Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 6

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 6

That man standing on the edge of the river welcomed the attack with a wave of his left hand. With that wave, the two poisonous daggersflew out of his hand

Tapak Luwing was startled and let out a muffled cry, “Trouble seeking man, who the hell are you? He barked while silently giving signal to his men to get into position and surrounding him

The person answered instead, “Whatkind of ruckus is happening here!?”

“Darn monkey!” yelled one of Tapak Luwing’s men. “You dare speaking nonsense with the Duchy’s soldiers?”

“Oh… so you guys are the Duchy’s soldiers…” The man on the river edge snorted when he heard that, “As far as my knowledge, the soldiers are disciplined and dislike violence, not to mention killing people like you people did…!”

Meanwhile, the escaping Kratomlinggo that was about to run, when he heard of the commotion on his back slowly turned his head, followed by his body and finally he hid behind a tree. The things that he witnessed was totally unprecedented.

“We don’t need to hide our identity to this man-faced monkey like him” said Tapak Luwing.

“There you go… aboveboard is much better!” the man on the riverbank interjected. “Just tell me who you people are!”

“You better prostate before us begging for mercy before it’s too late!” said Tapak Luwing arrogantly

“Eh why so?”

As he thought that Kratomlinggo had escaped far away and was no longer around, Tapak Luwing blurted out the truth, “Clean your ears and listen well, the Black Trio from the Comel River would never let a death-seeking-busy-body like you to live!”

“Oooh… so you three are the Black Trio from the Comel River, the vicious, inhuman bandits? No wonder… no wonder you all are black and ugly as coal…”

“Bastard! Eat my saber!” howled Tapak Luwing’s lackeys on the right side. With a light movement he jumped from the horse’s back and his saber swiftly hacked towards the young man’s skull, who stood still, and even laughing while he was at it!

Suddenly, with an astonishing speed the young man jumped backwards. Tapak Luwing’s man’s attack only slashed at thin air, even staggering himself due to the speed and momentum of the slash. Before he managed to retain his balance, a kick struck his butt!

“Barbaric people! I’m still talking and you interrupted me just like that! Now feel the pain!”

Seeing his men being played at so badly until bruised and battered like that, Tapak Luwing and his other fellow bandit immediately jumped down from the horse.

“Tell me your name first, damn monkey!” barked Tapak Luwing, “Otherwise your life shall be lost worthlessly!”

“You think too much of yourself… If you want to know my name, come at me…”

With a bursting laugh Tapak Luwing lunged forward. His saber slashed furiously while his left hand struck like a sledgehammer towards the opponent’s spleen. This is the “Fury Wind Forest Devastator” which might was indeed can’t be taken lightly

“Ahh… I see you do have some pretty good things, eh?” his opponent mocked. He ducked down to dodge the slash and then jumped sideways to evade the opponent’s fist, and in a blink of an eye his free right hand stole a punch in between the opponent’s assault, striking towards Tapak Luwing’s forehead.

The Head of the Black Trio of the Comel River was indeed not someone with half-baked martial arts. Otherwise his title as the bandit head feared by many for years around the Comel River and the border area would be an empty title instead.

Nimbly, with an earth shattering shout, Tapak Luwing executed an incredible move. His body jumped a spear distance upwards and with it, his right leg furiously rushed towards the opponent’s face, while at the same time from the back, Tapak Luwing’s man hacked with their saber towards the young man’s back.

The one under attack instead whistled, “Ahh… it seems you guys are serious about taking my life… But I don’t think it’s time for me to go to the underworld yet!” The young man’s figure flashed, his knees bent, both arms swirled like a windmill and “Bam! Bam!”

Tapak Luwing’s man staggered backward, vomiting blood and fell down lifeless on the ground. Tapak Luwing himself wailed in pain when the opponent’s arm hit right at his shin! That moment, Tapak Luwing’s man that was kicked in the butt had got up and launched a fierce attack. But his fate was none the better, his opponent flashed and his blade was struck with his elbow. Not long after he fell just like his friend. Feeling the pain in his leg, as well as both his men being played that badly, Tapak Luwing truly felt that he was dreaming. Is this the time his group got their karma, kicking the steel bucket? For years he roamed and led the Black Trio of the Comel River, and only today he saw with his very own two eyes his men laid unconscious with a single attack each! He even had felt the fierceness of his opponent’s fist. His opponent was even still a young man and was totally stranger to him!

