Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 8-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 8-1

LINGGARJATI’s streets were already quite empty when he reached the place, as the night was already quite late and the cold wind was stinging his skin all the way to the bones. In a streetside stall, he stopped by to quench his dried throat and warm his freezing body with a glass of ginger ale. In this stall, he also inquired the residence of Duke Seta Boga.

It wasn’t hard to find the residence of the Duke. His house was the biggest and most beautiful building in Linggarjati. That night, the building was quiet and tranquil. Two guards were standing at the entrance and in the guest room they could see several men inside. Apparently, the Duke Seta Boga was in the middle of hosting some guests.

The man walked calmly in front of the two guards of the Duchy. He asked one of the guards, “Is this the house of Duke Seta Boga?”

“That’s right. Is anything the matter…?” The guard asked back.

“Ah… It’s nothing. I just want to ask…” replied the youngster. He scratched his long hair.

“Is the Duke here…?”

“He is, but he is currently receiving guest. May we know who you are? Why are you asking around…?”

“I’m just asking,” said the youngster. He once more scratched and without saying anything he carried on his walk.

“Damn brat…” cursed the guard, while the one being cursed just carried on his walk.

The other guard said, “Crazy brat…” both of them watched him until he vanished at the dim road turn.

Half an hour later, when the youngster returned, the guests of the Duke were no longer seen. The big lamp on the front porch was already replaced with the smaller lamp. Seeing the arrival of that youngster, who once again stopped in front of them, one of the guard barked at him.

“Crazy boy, why the hell are you coming back here again for?!”

“Leave now before I bash your head with my spear hilt!” yelled the other guard

The youngster grinned instead, “Listen friends” he said. Both of his hands were pointed forward. His index fingers and middle fingers were put out straight. “Do you see my hands…?” he asked.

“Damn crazy monkey! Walk or I smash your head!” barked the guard while pointing his spear at the youngster.

“Ah… Don’t be quick to jump into your rage. I’m not done talking yet!” cut the youngster, ignoring the threat from the guards, fingers still pointed at them. “Why don’t you try counting the fingers that I’m pointing with,” he said.

Of course both guards instead became even angrier seeing the antics and listening to the ranting of the youngster. Thus two spears were pierced swiftly towards the head of the youngster. But, even faster than the spears, both hands of the youngster were suddenly stabbing at the veins at the neck of the guards. Abruptly both of them turned stiff and mute.

The youngster laughed, the two guards were carried on his two shoulders and then he entered the yard of the Duchy. The guards that he carried were tossed into the horse stable at the back of the residence. Through the back door, he entered the Duchy building that was still unlocked at that time. A middle-aged lady who was working as housemaid and was washing the dishes that moment was startled when he saw the appearance of the long-haired strangers, even more when the youngster smiled at her.

“You… Who are you…?” she asked.

The youngster was still smiling at her. He waved his left hand. A gust of sharp wind snapped at the neck of the lady. She was about to shout, but at that moment her mouth had been muted, her tongue felt rigid while her body was no longer moveable due to the formidable long distance accublock. The youngster then put the lady into an empty room at the back of the building. At that time Duke Seta Boga was dumping his waste in the toilet. When he got back into the building, he felt utterly shocked, in fact how could he not!

On of the rocking chair, where he often relieved his fatigue, he now saw a long-haired, well-built looking young man sitting comfortably with his eyes closed whose identity he totally don’t know about!

“Is it man or demon who just entered my residence…?” he said to himself. And the youngster on the chair just kept on rocking his body with both eyes closed.

“Who the hell are you?!” snapped the Duke with a thundering sound that rumbled across the four sides of the room. But his shout didn’t affect the rocking of the chair. The youngster sitting on it was also still sitting with his eyes closed comfortably. Duke Seta Boga was incredibly furious, with big strides he approached the rocking chair and the person sitting on it. His right palm opened and right that second, his slapped flew fiercely towards the youngster!

Mere moments before the right hand landed on the cheek of the youngster, suddenly he opened his eyes, and the chair seemed to have a spring as its cushion that shot the youngster away so lightly, that he flew two spear distances away from the chair where he sat on! And as a result, Duke Seta Boga’s right hand slammed at the armrest of the rocking chair’s armrest. Its backrest was snapped to pieces, its wood destroyed in bits. It could be imagined how it would be if the slap had landed on the cheek of the youngster, as the slap was definitely powered by incredible inner power behind it!

“Ah… it was you, Seta Boga…,” said the youngster while rubbing his eyes. “I was sleeping comfortably and you just had to disturb me…!”

“You damn dog, how could you enter here? Do you think I won’t chop your head?!” Duke Seta Boga shouted furiously. He was enraged! He’d been the Duke for such a long time and only today he found someone referring him only as “Seta Boga”!

The youngster laughed and as if nothing happen he once more sat carefreely on another rocking chair, rocking it with his eyes closed.

“F***ing hell!” Seta Boga cursed. Once more his right leg moved and the rocking chair was blasted away in pieces. But the youngster, once again, right at that moment jumped and now standing on the corner of the room near a small table.

“Such a nice chair but kicked until it was destroyed. It seems you’ve gone crazy huh, Seta Boga?” asked the youngster while grinning widely.

Meanwhile, due to the loud ruckus in the main room, Seta Boga’s wife came out, wondering and surprised at the ongoing event.

“Dear, what’s the matter? Who is this man?!” asked the woman.

“Go, get the guards!” yelled Seta Boga to his wife. The woman then shouted to summon the guards, but none of them actually came! The two Duchy’s guards were already put to “sleep” in the stable by the youngster!

Seta Boga’s fury was no longer bearable when he saw the long-haired young man then took a special cigar that he own from his cigar box that was put on a small table in a corner, all the while lighting it up!

Seta Boga’s jaw gnashed in anger. His right fingers were clasped so tightly one against another. A moment later, the fingers turned scarlet, a color that spread all the way to his elbow.

“Damn lost dog! Regret your luck for today you’ll meet your end under my Fire Steel Fist!” that scorching right hand was thrusted forward. A fiery gust of wind galloped towards the youngster.

The youngster’s body flashed.




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