Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 8-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 8-2

Seta Boga’s wife screamed her lungs out. The wall where the youngster stood was shattered with holes and blackened to ash! But the target was seen in the right corner of the room, relaxedly smoking the cigar!

Seta Boga’s chest heaved with his glaring anger. “Who the hell are you really?!” barked the Duke of Linggarjati.

The young man coughed and pulled out the cigar from his lips. “My name is…?” he said. “How come you don’t know?”

“Damn demon…!”

The youngster laughed at that curse. “My name is Tapak Luwing, “he said. “I come to give your share of the tax levy in the Bojongnipah Village. Here, take it…!”

The young man grabbed into his pocket. Something he held was then thrown to the Duke Seta Boga. The man quickly dodged and waved his right hand to parry. The thing he threw was apparently a dozen or so scorpions that were already dead and were now scattered all over the floor. Seta Boga’s wife screamed and ran back into the room. This made the youngster guffawed merrily!

Duke Seta Boga waited no longer and gravved a spear that was settled on the wall. With this weapon in hand he then assaulted the youngster! The youngster calmly slipped back the cigar to his lips, huffing it quickly and then blew the smoke to Seta Boga’s direction. The Duke was forced to jumped to the side once more as the smoke contained inner power and was lashing towards both of his eyes!

Duke Seta Boga now unleashed his own attack from the side. The spear in his hand hacked and slashed, covering every possible ground. His left hand continuously struck several long distance punch waves! This is the “The Barrage of Windmill and Pestle” technique. This technique is usually utilized with a sword, but even with the spear, its might was still to be reckoned.

But how shocked could Seta Boga be when the youngster instead laughed and said, “Ahh… it’s just the barrage of windmill and pestle… do you think I’m scared? Take my counter attack, Seta Boga!”

Thus, despite being attacked, the youngster didn’t dodge and instead welcomed it with his own counter attack!

“This is the “Opening the Window to Shoot the Moon” technique, Seta Boga!” said the youngster. His left arm was smashed from top to bottom while his right hand swept upwards in a quick, undiscernible move!



The spear in Seta Boga’s hands was flung away as his arm was struck by his opponent’s own. The “heck” sound coming out from his throat was due to his major vein under his chin had been accublocked by the youngster. At that moment his body was no longer able to move, stiff as a log! As before he was accublocked Seta Boga was frowning in pain from the arm-to-arm clash, then when his body turned stiff, his frowning face was really an ugly sight to behold!

The young man pulled the cigar off his lips and huffed the smoke to Seta Boga’s face. He then said, “Too bad… your Barrage technique was not a match to my Opening Window to Shoot the Moon technique…”

He once more huffed the smoke to Seta Boga’s face. The accublock at his major vein under the chin had paralyzed Seta Boga’s body, turning him to a mute and his senses numb. Only his ears that were still working properly at that moment. Thus the youngster said, “Listen up Seta Boga… tomorrow Village Chief Kundrawana and the Villagers of Bojongnipah will come here. If your luck is good, you will be dragged for an audience with the King at the Capital. But if your luck is bad, they will surely cut you to pieces… bit… by… bit…! And before I leave, take this little “gift” from me…”

The youngster pointed his right index finger. Using it, he carved three numbers on Seta Boga’s forehead, 212…!

When the following day Village Chief Kundrawana and two dozens of Bojongnipah villagers come fully armed to the Duchy Building in Linggarjati, they were confused to see the building seemed to be abandoned, with not a single person inside.

“That darn Duke surely had run away!” said the infuriated Kundrawana.

Suddenly someone was heard shouting from the back of the building. When Kundrawana and co went to the back, they almost couldn’t believe their eyes. Five people were seen standing stiff, unmoving in the horse’s stable. Upfront is Duke Seta Boga and his wife. To his sides were the Duchy’s guards and in the back they saw the female maid! When they checked on him, they saw that all five of them were still alive, but they were accublocked instead.

Village Chief Kundrawana looked at the numbers 212 stamped on the forehead of Duke Seta Boga. “Two One Two…” he hissed. He shhok his head and ordered, “Release the accublock of the ladies. Let’s take Seta Boga to the capital!”

The Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter Wiro Sableng walked slowly to the river edge. In a rather secluded place he disrobed himself and took a shower to take a bath. While bathing he occasionally laughed by himself, remembering the event last night in the Linggarjati Duchy. Perhaps that morning Kundrawana would have reached Linggarjati, or maybe he was still on the way there. One eveil human, one evil deeds have come to an end. But the 212 Fighter knew that as long as this world still exists, evil shall never cease to exist to exist on it!

