE VEILED GODDESS. Sultan was surprised and looked closely to the face of the Blue Veil, which pair of clear and shining eyes were the only parts of it that could be seen.

“So I am currently in the presence of Blue Veiled Goddess then…?” Sultan talked slowly, but his heart kept a bit of doubt.

There were two black boulders in the room. Blue Veiled Goddess walked and sat on one of them before directing her gaze to the Sultan.

“Please have a seat, Sultan,” she invited the Sultan.

“Many thanks,” said the Sultan while sitting. “Sister, you haven’t answered whether you are the one known in the martial world with the nickname of Blue Veiled Goddess…?”

The person in question laughed heartily with voice as clear and crisp as beads of pearls trickling down on marble tiles.

“You don’t even need to inquire that, do you? Haven’t you read the writings on the wall?” as she spoke her pair of beautiful eyes stared unblinkingly at Sultan’s face.

“Ah… then this is truly an unexpected encounter. My deepest gratitude for the aid from Blue Veiled Goddess…” he then resumed his word, “as you have brought me here, you surely have some motivation in mind…”

“True” confirmed Blue Veiled Goddess. “I know much about what had happened to you…”

“I thank Goddess for paying attention to my affairs. I request for further direction on how I should act from here on…”

“You must make haste and go to Demak and get an audience with Sultan Trenggono to request for his aid. Return to Banten with some troops…”

“It is indeed my plan all along, Goddess,” said the Sultan again.

“Yes, but I’m afraid just regular troops won’t suffice. Parit Wulung have in his retinue several mighty henchmen from the dark martial artist side…”

“I request Goddess’ advice…”

“Before you leave, you should stay here for one day so I can impart to you some measure of martial arts…”

Sultan was very excited when he heard that. “But…” he continued, “will that short of time actually will work?”

“The important one is the basic, and then the cultivation, and lastly is how you use it…”

Sultan nodded, “I hereby offer my greetings to you, Goddess. From this day on, you are my master,” said the Sultan further.

The Blue Veiled Goddess shook her head, “I don’t need to be respected and greeted. And I hope you are not getting the wrong idea. Even if I impart some martial skills to you, it doesn’t mean that I have become your teacher, and you my disciple…”

“So…?” asked Sultan inquisitively.

“All this is merely to help you out, Sultan.”

“Many thanks then. I shall never forget your kindness. As well the same with the people of Banten in the future. It’s just that, to make sure I remember the face of my benefactor, to carve it deeply in my memory, may I have the honor to see upon your face, Blue Veiled Goddess…?”

Blue Veiled Goddess laughed again, as crisp as the falling pearls on marble tiles. It was incredibly melodious… making the Sultan even more curious to gaze upon the face under the veil.

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