Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 1-1

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Dear Readers,

Last few months have not been simple for me. I had some paid TL work that I really needed to do and thus I prioritized on that. Thousands of apologies won’t be enough to amend.

Thus, I’d like to start anew this month. I will try to consistently do 1-2 posts per week until I have enough stockpile. Therefore, I humbly apologize and ask to reset the chapter count. No further chapter count will be implemented until I have a healthy stockpile as well. Am really sorry for that.

Wildhammer is quitting due to some things and thus I am alone in the project (some of you might have noticed I don’t put credits in the chapter posts anymore, thus the fact). If anyone wants to try and help (I’d need a partner TL-er and/or editor at this point as my workload is ever increasing IRL), send me a message through discord or to my email at dede_zaif@yahoo.com

Thank you for sticking with me all the way until now. Here’s the new chapter for you!


Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 1-1

In the 15th century, the Kingdom of Demak was ruled by His Majesty Trenggono. Under the rule of Trenggono, Demak managed to achieve its golden era. It was also in that era that Trenggono’s sister was married to Fatahillah.

To expand its commercial trading and also to further the territory of Demak, Trenggono felt the needs to invade Banten. Thus, in the year of 1527, under the leadership of Fatahillah, the army of Demak attacked. Banten fell, the port of Sunda Kelapa was occupied, and as the representative of Demak, Fatahillah took the reign over Banten. It wasn’t entirely accurate to say that Fatahillah acted as the representative of Demak, or as the one sent by the Kingdom of Demak, as the scope of power and influence of Fatahillah was no different than an actual King. Furthermore, without regards to Demak, Fatahillah conscripted his own army. Thus the name of Fatahillah became famous and respected. Nonetheless, his loyalty to his origin Kingdom, Demak, was still as strong as ever.

Sultan Hasanuddin, in running the government of Banten Kingdom was aided by his main advisor, a wise old man named Mangkubumi Mitra as well as his Prime Minister Wira Sidolepen. Besides them, the assistance of the Head of Banten Army named Bradja Paksi was also worthy of mention as everything that was related to the safety and survival of the Kingdom was placed fully under his responsibilities. Especially considering at that time, there were often clashes happening with the Kingdom of Pajajaran. Bradja Paksi was originally only a regular soldier in Demak Kingdom. But due to his courage, integrity and high level of martial arts, he became the right-hand-man of Fatahillah. When Fatahillah moved to Banten, Bradja Paksi also went along with him. And thus he was made into the Head of the Banten Army. That position stayed on his shoulder until the day came when he had to sacrifice his own life for the survival of the Kingdom and for the loyalty and his service to his King!

At that time, it wasn’t even a month when the young Hasanuddin was crowned as the Sultan or the King of Banten. Neither the prime minister Wira Sidolepen, nor the old advisor Mangkubumi Mitra as well as the Head of the Army Bradja Paksi, and even the Sultan himself knew that inside the very core of the kingdom itself, a dangerous enemy lurked within. An enemy that moved silently in the shadow!

And who would have thought that the tumor would be Parit Wulung, the officer that was the direct deputy of the Army Head! The relationship between Parit Wulung and Bradja Paksi was not as simply as a superior and its subordinate, but also as brother-in-laws, as the sister of Bradja Paksi was married to Parit Wulung.

But Parit Wulung had been blinded by his ambition. He forgot that the position that he had was given due to the recommendation of Bradja Paksi. He forgot that it was the kingdom itself that had given him the rank and position, as well as the honor and the luxurious life that came with it. The greed to hold the crown himself, the desire to sit on the throne of the kingdom as its king had corrupted his heart and soul!

In his endeavor to snatch the throne of the Sultanate of Banten, it was definite that he could not move alone. Furthermore, he was also aware that to find accomplice in the inner circle of the palace, its officials and ministers, was an impossibility, as all of them, especially the prime minister Wira Sidolepen, was undoubtedly incomparably loyal to the Kingdom and its Sultan, Hasanuddin. Therefore, the traitorous army officer sought for allies from outside Banten. He saw an excellent opportunity from the neighbouring kingdom, Pajajaran. Several officers of Pajajaran had been met by him discreetly, and those officers who were afterwards promised with many things were willing to send hundreds of soldiers to aid in his rebellion when the time arrived.

Hundreds of soldiers still felt far from enough for Parit Wulung. The traitor then went to a secluded sage, Saint Singo Ireng that resided in the Southern Coast area. This Saint wasn’t just willing to aid the evil plan of Parit Wulung for the promise of a share of immeasurable treasure, he also enlisted the help of his blood brother who was similarly also a Saint, named Saint Macan Seta. Macan Seta lived in the Keletawar Gulf. This martial arts master had just established a martial arts sect named The Southern Flame Sect. even though the both of them were Saints, but they had already fallen to the trap of worldly pleasures and thus they entered the Dark Martial Artist side!

On the designated day, a grand battle for the coup ensued in order to overthrow the kingdom! Hundreds of forces from Pajajaran invaded Banten. A huge battle clashed all around the Capital and the fiercest of all happened around the Palace Yard.

