Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 9-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 9-2

Kalingundil was startled hearing the scolding.

“Come on, hurry up! What the hell are you waiting for?” called the voice from the white chamber

Kalingundil stepped back heading to the room. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he once more heard the voice.

“Hmm… a crippled man like you is definitely not worth coming to my abode! Your sentence shall be doubled, o human!”

Of course Kalingundil was shocked when he heard this. How could the person in that white chamber could find out that his physique was crippled? Even if he was incredibly mighty, they had never ever met face-toface before, and Kalingundil thought that it was impossible for the person to know about his condition! Kalingundil apparently forgot that the walls and ceiling of the white chamber on top was not one bit different from a mirror, so that the person in that white chamber would easily be able to see anyone in the lower chamber!

Kalingundil jumped up with a light movement and then climbed up the stairs. When he emerged in the room, the tiger weirdly no longer attacked him. Meanwhile the man with the white monk-like robed was still standing upside down with his head at the bottom and his feet on top! Just like the previous few days, his face was still covered by the long, all-covering beard.

Although the three-striped tiger no longer attacked him, Kalingundil still kept his vigilance, standing with all his senses active.

“Who the hell are you?” barked the upside down man.

“My name is Kalingundil. Am I currently in the presence of Sage Sitaraga?” asked Kalingundil after introducing himself.

The questioned instead counter-ask: “What business do you have to dare dirty my abode, crippled-hand man?!”

“My apology that my presence has filth your honored abode. But I definitely has no intention to do so,” said Kalingundil. “I…”

“All right, that’s it! Don’t blab too much! Come closer to receive your punishment!”

Kalingundil instead halted his steps. He paid attention to the man standing upside down on the rock.

“Come closer d**n it! scolded the man. His voice rumbled accross the white chamber while the tiger on his side growled equally fiercely.


But Kalingundil had to stop his words. The left leg of the person in front of him suddenly moved. A fierce gust of wind blew like a typhoon towards Kalingundil. The chamber was shaking furiously. With a summersault backward as swift as he could, Kalingundil managed to barely dodge the fierce attack!

A chuckling sound was heard, “No wonder… no wonder you dare to wantonly come here and dirty my abode. It appears that you do have some skills you can count on! I want to see whether you can defend yourself in the face of my Thousand Steel Feet technique?!”

The head on the rock spinned, both his feet attacked. Knowing that he was about to be assaulted once more with a more formidable long-range kick art, Kalingundil quickly shouted, “Sage, please hold! I come bearing news for you!”

Hearing the loud shout form the man, the Sage stopped his attack, “I don’t even know you! What news can you possibly bring! Come spit it out!” he barked. He was still standing in his previous position, upside down with his feet on top and head at the bottom.

“It’s terrible news Sage…”

“F**k it! Good or bad, quickly tell me! Don’t let my patience run low, you d**n monkey!”

Kalingundil of course was unhappy hearing the mockery in his tone. But he ended up answering, “Your close friend, Mahesa Birawa had met his demise in the hand of a despicable human…”

The body on top of the rock suddenly flickered and unknowingly the man was now standing uprightly with both his feet firmly on the rock. Thus his prevously unseen face, covered by his long beard was now visible. His skin was incredibly pale as if no blood was running in his veins. His cheek was hollow and his eyes was even as if deeply sunken in his face, making his face so terrifying to look at. His hair was long, down to his shoulders while his beard flowed down to his stomach.

Kalingundil bowed, greeting respectfully, “So is it true that I am in the presence of Sage Sitaraga…?” he asked.

The pale face couldn’t care less of his query. “Who killed him, and how did you know?!”

Kalingundil immediately explained, “Mahesa Birawa and several of his Dukes led an army to wage war against Pajajaran, but they ended up losing. All of the Dukes were dead. Mahesa Birawa himself was killed in the hand of a mighty young martial artist.”

