Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 1-2

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Hello Friends,

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! I know I’ve been gone for a looooooooooong time. Life’s been a big ass b***h and I’ve been busy (like really busy). I’ll try to post at least twice a week from now on for real!

For now, enjoy this first chapter of the week.

Anyway, if you are interested in the movie, lookie the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40LiH2YXY7w


Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 1-1

“You can torture me all you like, but the whereabout of the Sultan shall never come out of my mouth!”

“Hehehe…” laughed Saint Macan Seta while standing from his seat, his mouth was still munching on the grapes. He walked to the front of Siman Tjonet. His right hand was placed on top of the young man’s head.

“Demon-faced human, begone from my sight!” Siman Tjonet grunted. The young man swung his right foot to kick at Saint Macan Seta’s shin. But something strange happened! Both of his legs felt indescribably heavy and immoveable. Meanwhile, his head that was held by Saint Macan Seta felt incredibly hot, and also painful, as if it was stabbed by hundreds of needles! From his head, the pain spread to the young man’s entire body.

The young man cried in pain. When the pain became not bearable anymore for him, he started screaming miserably, a scream that seemed to reach the seventh heaven. The scream was unbelievably gruesome. Cold sweat started to soak Siman Tjonet’s entire body.

“Still don’t want to talk?” barked Parit Wulung.

“Cursed traitors! The day of vengeance shall befallen upon all of you!”

“Kill him, Saint Macan Seta!” ordered Parit Wulung.

The Saint chuckled, his palm increased the pressure on the young stableman’s skull. Smoke rose up from the palm of the Saint.

Siman Tjonet’s scream gradually getting louder and it even turned into wails. From his seven apertures, thick dark blood flowed out. His knees buckled and several moments after, the young man’s body crashed on the floor, lifeless! Saint Macan Seta chuckled at this turn of event.

And Parit Wulung once more clapped his hands, and thus the third captive was brought in. This prisoner surprisingly was a young woman with beautiful feature.

The young woman screamed at the scene as she entered the chamber. Both her untied hands covered her face and eyes. The horror made her body trembled as she witnessed the head and body of Said Ulon as well as the lifeless body of the stableman!

Saint Singo Ireng stopped his hand that was about to scoop in some grapes to his mouth. His eyes crept on every single inch of the young woman’s body, from the top of her head all the way to her toes.

“Ah… ah… ah!!! This one you must not kill, Parit Wulung! She is good enough to be my toy!” said the lion-faced Saint.

Parit Wulung paid no heed to what he said. He told the young woman, “Suri Intan, you don’t need to be afraid or worried. Nobody will hurt you here…”

“I don’t trust you! Get me out of here!” yelled the woman. Suri Intan was the wife of Bradja Paksi, the deceased Head of the Banten Army that fell on the line of duty while defending his kingdom. As Bradja Paksi’s sister was married to the rebel Parit Wulung, naturally Parit Wulung and Suri Intan had a pretty decent familial relationship.

Parit Wulung forced his smile when he heard what the woman said, “Suri, do you know where Sultan Hasanuddin hides? Also the old advisor Mangkubumi Mitra…?”

The woman didn’t care about his questioning. “Get me out of here!” she shouted.

“My sweet goddess…” Singo Ireng stepped in. “You are indeed going out of here… I’ll take you out and us two will have some fun at my place in the Northern Coast. But, how about before we leave you tell anything that you know about the Sultan…”

“I know nothing about the Sultan. All I know is that you all are damnable cursed traitors and rebels! God’s payback will surely fall upon you all!”

“Ah… ah… ah! You sure speak well, dear…!” said Singo Ireng. He stood up from his seat. while walking closer to Suri Intan he continued, “I like women that can speak her heart well…” he stood two steps away from Suri Intan. His eyeballs were bulging and shining in glee when he looked at the beautiful woman, and then he turned to look at Parit Wulung. “I’m pretty certain” he said to Parit Wulung, “that this woman doesn’t lie about what she said. She knows nothing about the Sultan. Parit Wulung, please allow me to take my leave early to take her to the room next door… hehehe…!”

“Singo Ireng! Stop talking with your d**k. We have to first make sure we find Sultan Hasanuddin…!”. the one talking was Macan Seta, Singo Ireng’s brother.

“What the hell…” shouted Singo Ireng. “That is YOUR business. I’m tired already. My whole body aching and sore. This woman surely knows how to give massage, right dearest…?” and Singo Ireng pinched at Suri Intan’s chin.

