Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 0 (Prologue)

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Hello Readers,

This is the last regular of the week (2/3)! I still have 11 more chapters owed and will gradually pay them back, with some of them later!

This is also the start of the new book, Book 4: The Enchanted Tumbal Wilayuda Kris. It als signifies the start of the new Grand Arc (the first Grand Arc was the Mahesa Birawa related arc! With the last book as the last one.) Hopefully I can pay all the debt in this book.

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Wiro Sableng Book 4 Chapter 0 (Prologue)

The sounds of weapons clashing, loud ferocious shouts thundering all over the place, the wailing shrieks of death and those that groaned in their injuries and in the face of death, all mixed into one deadly atmosphere that put one’s hairs stood on ends!

Everywhere, blood splattered and flowed like river! In every direction, dead bodies laid lifeless on the ground! The stink of blood brought oneself suffocation, bringing fear even to those fearless heroes! The battle raged on, with victims kept on falling one by one, dying in all sorts of possible, thinkable ways. Some were losing their head, the neck hacked away cleanly. Some had their belly ruptured, their innards hung out of their bodies. Heads splattered, cut in half, even one that was sliced cleanly from the top, and ones that were smashed open. Chest splintered by numerous spears, and limbs strewn all over the ground!

Inside the palace, the condition was even more hellish. Those that were loyal and fought on the side of the throne, those that were not willing to lay down their weapon and surrender to the rebels, despite their significantly smaller numbers, was forced to their death, died at the tip of the enemies’ weapons!

The palace, that was still tranquil and beautiful in the morning, was now no different than the scene one could only see in hell! Blood and bodies were everywhere. Wails and shrieks of death were heard continuously. The furniture in the palace that was all luxurious were destroyed. The defenders were getting more and more disadvantaged. It appeared that in a matter of moments, they would all be swept clean, flat with the floor that was shiny and clean, but then was flooded with rivers of blood!

“Wira Sidolepen and Braja Paksi, come to my side and surrender!” shouted a bulky man with a straight moustache. Just like the people he was yelling at, he was also wearing the attire of the palace military officer.

Bradja Paksi, the head of the Banten’s army, grunted and shouted back in reply, “You damn f**king rebels! Even if my life shall leave my body, I will never surrender to you!”

Parit Wulung, the man with the straight moustache, laughed uproariously. Prior to this, he was the second man, the vice captain of the Banten army, but on that day he was the one who had lost his way and had rebelled against the throne!

“Considering our relationship as in-laws, I am still willing to offer a way to save your pitiful soul! But if you yourself choose death, just don’t regret it in the future!”

Parit Wulung lunged forward. His sword flashed, sending a quick and ferocious attack. But nimbly, Bradja Paksi blocked it with his own sword.


Sparks flew all over.

Parit Wulung’s hand trembled greatly. He staggered back one step, but his enemy quickly followed up with two more chained attacks, making the rebel ringleader cornered to the big pole on the right corner. As the head of the Banten Army, it was evident that the martial arts and martial skills of Bradja Paksi was considerably higher than his rebelling deputy. No matter how fast and nimble Parit Wulung spun his sword, he still couldn’t get out of the chained attacks of his enemy’s, especially with how desperate Bradja Paksi was attacking with his sword, and sometimes even with his bare handed fists. Yet, the fight didn’t last for long.

A man with a midget posture, with a white garment robe and a very dark and shiny face and his messy hair flashed to the front. His look was just like a lion watching his prey.

“Parit Wulung! I’ll take care of this little bastard!”

When he looked at the person barking those words, Parit Wulung no longer waited and immediately escaped the fight, “Saint Singo Ireng (TL Note: Black Lion), he is indeed suitable to be your kill! Please make haste and rip his life off his body!”

The black face midget named Saint Singo Ireng laughed terrifyingly. His right hand slammed forward. A streak of white light flashed towards the head of the Banten Army.

Bradja Paksi jumped three spear distances away to theair, “Bastard rebels!” he cursed. “Your life shall end at the tip of my sword!” Bradja Paksi dove downwards like an eagle. His sword moved very swiftly.


And the robe of Singo Ireng was ripped apart!

This ignited the rage of this Saint. “Despicable human! If you still have a God then you better start praying to him! Your life shall end here!”

Singo Ireng’s left hand was raised up high and it was now pitch black in color.

“Bradja Paksi, watch out! That is the black steel fist!” someone’s shout was heard in the midst of the brutal fighting with all his strength, shouting from near the huge door that led to the palace’s courtyard. His age was a bit old, but his movement was very sturdy, and incredibly fast and light! He was Wira Sidolepen, the Prime Minister of the Banten Kingdom!

Bradja Paksi was started when he heard the warning. All of his inner power was immediately circulated to the fastest speed possible. When the left hand of Singo Ireng moved downward swiftly, a black light abruptly streaked to the front. Right at that moment Bradja Paksi jumped sideways, spun his sword and slammed his left hand forward.

However, despite his high level martial arts, Bradja Paksi’s level was still not a match for the Black Steel Fist of his enemy’s. His body flew back after being hit by that black light, crushed to the wall of the palace and then laid on the floor soaked in his own puddle of blood without any signs of life. His whole body and clothing was burnt black!

Saint Singo Ireng laughed disgustingly seeing the fate of his enemy’s

Seeing the death of Bradja Paksi, Wira Sidolepen was enraged. Once he moved, three of the rebel soldiers that was attacking him was smashed back with broken bones all over! As the prime minister of the kingdom, the martial arts technique of Wira Sidolepen had already reached the height of perfection and was almost on the same level as the Saint Singo Ireng. With his nimbleness, his figure was quickly arriving before the Saint.

“Hahahaha… do you also want to deliver your ife to me, Wira Sidolepen?”

“Don’t need to speak nonsense with me. Take this!” barked the prime minister. His sword moved swift and strong. The sword movement produced swirling wind that flooded Saint Singo Ireng’s body. The saint was shocked, he quickly dodged his body with a nimble move. Acknowledging that the enemy’s martial arts was not beneath him, Singo Ireng immediately unleashed his “Black Steel Fist”.

Seeing the formidable martial skill of his enemy, Wira Sidolepen abruptly moved the sword to his left hand. His mouth mumbled some mantra and his fingers suddenly turned shiny white. This is the “Life Shattering Pearl” Fist Art! Parit Wulung who knew how formidable this fist art was immediately sent his voice to warn Singo Ireng.

“Watch out! That is the “Life Shatering Pearl”, Saint Singo Ireng!”

When he heard this, the Saint doubled his inner power. Two similarly thundering loud shouts were blasted from the mouth of Singo Ireng and Wira Sidolepen. The black light and the white light smashed into each other in a clash.


The prime minister’s body was suddenly slammed hard to the palace pillar. Reaching the ground, his body jolted for a moment and then laid lifelessly, signifying that his soul had departed the fleshly body.

While rubbing his left hand, Singo Ireng turned his head to the door on his side. From the inside of the door, a person wearing blue garment robe walked over. His face was painted with three stripes of different colors of black, yellow and red. His hair was brushed cleanly to the back. This was Saint Macan Seta, the older brother of Saint Singo Ireng. If Singo Ireng had the looks of a lion, then his brother was true to his name, he looked just like a tiger!

You won’t be able to stand against that Life Shattering Pearl Art, Singo Ireng, even if you use the Black Steel Fist Art! At the very least, you would be injured internally.

Singo Ireng made an ugly laugh. He didn’t refute anything as he was also aware that what his brother just said was true. And he was inwardly grateful as Macan Seta had helped him with a sneak attack using the “Setting Sun” Fist earlier!

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