Clear, visible frown could be seen on the face of Sage Sitaraga, making his looks even more terrifying than before. Both of his eyes slanted, turning his view as sharp as a blade! He had known of the plan to fight against Pajajaran since ages ago, and even as he discussed with Mahesa Birawa, he had promised to join the troops himself to help Mahesa Birawa’s coup, as he had contained his revenge with the Royal Family of Pajajaran for far too long! Here, on the peak of Halimun Mountain he was only waiting for the words from Mahesa Birawa when the assault was about to be launched. But suddenly on this day, someone else came bearing news that the rebellion was a failure and Mahesa Birawa himself had passed on to the next world! Of course this can’t be believed that easily.

“I don’t believe in your words, crippled hand man!” barked Sage Sitaraga.

“I dare swear in the name of whatever you want me to, Sage” answered Kalingundil with a humble tone, although he inwardly almost went mad for being called as “crippled-hand man”

“What’s your name again…”


“How are you connected with Mahesa Birawa?”

“He was my leader and closest of friend since years ago, Sage…”

“Fine! But I don’t even know if you’re saying the truth or not. Answer my questions to prove the truth of your words! What’s the real name of Mahesa Birawa…?”

Kalingundil chortled, “You are way too distrusting to people on your own side, Sage…”

“When the hell are you on my side…? This is even the first time I’m seeing your ugly face!”

Kalingundil grumbled inside.

“Come answer me, What’s the real name of Mahesa Birawa…?!”

“Suranyali!” answered Kalingundil.

“Hmm…” pondered Sitaraga. “Mahesa Birawa is someone with high level martial arts. It won’t be that easy to take his life away…”

“There is a sky beyond the sky, Sage! The might of that young man rivaled his own…”

Sage Sitaraga frowned.

And Kalingundil carried on with his words. “I myself faced him once. I was lucky it was only my arm being taken, not my life!”

“Hoooh… so your coming here is to cry like a child and to beg me to interefere in this matter…?”

Kalingundil’s face reddened, “How you see it is up to you, Sage. For my best friend and former leader, I sought for the young man that killed Mahesa Birawa. But his martial arts was much, much higer than mine…”

“What’s the name of that bas***d?!” asked Sitaraga at the end.

“Wiro Sableng. But he is known more for his title, the “Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter…”

Hearing the title, Sage Sitaraga was startled, “You said he is titled Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter…?”


“Then that person should have been that wrinkled old hag Sinto Gendeng!”

“No… he is a young man. He is very young, his looks even is still like a child, with long hair and his brain doesn’t seem to be straight!”

Sitaraga pondered further. He then hissed, “Then it is quite possible that he is the disciple of that granny living on the peak of the Gede Mountain. But as far as my knowledge goes, SInto Gendeng doesn’t have any disciple since tens of years ago…” Sitaraga took a deep breath, “If he truly is SInto Gendeng’s disciple, it is possible that Mahesa Birawa was beaten…” Sitaraga gazed upon the distance, as if his view was piercing through the white wall behind Kalingundil.

Seeing this, Kalingundil started to add some more of his provocation, “When I battled him in Rawasumpang I warned him that in the future Mahesa Birawa’s friends, who are some of the prominent main figures in the martial arts world, will definitely seek him for revenge. But Wiro Sableng bragged he fear none in this world! He even challenged anyone to seek him for accounting on the peak of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month!

Sage Sitaraga’s eyes slanted even further. “Such arrogance”, he hissed. “He seemed to be in haste to taste the darkness of a grave! Seeking a fast way to get himself dead!”

“Very true, Sage. Not only his arrogance was a sore in the eyes, but his challenge was incredibly insulting and he didn’t even put his eyes on any of the incredible figures in the martial arts world, such as your esteemed self, Sage…”

Sitaraga nodded repeatedly, “These kinds of people must be quickly vanquished. Otherwise he’ll become a big thorn for people from our side…”

Kalingundil was elated when he found out that his provocation had seeped into and flamed the seed of anger in the Sage’s heart.