In mere moments the rebels had breached through the defense of Banten Army. The palace was under siege, rebel soldiers under the leadership of Parit Wulung, Singo Ireng and Macan Seta attacked into the palace. The ministers and scholars were surrounded and inevitably met their end in a cruel beheading. The Head of the Banten Army, Prime Minister Wira Sidolepen and several other important figures also became victims of the cruelty of the rebels!

Banten fell before the day turned to evening. The surviving soldiers of Banten that had to surrender along with the civilian were forced to clean up all the dead bodies that were scattered in the battlefield. Meanwhile, in a room inside the Banten Palace, an important meeting was assembled. The meeting was led by Parit Wulung. The attendees consisted of Saint Singo Ireng, Saint Macan Seta, Karma Dipa and Djuanasuta. The last two men were the officers of Pajajaran who became the allies of Parit Wulung!

“Saint Singo Ireng, Saint Macan Seta and my brothers Karma Dipa and Djuanasuta. You all can see for yourselves that due to our cooperation, our plan had borne fruit. Now Banten is ours for the taking. However there are several disappointing news that was reported by our communication officer. The Sultan, Hasanuddin had vanished without any trace whatsoever. There is a huge possibility that the old advisor Mangkubumi Mitra is with him, as this old man was also nowhere to be found…”

Hearing the news, Karma Dipa replied, “If they intend to escape from Banten, that would be impossible. All across the border, we have erected strict surveillance with our soldiers!”

“That is true” said Parit Wulung. “Other than the investigation that our people keep on doing over the whereabouts of the two people, we had also captured three people that we strongly believe know where the Sultan is hiding!”

Parit Wulung clapped thrice. The door to the meeting room was opened. A guardsman entered.

“Bring Said Ulon here!” said Parit Wulung to the guard.

The guard swiftly left. In mere moments he re-entered the room with his friend who brought a white haired old man. He was Said Ulon, the Palace Butler. The two guards then left the room.

“Said Ulon, you do know where the Sultan is hiding, right?” asked Parit Wulung

The old man looked to the man before him briefly. His heart was absolutely enraged seeing the looks of Parit Wulung. Two of his sons had become the victims of this vile man’s rebellion. If looks could kill, he’d have devoured Parit Wulung whole by now. Both of his hands tried to release the rope binding him, but to no avail.

When he saw this, Parit Wulung immediately said, “Don’t worry, you will be released and I personally guarantee your safety, if you tell me the whereabouts of the Sultan!”

“Yes… I do know…” said Said Ulon.

“Hahahaha!” Parit Wulung laughed bigheartedly. “Where is he?” he asked.

The old man moved closer to Parit Wulung. “Come here”, he said. Right after he said those words, he spitted on the face of Parit Wulung!

“F**king bastard!” Parit Wulung roared in anger.

“Shiiing!” he unsheathed his sword and “slash!” Said Ulon’s head fell off his neck. His head rolled on the floor right in front of the door. The gushing blood flooded the carpet that covered most of the floor!

Saint Macan Seta chuckled when he saw this happened.

Karma Dipa said in a flat tone, “we shouldn’t have killed that man just like that, Parit Wulung. We could’ve tortured him until he tell us the whereabout of Sultan Hasanuddin!”

Parit Wulung kept his silence. The bloodstain in his sword was swept to Said Ulon’s clothes and then he sheathed back his sword. Afterwards, Parit Wulung once more clapped thrice.

The door opened once more. The incoming guard was badly started when he saw the head laid on the ground near the door, “bring that stableman in!” said Parit Wulung.

Not long, the guard brought back a young man with a pale face. This young man and Parit Wulung were already acquianted before this

“Siman Tjonet, do you see the dead body and that head on the floor?”

Siman Tjonet the stableman who was in charge of taking care of Palace Horses nodded.

“Of course you don’t want to end like that, right? Well, why don’t you start by telling us where the Sultan is hiding?”

“I don’t know…”

“Ah… I’m sure you know. It is likely that the Sultan had escaped with several men by horse, isn’t that right?”

“I don’t know…” Simon Tjonet answered once more.

Parit Wulung’s anger flared, “Listen up, Simon…” he hissed. “I know that in a few more months from now, you are getting married. If you still want to have your marriage, you are going to tell me where the Sultan is, and fast!”

“If you give us the information…” Djuanasuta continued, “we’re going to gift you with money and jewelleries! You are going to be a rich man for your whole life!”

“I don’t know…”

“You really don’t know…?”

“Even if I know, I won’t tell anything to damnable rebels and traitors like you!”

Parit Wulung laughed evilly. His forehead twitched. His right hand readied on the sword’s hilt.

“Don’t be a fool Siman Tjonet!” said Karma Dipa, while Saint Macan Seta and his brother just indifferently ate some grapes that were served on the table. “Speak up, and you’ll be safe, and you’ll also get rich with that!”

Siman Tjonet kept his silence

“It seems that you choose death over pleasure, Siman…?” asked Parit Wulung.

“He probably thinks that he’ll go to heaven when he dies, and he’ll get to meet some beautiful angels!” said Saint Macan Seta while laughing and munching the grapes in his mouth.

“Whether I can go to heaven or not is none of your business! On the contrary you all will definitely be burned in hellfire in the afterlife!” answered Siman Tjonet bravely.

“Wow… you really are not afraid of dying, huh young man… but what if I torture you before you die huh?!”

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