Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 7-1

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Hello readers,

I’m sorry for the lack of updates last week as there was a paid work for me last week. So, I’ll be adding the last week’s chaps to this week. This is the first chapter for this week and this one will be split into parts again due to its length. Enjoy!

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 7-1

The front yard of the Village Chief of Bojongnipah was thronged by villagers. The night was brightly illuminated with dozens of torches. It appeared that the villagers of Bojongnipah’s patience was wearing thin, their murderous intent was imminent to swing the weapon they brought along, unleashing their anger to the two cockroaches tied to the terrace pillar. They were none other than Tapak Luwing’s lackeys who were previously knocked out by the 212 Fighter. Both had regained their consciousness. Bound tightly to the pillar, they were also under the effect of Wiro Sableng’s accublocking.

Kratomlinggo stood next to Village Chief Kundrawana. Few spear distances in front of them, Wiro Sableng stood calmly. Kratomlinggo had just explained what he knew to the Village Chief and what happened at the riverbank near the bridge.

Village Chief Kundrawana’s eyes glanced Wiro Sableng and Tapak Luwing’s minions over and over again. That time, the Village Chief of Bojongnipah could no longer restrain himself and restrain his rage. For a moment he forgot that his son was still held captive by Tapak Luwing and he himself had not been successfully captured!

“My fellow villagers of Bojongnipah…,” said Kundrawana while moving forward few steps towards the crowd. “Now it’s time for me to reveal everything to you about the story behind this inconceivable tax collection! With shattered sorrowful heart, I had no choice but to swallow everything you threw at me, all the insults and humiliation! You accused me as a crook, which I did nothing but miserably accepted it. You branded me as an extortionist, as oppressor… anything, everything I accepted! However today, this very night please hear my confession, the truth behind this blasted tax collection incident. I used to say that the tax was levied by the order of the King! That it was intended to serve a greater purpose of country development and army maintenance. I hereby admit that it was all a manipulation, a big lie I made up for the sake of my family’s safety and also to keep you away from the evil deeds they are capable of doing, beyond anything you can imagine…”

Villagers of Bojongnipah looked at each other in doubt and confusion. Village Chief Kundrawana glanced at their faces for a while then resumed his speech.

“You have heard the information from Kratomlinggo. This is an incredibly wonderful information which had washed myself clean. But let me give you the complete story. The two men tied there are the members of the Black Trio of Comel River, a group of loathsome bandits led by Tapak Luwing who managed to escape in tonight’s battle aided by an unknown person. In truth, the three of them were not the Duchy’s soldiers because they actually disguised themselves as ones this morning! Last three weeks, one night they came and forced me to levy the tax ten times the current normal amount. It means I must charge the tax eleven times higher to you all. The ten times amount of tax must be sent to those bandits while one portion was submitted as usual to Linggajati, where the Duke then proceeded the tax to the Capital…

I tried to fight back. However, in addition to their high level martial arts, I could not do anything because they took my only son with them! They threatened to kill my son if I didn’t levy the tax from you! Now I have revealed everything to you. There is no way for me to resist unless I want to see my one only son’s death…!”

The front yard full of people was now as silent as a graveyard! The villagers were stunned and shocked. This was of course beyond their prediction. The villagers were infuriated with boiling rage. When one villager shouted: “Cut these bastards to pieces!” the others charged with weapons ready in their hands. At that time, 212 Fighter stepped forward and warned in thundering voice. The shout was purposely filled with inner power to reach out the heart of the enraged villagers blinded with bloodlust.

“Brothers, please don’t act recklessly! These morons will get what they deserve! But you must remember the fate of your Village Chief’s son! Let me speak for few minutes with one of these bandits…!”

If only the villagers had not been told by Kratomlinggo about the identity of the long-haired young man, surely they would not take heed on Wiro Sableng’s words, furthermore the young man’s inner power had secretly seeped to influence them!

Wiro approached Tapak Luwing’s minion who was tied to the right pillar.

“What’s your name, pal?” he asked.

The man stood silent. Only his eyes threw a hateful glance around, glaring with such intense thirst for revenge.

“Ehh…seems like the effect of getting slapped made you deaf and mute, huh!”

“Son of a b***h! No need to blab…the day of vengeance from my boss Tapak Luwing will fall upon you soon! All of you here will be thrown straight to hell!”

Wiro Sableng grinned.

“Before it happens, most probably you and your buddy are already beaten to a pulp by these villagers!” reply Wiro Sableng. “There’s no use to brag too much about your boss! He ran away from our battle with another moron!”

Tapak Luwing’s two minions were greatly shocked by this information. Indeed since they were unconscious there were no signs of their boss’ presence and they did not see him anywhere around.

Wiro continued his interrogation: “I assumed you are somehow affiliated with the Duke of Linggajati. Just tell me the truth…” Tapak Luwing’s minions said nothing.

“Say it!” shouted Wiro.

The bandit just spat out on the ground in his defiance. “Just cut his mouth!” suggested Kratomlinggo who was becoming impatient.

“You don’t want to confess anything?” asked 212 Fighter.

As a response, Tapak Luwing’s minion spat out once again to the ground!

Wiro laughed.

He grabbed a torch held by a nearby villager.

“Do you know what it feels when your skin is burned?” the warrior asking mischievously. “This face of yours will look more handsome whenstroked with this torch!”

Wiro Sableng then brought the burning torch infinitely closer to the man’s face. Tapak Luwing’s minion was unable to move his head because of Wiro’s accublocking technique. Screams of agony could be heard ceaselessly. The air now smelt the pungent stench of singed eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. The man’s face was scorched red, burned with the torch fire.

“Want some more?!” Wiro asking in muffled amusement.

“I swear, if I ever got free from this place, I will slaughter you and your descendants seven generations after you!” Tapak Luwing’s minion wrathfully cursed.

“Don’t talk nonsense. You will never escape from here. The only thing from you leaving this place is only your rotten soul! And by the way, I have yet sired a child…!” The young warrior guffawed merrily. Seeing this funny logic, many people were spontaneously amused.

“Come, tell us how you are related to the Duke of Linggajati!” demanded Wiro while bringing the torch even nearer to the man’s face.

“I have nothing to do with him…!” answered Tapak Luwing’s minion.

“Ah…is this just a lie or just some bulls**t?!”

“I swear, I told you the truth. It’s not a bulls**t!”

“Then why did you disguise yourself as the Duchy’s soldiers this morning?”

“That’s none of your business!”

“Is that so? Indeed, none of this is my business. But this torch has unfinished business with you!” And now the burning torch was branded on the man’s face. He screamed and shrieked. Wiro waited for few seconds. “Want to tell me now?” he asked.

“I will, I will…!” the man gave up in the end.

Wiro smiled and he put the torch away from the man’s face. “Okay, let’s talk. Spill out everything clearly so everybody here can listen!”

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