“That challenge…” said Kalingundil, continuing his incitement, “also insulted Mahesa Birawa’s master that resided in the Lawu Mountain… I also planned to meet him to ask for his advises regarding the steps that we will do.”

“If it’s just smashing the skull of that crazy insane lad, I myself is more than enough!”

“Indeed, Sage. But just to make sure we don’t disrespect Mahesa Birawa and not to displease him in the future, there is merit in informing him of his disciple’s death…”

“That’s your business”, said Sitaraga. His eyes looked closely to Kalingundil’s waist, actually he had once or twice paid attention silently to Kalingundil’s waist. “Come, I want to see that thing you keep on your waist” he suddenly said.

Kalingundil was startled. He looked at his waist. He had kept his weapon really well hidden, but Sitaraga’s sharp, discerning eyes could still see beyond the concealment.

“Ah… it’s nothing Sage. It’s just…”

“Just what?!” Sitaraga glared displeasedly at him

“Just a broken sword…” said Kalingundil

“Take it out!”


“Cut yer crap! Take it out now!”

If the person before him was not Sage Sitaraga and if not for remembering his grand plan, at that moment Kalingundil would definitely have slashed at the foul mouth of the person in front of him. He indeed wished to get the help of Sitaraga, but if he kept being underestimated all the time, mocked, scolded and yelled at the entire meeting, who would be able to keep his patience?

“Are you disobeying me Kalingundil?”

With a deep resentment Kalingundil took out his broken Demon Sword. Azure light instantly illuminated the white chamber. Sage Sitaraga exclaimed excitedly.

“The Azure Demon Sword…” he hissed. Other than shocked, he was also curious seeing how that mighty weapon was now only a stump left. “Where did you get that weapon? How did it get broken? Are you the Azure Demon’s disciple?!”

Kalingundil grinned when he heard the bursting series of inquiries. “It was all my business, Sage. The important thing is that we have met today and you now know the fate of Mahesa Birawa. I’ll see you again on the peak of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain!” Kalingundil shouted while flashing towards the stairs.

“Wait!” shouted Sitaraga

But Kalingundil cared not.

The enraged Sage Sitaraga snorted, “If I don’t remember that you were formerly Mahesa Birawa’s man, I would have definitely take your life, Kalingundil! But for now, I’ll take one of your ears as down payment!”

A secret weapon swished through the air towards Kalingundil’s right ear. He immediately waved his left hand, but unfortunately the secret weapon was unable to be parried by his inner power strike! Kalingundil was forced to once again drew his enchanted sword, but of course he was late!

Kalingundil grunted in pain. Blood streamed down his cheek and shoulder. His right ear was cut clean by Sitaraga’s secret weapon! If not for his revenge plan, Kalingundil would have attacked the Sage in a life and death duel, especially when he heard that Sitaraga was about to take his ear as a payment!

In a blink of an eye Kalingundil was already outside the Halimun Mountain’s crater. He cleaned the blood that was flowing down his cheek and then with a piece of clothing he bandaged his head right at the edge of his cut ear. And then he took a pill and swallowed it to repel the poison from Sitaraga’s secret weapon.

At the bottom of Halimun’s crater, not long after Kalingundil ran away, Sitaraga pondered deeply.

Kalingundil’s identity was still quite blur for him. But that was not of import. The biggest question mark for him was the identity of that youngster with the monicker the Deadly Fire Dragon hatchet 212 Fighter. Was he really Sinto Gendeng’s disciple? If Kalingundil had faced him with his Demon Sword and was still defeated at the hand of that youngster, then Sitaraga could vaguely estimate the height of that youngster’s martial arts! This made him want to immediately go fight him face-to-face against the youngster. Nevertheless he still had to wait a few months until the fated date of the thirteenth day of twelfth month!

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