Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 9-3

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Hello people!

I’m back, all refreshed and Happy in this New Year! Sorry for the longer than expected break, as I went on some family trips!

I managed to translate several parts for the posts and will gradually release them in the next few days. In the meantime, this is part 9-3! This is also post 1/3 for the week!

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 9-3

Who of the villager of the Backhill Village that didn’t know Asih Permani? You may ask the old, and they would know, ask the young and also knew they would. You could even ask the kids who fed the ducks or took the cow grazing, and they would also know of her. If anyone asked how she looked, then any person would sing their praise. Everyone would say: Asih Permani was the fairest of Backhill Village. Her face was round as an egg, her nose small but pointy like a sole leaf, her lips as beautiful as ripe peach, red and freshening, her eyes clear and sparkling as the stars in the night sky, her chin was just like hanging bees, beautiful long neck and crisp, nice voice, as if it would tickle our ears when we heard her voice. In addition to her full, voluptuous body encased in a smooth silky skin.

Asih Permani was indeed as beautiful as the description above. Her friends, fellow young girls in the Backhill Village were generally envious of the beauty that the girl possessed. Numerous young men were crazy for her, alas their desire was as empty as clapping with a single hand. In the following month, right on the fourteenth day of the new moon, Asih Permani would be married to Ranggasastra, the son of the Backhill Village Chief. Indeed, to mention his wealth, with a lot of treasures, vast land and a huge number of livestock in his possession, Ranggasastra would be a perfect match and was well deserved to be Asih Permani’s man. The young man was sturdy-built, his posture straight, his heart pure and was friendly to everyone. Thus, being alongside Asih Permani on the wedding seat would be akin to a match made in heaven!

As the day went by, the wedding day drew closer. Of course it was imaginable how the couple-to-be would feel as the day was closing in, the day that would be historical and unforgettable for the rest of their life. It would be the day where they would both open the “secret of the bliss in life.”

At that moment Ranggasastra was sitting leisurely in front of his house, gazing at the stars spreading on the night sky. Somehow that evening his heart was really anxious, but he couldn’t make heads or tails of the cause of his anxiety. Deep in the night he finally managed to close his eyes and sleep. However, as the first light of dawn was getting closer he was startled to wake up! Ranggasastra was someone that once trained his martial arts and martial skills to a master in the Northern Shore. His instinct told him that there was someone else in his room. He opened his eyelids, and he was surprised to see a midget standing near his bed. This man was bald-headed, cleanly shaven and was lit up bathing under the twinkling lamps

This midget has a very big nose, as if it was coverin his whole small face. When he grinned and snorted, one could see his tooth, that were all gone but one on his upper gum.

Ranggasastra immediately jumped from his bed.

“Damn midget! Who the hell are you?!” barked the youngseter. His eyes looked at the man in front of him with a sharp, penetrating look. And although the light from the oil lamp was not that bright, Ranggasastra could see that the midget’s most distinctive feature, his foot, was humongous and terrifyingly wide. The foot, up to the ankle, was not one bit similar to a human, instead look more like the feet of an elephant!

“He… he… he…” the midget chuckled. “Are you that man named Ranggasastra, that will be getting married next week…?”

Ranggasastra of course was started at this questioning, “That’s none of your business! First answer me who you are?!”

“He… he… he…” the uninvited guest once more chuckled, “Your plan to be the groom, to be the husband of Asih Permani will never be realized, Ranggasastra…!”

“You damn litle man, don’t speak nonsense!” yelled Ranggasastra angrily. “Get out of my room!” the young man clenched his palm threateningly.

“You’ll never get to touch Asih Permani’s body, young man. Because from now on, she is mine, and I shall take her wherever I want, and I’ll do her however I wish!” the midget chuckled one more time.

“If you want to rant, go rant in your grave!” once he finished his words, Ranggasastra lunged forward, his right fist flashed with a rumbling sound! However, all he managed was to punch at an empty spot. With a speed almost indiscernible with his eyes, the midget flashed and vanished from his view!

Being left alone in his room, Ranggasastra felt like he was asleep and was started by his dream. He rubbed his eyes with his hand a few times. No, he was not dreaming! He was certain that the previous encounter was not a dream! And when he saw the floor of the room that was made of wood plank, he could clearly see the foot marks of that midget.

When he recalled what that midget said, Ranggasastra grew increasingly worried. He quickly grabbed the iron staff with the pointy tip that was slipped on the wall. That weapon was given by his master. Without wasting any more time, the yung man immediately left his home, going to the east side of the village towards the house of Asih Permani’s parents.

Ten spear distances away from the porch of his future wife, Ranggasastra saw a silhouette jumping out from the side window of the house! That silhouette was none other than the midget that came to him earlier, and on his shoulder he could see another figure of a woman. Although the side yard was dark, Ranggasastra knew real well that the woman that he carried was none other than his future wife, Asih Permani!

“Beast! Rotten thief! Let that woman go!” barked Ranggasastra.

The midget laughed coldly, “Once I say that a girl is mine, not any other human being can stand in my way!”

“Then don’t blame me for smashing your head!” and the iron staff in Ranggasastra’s hand swirled to the midget’s head. With incomparable nimbleness the one being attacked jumped to the side. Ranggasastra followed up with a thrust to his left chest, but wit incredible speed, the midget moved his right leg!

An earth shattering kick smashed into the young man’s chest. The iron staff slipped away from his hand. The blocking arm was crippled and wails of pain was let out from Ranggasastra’s mouth. The young man staggered back briefly before was flung away a few spear distances away from the follow up kick that grazed his abdomen! His stomach was ripped, as if slit by razor, his body was laying coldly on the ground, lifeless. The midget laughed with his ugly face.

“Cursed thief! I’ll take your life with my saber!” yelled someone, he jumped from insde the house through the window.

The bald midget abruptly turned his body when a saber flashed, hacking to his skull!

“He… he… do you also want to die, Village Chief!” said the midget. The assaulting man was Tanuwira, Asih Permani’s father.

“You’ll meet your end first, you bastard!” Tanuwira’s saber once more flashed. But the midget was really not simple. That attack was faced with a big laugh. Once he moved his right foot, Village Chief Tanuwira’s chest was crushed.

The midget chuckled

“Both the future son-in-law and father-in-law met the same destiny! Such poor people…” he inhaled the fresh morning and in a blink of an eye, he vanished from that place.


When he reached his abode on top of the Lawu mountain, the midget was started to see a man with stumped arm that he didn’t know of standing near the doorway. This stumped man also looked started when he saw the coming of that bald man carrying a beautiful girl on his left shoulder, v=but he quickly took a deep bow.

“I most certainly be in the presence of the famous martial artist, Tapak Gadjah…”

The midget, who was indeed named Tapak Gadjah, put down the body of Asih Permani from his shoulder. His sharp eyes took a good look of the person before him and the he asked, “And who the hell are you? Are you here with good will or bad intent?” while saying that Tapak Gadjah looked at the right ear of his guest who was also missing an earlobe.

“My name is Kalingundil. I come with good will, yet I bore bad news”

“I don’t even know you before this. So what kind of bad news could you possibly bring to me…?” asked Tapak Gadjah.

Thus Kalingundil started unleashing his silver tongue, “A murder of one’s disciple is certainly a bitter news for the master! So bitter that it may plant a seed of revenge…”

“Stop talking nonsense!” cut Tapak Gadjah short. “Just tell me what bad news you bring over!”

“Your disciple had been killed, o’ Tapak Gadjah…”

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