Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 9-4

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 9-4

The midget’s expression abruptly changed. Meanwhile Kalingundil took several glances at Asih Permani that was stiff, unmoving, “Her body must be under accublock” Kalingundil thought inwardly, while inside he pondered, “who on earth is this beauty…”. Kalingundil felt his breathing hastened when he looked at the beauty of Asih Permani.

“I have several disciples that had gone down the mountain to carve their names in the martial arts world. Which disciple are you talking about?” asked Tapak Gadjah

Kalingundil turned his gaze back to the man, “Mahesa Birawa…”

“I don’t have any disciple named Mahesa Birawa!” said Tapak Gadjah

Kalingundil was started. He pondered for a bit and then remembered, “I mean, you disciple named Suranyali…”

Once again Tapak Gadjah’s expression changed abruptly. A suspicion grew in his heart, “Are you speaking nonsense or what…?”

“I dare swear in the name of any satan or demon you want… I don’t speak lie, Tapak Gadjah!”

“Suranyali isn’t your everyday martial artist. His skills were top notch!”

“But the man who killed him was even more formidable!”


“The 212 Fighter…”

Tapak Gadjah pondered for a moment. Both his hands were clenched, “You lie! The 212 Fighter Sinto Gendeng had retreated from the martial arts world for decades ago!”


“Shut up! Take the punishment from me for your lies, you bastard!”

Tapak Gadjah slammed his kick forward.


A storm-like wind gushing out from that kick, attacking towards Kalingundil even before the kick itself reached him!

Kalingundil didn’t wish to take risk. He shouted loudly and jumped eight spear distances away onto the air.


Kalingundil looked backward. He choked in fear when he saw how the wind from Tapak Gadjah’s kick destroyed a huge rock that was right behind him!

When the midget was about to unleash his second attack, Kalingundil quickly shouted, “Hold! We are on the same side!”

Tapak Gadjah held back his attack

“What do you mean we are on the same side, huh?”

“I was formerly Suranyali’s man when we were still roaming around Jatiwalu!”

“Don’t you try to trick me!” Tapak Gadjah barked

“What do I need and what do I get from tricking you!” Kalingundil shouted back in reply ferociously.

“Give me a proof that my disciple was indeed killed by someone!”

Kalingundil laughed coldly, “Not believing your own ally will be detrimental to yourself Tapak Gadjah…” and then Kalingundil recounted the whole story.

A faint look of trust now emerged in Tapak Gadjah’s expression. The only thing that he doubted was about the 212 Fighter Wiro Sableng. The only thing that he could think of was that the youngster with the name Wiro Sableng was the disciple of Sinto Gendeng

“Us Dark side Martial Artist indeed had a lot of grudges with that damn granny…” said Tapak Gadjah. “But before we could ally ourselves to take her on, he already retreated from this world! And now her disciple dared to come out and killed my disciple! God damn it!

“I myself had once challenged him in Rawasumpang to avenge the death of Suranyali, or I know him as Mahesa Birawa. But… that damn youngster indeed had a very high level martial arts. That I lost in that bout in Rawasumpang was nothing indeed, but there was one thing that really hurt my feeling, Tapak Gadjah…”

Kalingundil displayed his look of vengeance. His pair of eyes looked far straight ahead.

“Tell me what hurt your heart!” asked Tapak Gadjah furiously

“Before I escaped from Rawasumpang, I told that damned youngster that one day the vengeance from Suranyali’s master shall come down upon him! But that youngster just laughed loudly indifferently, and he even said that even though a thousands of Suranyali’s master that come, he’ll simply cut them all down flat with the ground!”

Tapak Gadjah’s jaws swelled in anger, “that bastard said that?!”

Kalingundil nodded

“Even if he was the disciple of Sinto Gendeng, he shouldn’t have thought that he had reached the peak of this world! Tell me where that bastard is now! This Tapak Gadjah will smash his head to pieces!”

“You need not waste your time looking for him Tapak Gadjah.” Answered Kalingundil. “Didn’t I tell you that he even dared to challenge you? He said that he would wait for you on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month on the peak of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain!”

“That f**king dog of a human!” Tapak Gadjah spitted in disdain.

And Kalingundil fanned the flame further, “several famous martial artist that were challenged by that 212 Fighter had also been informed by me! They had made sure that they will come to Tangkuban Perahu to slice that youngster to pieces!”

“Thousands of people may join in, but the death of that dog shall be decided by me!” Kalingundil nodded in satisfaction. He was really delighted. This was indeed what he had planned for. He had already imagined how successful his plan would be. Alone, he was no match for Wiro Sableng. But if Tapak Gadjah, Sage Sitaraga, Wirasokananta and Tapak Luwing  and himself all allied themselves together to take revenge, even three 212 Fighter would not be a match for them!

“I’m really happy to hear your decision, Tapak Gadjah. I myself will definitely be there at the peak of Tangkuban Perahu…”

Tapak Gadjah laughed coldly, “If you have guts but no skills you can rely on, you better be not going there!”

Kalingundil’s face turned red in anger.

“Now that you have no more business here, get your ass off this place!” shouted Tapak Gadjah

Kalingundil glanced at Asih Permani. And then he said to Tapak Gadjah, “Don’t you look down on your own ally, Tapak Gadjah. I may not be famous in the martial art world, but just destroying some big rocks like you did was a small feat for me!” Kalingundil moved his right hand to his waist, and then a streak of azure light flashed to the huge rock about nine spear distances away in front of him.


The rock was shattered to pieces and the shadow of Kalingundil vanished from his sights!

Tapak Gadjah was surprised! He didn’t think that the stumped hand man with missing earlobe had such great martial skills! But that midget paid no further heed. Once his eyes were fixed on the pretty face and alluring body of Asih Permani, he immediately put Kalingundil out of his brain. He quickly carried the girl in to his abode. What happened to that pure girl, none shall know, but on that day, the purity of a girl would be gone, forcefully taken by evil!


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