Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 9-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 9-1

The peak of Halimun Mountain…

The peak of the mountain was enveloped with silvery clouds. When the wind from the west blew, the clouds were carried away eastward and the majestic Peak of Halimun Mountain could be seen in full view.

Past afternoon, a figure flashed like a rushing wind, heading to the mountaintop. The more distance he travelled up to the mountaintop, the air became fresher and cooler. The man accelerated his speed, seemingly restless to reach the destination he was heading to as soon as possible.

He looked around. Wherever he looked, all he could see were clusters or rocks, from small pebbles to slabs of rocks the size of a house! At the bottom of those moss-covered huge rocks, weeds grew thick. The man was one-armed. He was none other than Kalingundil. The reason why he came to that mountaintop was to execute his devious plan to take his bitter revenge on 212 Fighter, Wiro Sableng.

With his light body skill, Kalingundil jumped to one of the rocks. One without a high level light body skill would not be able to perform such difficult jump, or when he managed to step on the rock he would surely slip on the slippery moss! Kalingundil looked around all over the barren mountaintop. Among the clusters of rocks a huge crater could be seen, the remains of an inactive volcano.

The crater was cone-shaped with unfathomable depth. Kalingundil jumped once again to a big rock at a higher position. He casted a glance throughout the mountaintop. Once he was convinced that the abode of the person he hoped to meet was not around the mountaintop, he quickly jumped to the rim of the crater. From that point, he descended to the crater.

Aside from the depth, the crater at Halimun Mountain was notoriously difficult to climb down. However, Kalingundil jumped here and there with such amazing nimbleness that in just a short time he was already at the bottom of the crater.

The air at the bottom of the crater was fetid and suffocating. Realizing it, Kalingundil immediately controlled his breath. Once he could acclimate to the stuffy atmosphere, he observed the situation where he stood at the bottom of the crater. Its size, which was at the center of the cone-shaped crater, was just several times bigger than the size of a well. The sediment at the bottom of the crater was a mixture of sand and soil frozen and hardened for centuries after the volcano erupted. Kalingundil’s eyes looked around and stopped when he saw the hole with the size of a man’s shoulder stretch.

The man approached the hole. He looked inside for a while then determinedly quickly entered it. At first, he could only crawl. Going deeper into the hole, the size widened that he could do crouch walking and in the end walked in a normal way.

Kalingundil came to a square-shaped room walled by rough obsidians. From the four corners of the room thin black smokes oozed menacingly. The moment his nose sniffed the odor spread out of the smoke, Kalingundil instantly felt dizzy. He quickly mustered his inner power and closed his respiration channel.

Kalingundil knew the stone-walled room was not a completely confined space. But his eyes did not see any crevice or door anywhere in that room. The man looked up. There on the ceiling he could see a small opening leading to a stone stairs. He looked around, powered his feet and jumped up to the opening. Strangely, no matter how perfected the level of his light body skill, every step he made on that stone stairs produced a loud sound and echoed noisily!

When he stepped on the topmost stair, Kalingundil arrived at a crystal-clear white room. Its wall, floor as well as ceilings were so clean and white that it felt like he stood in a room made of sparkling glass.

Right in the middle of the room there was a big rock and on the top of the rock a figure could be seen meditating in a strange upside down position, with his feet stretching up and his head rested on the rock. This figure was robed in white from his feet to his chest. The head and face of the man in meditation could not be seen because it was covered with long white beard, with length almost surpassing his dangling long hair which was also purely white! The way of his meditation was awe-inspiring!

However, Kalingundil’s vision soon fixated on a huge tiger with three stripes on its back laying down next to the man in meditation. Once it saw Kalingundil’s appearance, the beast stood up and snarled. Its mouth opened widely. Its sharp long curved fangs and big teeth looked intimidating. With a mighty, earth-shattering roar the beast jumped forward. Both front legs stretched out, long razor-sharp claws ready to tear apart Kalingundil’s body!

Kalingundil who realized that the tiger was not a common wild predator but a mighty warrior’s familiar immediately jumped to the side. However, even with such dodging speed, the tiger was even faster! Swirling in mid-air like a seasoned martial artist, the beast flashed, its tail whipping hard!

The long tail lashed on Kalingundil’s stumped shoulder. His cloth was torn off. The pain on his shoulder was so excruciating. Kalingundil mustered his inner power and was forced to instantly jump to the side as the striped beast was lunging at him again!

Relying only on his agility and dodging moves, Kalingundil managed to evade each attack. He calculated that it had been twenty stances since he confronted the tiger. And during those passes, Kalingundil did not have the slightest intention to counter and instead just dodged all the attacks! If this situation continued, there might be a moment when his guard lowered down and the tiger managed to rip his flesh open! If he were to strike back, the beast was the mighty warrior’s familiar with whom he wished to plead his case and talk! This was truly a predicament for Kalingundil! And while they continued the fighting, the man in white robe kept concentrating on his solemn meditation, did not seem to be disturbed with the ferocious battle and never even moved an inch from his stance!

The only way that Kalingundil could perceive at that moment not to inflict any harm and still leave out of the place in one piece was to escape from the white room, strategically retreating outside and waiting the man to finish his meditation.

Thus when the tiger roared and charged at him, Kalingundil ducked to the floor and rolled over to the stairs. When the tiger once again lashed out at him, Kalingundil had already escaped to the bottom of the stairs…

It had been three days since Kalingundil decided to wait at the bottom of the crater. It had been three times as well that he attempted to enter the white chamber and took a peek beyond the topmost stair, but all that time the person in meditation was still in his trance and did not leave his meditating platform for a single bit.

Even if he had to wait for a, it would be fine for Kalingundil. The only problem that plagued him was the hardship in procuring food during the days of waiting.

Four days later, on the seventh time of Kalingundil taking a peek beyond the stairs, he saw that the person was still in meditation. Grumpily, Kalingundil climbed down the stairs again. But when he reached the bottom of the stairs and stepped his feet on the lower chamber, suddenly he heard an echoing voice coming from the white chamber.

“Insolent human who dared to stepped his dirty feet in my place, hurry come up now to face your judgement!”

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