After his bath he could feel his body refreshed. The sun was starting to climb to its peak. A faint whistling noise whizzed out from his lips while his mind wandered, remembering the duel with Tapak Luwing and the man that took him away and challenged him.

That challenge reminded him to his battle in Sanggreng Cave with Bergola Wungu quite some time ago. For the second time he was challenged. Now who was the one challenging him now?

“Life is indeed full of challenges… Challenges coming from ourselves and from other people as well… How crazy this life could be! But this craziness is indeed the one that brought along the delight in it…” Thus the 212 Fighter’s whistle tone started to rise, shrieking away voicing a messy tune in it.

About the man that took away TapakL uwing on his escape, there were only two things that Wiro Sableng knew about. Firstly, in the dark of the night he saw that the man was stumped on his right hand. Secondly, when he unleashed the Monkey Throwing Fruit technique using a third of his inner power, the stumped-handed man countered his attack with a streak of azure light! And the technique was dispersed by that streak of light. This showed that the man, whoever he was, had a very high level of martial arts. The 212 Fighter guessed that this man was quite possibly the master or senior apprentice brother of Tapak Luwing. He put on his robe back and resumed his journey.

Rawasumpang was a desolated area full of deadly marsh that sucked in anything that entered it. This area was located four kilometers east of Linggajati. This was where Wiro Sableng was heading.

The northern wind blew harshly, causing his clothing and long hair danced in the wind. He looked down, the wide, endless plain full of swamps was dead silent, without a single man to be seen. Wiro looked at the sky, the sun moved slowly, undetectable to common people to its peak.

Suddenly from the east an immensely loud laugh was heard! Our young martial artist turned towards that direction. A figure was seen running as swift as an arrow on the wide plain amongst the wide spread marshes. Once the laughter could no longer be heard, his body was already under the hill where the 212 Fighter was standing. The hill was not tall at all, and with the distance between them Wiro Sableng immediately recognized the man with the stumped arm.

“If he was the one challenging me last night, that person definitely had a high level and highly dependable martial arts…” Wiro Sableng pondered inwardly. “But…” he continued, “how is it possible in the short span of a few onths his martial art has become this strong…?”

“Hey you the man who is named Wiro Sableng, who thinks he has the worth to be titled as the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter, come down here! Or should I go up that hill for you?!” The man under the hill’s voice was heard, causing our beloved Fighter to whistle.

“Rotten sickly rat is indeed annoying when he thought he has turned into a little cat,” he said. “What happened that you even dare to invite me here little kitten…?”

Kalingundil’s expression darkened. With a loud shout he replied, “I thought that you wouldn’t have the balls to come here, you crazy kid! We aren’t done with our business last time…”

“Aha… so you are arranging this meeting for that reason? Very well Kalingundil. Indeed unfinished business must be settled. Tangled thread must indeed be mended!”

“Exactly,” answered Kalingundil. “Just beware of one thing you crazy kid. The old Kalingundil is not the same as this one here!”

Wiro Sableng chortled, “Of course. I said before that you, the little rotten sickly rat has now turned into a little cat. But you’re not that much different Kalingundil! Your stumped arm is still stumped! You’d better off finding a good carpenter to make you some prosthetic arm!”

Kalingundil felt his blood boiling. His left hand moved, punching upwards. A streak of azure wind fiercely struck towards Wiro Sableng. The 212 Fighter moved to the side nimbly and saw how the place that he stood previously was now destroyed as if a landslide after being struck by Kalingundil’s wind strike! Silently Wiro Sableng praised his enemy. With who did Kalingundil trained for these last few months?

“Crazy kid, don’t just monkey around! Come down here to this marshland!” yelled Kalingundil. “Come down and embrace your end!”

“Any invitation, regardless of good or bad shan’t go unanswered, Kalingundil,” said Wiro Sableng. Like a garuda he jumped down valiantly.

With his opponent being mid-air, Kalingundil sent three right-handed strikes consecutively, with stunning power. The 212 Fighter weldomed the strikes with the “Wave-Crushing Hurricane Shield”!

Thus earth-shaking-heaven shattering punches that contain high level inner power collided and caused a loud boom. For a moment the 212 Fighter felt that his body that was flying in the air was held up by an invisible wall while down below Kalingundil’s feet was buried two feet deep into the ground!

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