“D**n perverted old man!” cursed Suri Intan. Her hand moved to scratched at Singo Ireng’s face. But with a move the woman was powerless with her arm twisted at her back!

“Let me go! Let me go!” Suri Intan struggled with all her strength. It was unclear whether it was because Singo Ireng’s hold that was not strong enough, or it was because Suri Intan’s pull that was really strong, but the woman managed to escape from Singo Ireng’s hold. And then she ran as quick as lightning to the door, but apparently the door was locked from outside by the guards. In her fear and confusion, Suri saw that Singo Ireng was walking towards her with a grin and his eyeballs falshing, while his nose rose and fell, gushing with lust.

“Singo Ireng! Leave the woman for now!” snapped Macan Seta.

“Shut the hell up Seta!” Singo Ireng growled. “Now you talk too much, later when I’m on the best part, it will also be you banging on the room door, asking for some action yourself! Pei…!”

Singo Ireng moved forward and reached out his hands. “Don’t touch me!” yelled Suri Intan. She ran around the chamber and Singo Ireng right on her tail, chasing with chuckles on his lips. “My dear, why do you want to play this cat and mouse game? I do look ugly, but later when you have got a taste of my skills on the bed, I bet you’ll be addicted of me… hahaha!”

Suri Intan was gradually getting pressured to the corner of the room. Suddenly, an unexpected turn of events that was unthinkable by Singo Ireng and everyone in the room happened.

Suri Intan jumped to the side, banging her head to the wall of the room! Every single person in the room were people who used to seeing all kinds of death scene, used to seeing human’s demise. But when they heard the voice of the woman clashing with the cold, hard wall of the room, seeing how Suri Intan then laid on the floor with bloody, mutilated head, everyone felt shiver down their necks! The atmosphere in the room turned as silence as one in the graveyard!

The silence was then broken by the voice of Macan Seta, “What did I tell you, Singo Ireng! Now you can see for yourself. Are you still lusting over that woman?”

Singo Ireng didn’t answer. He turned his body, sitting back to his own seat. And as if nothing had happened, he once more started to munch on the grapes served on the table!

After the guards were ordered to carry out the bodies of the three people, Parit Wulung continued the meeting

“I believe that regarding the Sultan we don’t need to discuss too much. Sooner or later people will definitely capture him for us. The one thing that weighs on my mind is the disappearance of the enchanted kris of the Tumbal Kingdom that later on would signify the legitimacy of my position as a King!”

“That kris is most surely brought away by Sultan Hasanuddn!” Saint Macan Seta continud.

“Possible… but it is also possible that it was stolen and brought away by someone else!” Singo Ireng interrupted. “With or without that Wilayuda’s Tumbal kris, nobody would be able to reject your crowning as the King of Banten, Parit Wulung! Unless they want to taste the fate of being eaten bit by bit by maggots in their grave!”

“About that, I’m not really worried. But in this case we are talking about the people. The people will only admit me as king when the Wilayuda’s Tumbal kris is in my hands!”

“Why care about the little people?” cut Singo Ireng. Whether they accept you or not, even if they are willing to die for something, I don’t give a damn! People are nothing more than sheeps that we can slaughter all we like!”

“But even without that, the Wilayuda’s Tumbal kris is a mighty and magical weapon…” said Parit Wulung.

“The mighty I do believe, but magical is just a superstition!” barked Singo Ireng. Parit Wulung said nothing in response, but he inwardly felt displeased. Thus he said, “I’m asking you, especially Saint Macan Seta and Singo Ireng, to find the Sultan and retrieve that Wilayuda’s Tumbal kris no matter what it takes!”

Singo Ireng slowly munch down on his grapes, then said, “This is not in our agreement before this, Parit Wulung. Last time we agreed that you were only asking me and my brother to aid in the rebellion until it is successful. Now that Banten had fallen and is now in your hand, our deal has been concluded and it is now time for us to accept our payment!”

“If it’s about the payment please you two exalted Saints not be worried, the two of you may take any riches from banten as much as you two can carry. But if you are also willing to help in finding and capturing the Sultan, as well as retrieving the enchanted kris of the Tumbal kingdom, of course I will double your rewards for you!”

Singo Ireng nodded. “Alright,” he said, “the treasures I won’t ask for much. But every single beautiful women in Banten shall be mine!”

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