With bloodshot eyes, Tapak Luwing channeled his inner power to his right hand all the way to his saber, while his left hand was holding to three poisonous daggers. His legs were opened wide, waist leaning slightly to the front. His dagger-wielding hands was raised, slightly moved back, while his saber-wielding right hand was holding the weapon straight forward.

“Do you recognize this stance, damn brat?!”

“Ah… Its just the –flower spreading fruit stabbing stance – even a wrinkled old hag would recognize that!” the youngster mocked.

Amongst his rage of being mocked that badly, Tapak Luwing was startled that his opponent could guess the technique that he was about to use!

Covering his surprise, Tapak Luwing sneered, “So you do know this technique, wonderful! But you should also know that this will be the technique harbinger of your demise! You better tell me your name right now before you die a nameless death!”

“Get over it old man… Don’t blab too much! Proof the ferocity of that technique that you rely on!”

Tapak Luwing coldly chuckled. His body bent down even deeper. With a nearly invisible blur he moved his left hand, suddenly unleashing the three daggers that he held, quickly launching in a swift towards the youngster. The first one went to his neck, the second one whistling to his chest and the last one darted to his lower abdomen!Not only the flying daggers were formidable, despite being thrown with the weaker left hand, but the targets of those attacks were also fatal positions of one’s body.

The second those poisonous daggers flew forward, at the same time Tapak Luwing lunged and wielded his saber swiftly. The bursting saber wind added the speed of the three daggers even faster. That was the essence behind the “spreading flower stabbing the fruit” technique, the flying daggers were assaulting the enemy in continuous waves!

“Ahh… your technique isn’t bad!” said the youngster. “But you gotta first try my palm!”

The youngster sent a palm strike forward, a ferocious gust of wind blew on Tapak Luwing and sent the three daggers backward, two of them instead attacking towards him. Tapak Luwing shouted in surprise and was forced to slash his saber to parry the daggers.

“Dang… Dang!”

The two daggers were hacked away, broken in two. The dagger parrying moves had created opening in Tapak Luwing’s defense, rendering him powerless. When he managed to balance his stance, his opponent’s right palm was already inches away from his head. The Head of the Black Trio of the Comel River used his saber to hack at his opponent’s arm but he was not fast enough, as the youngster’s left arm was faster and managed to slipped past his defense and hit his elbow joint.



Tapak Luwing grunted and staggered back. His arm was broken, hanging limply.

His forehead was also hit by the opponent’s palm and was in incredible pain, with incredible heat felt under his skin. His forehead was now marked with a distinct numbers 212! Tapak Luwing tried to channel his inner power and his bloodflow to resist the pain, but his power seemed to be sapped away. Cold sweat soaked his body. His forehead felt burning, painful and his vision began to blur, his knees weak!

“Bastard…” Tapak Luwing hissed.

“Eee… you can still curse at people?”

“Though you got me beat today, don’t you think that you’ve seen the last of me, brat! One day I’ll come find you and take your neck!”

Tapak Luwing retrieved three more flying daggers with his left hand. The weapons then swiftly thrown towards the youngster and immediately after he turned around and attempted his escape. The youngster dodged to the side. Two of the daggers went through his sides, while the third one was parried away with a wave of his left hand! Afterwards he sent two of his fingers in an accublock wave attackwhile shouting, “Why the rush? I haven’t done talking with you!”

Of course at that time Tapak Luwing’s body had already become as stiff as a log, unable to move even a finger! The youngster laughed and turned his body facing a big tree on the riverbank.

“Brother hiding behind the tree, come out. I wish to talk to you as well!”

Kratomlinggo, who was hiding behind the tree was utterly shocked. But as he knew that the youngster was not someone from the black faction martial artist, he unhesitatingly walked out. Furthermore, the statement from Tapak Luwing telling them that he and his lackeys were the Three Black Trio of the Comel River made him felt like he needed to investigate this issue a bit more.

“Brother, what in the world happened here back then with you and these people…?”

“It’s a rather long story brother… but may I know your name first…?”

“I’m Wiro…” said the youngster.

“My name is Kratomlinggo. I and my poor friends all hailed from the Bojongnipah Village. We were on our way to the Capital…”

And Kratomlinggo conveyed the whole story to, starting from the unreasonable tax collected by Chief Kundrawana up to the death of his four friends.

Wiro, or we know him as WiroSableng a.k.a. the 212 Fighter shook his head. “I’ve heard the notorious name of their Evil Bandit group since long ago. This one, if I remember correctly should be named Tapak Luwing. No wonder they haven’t been spotted near the Comel River for quite some time now. They were causing trouble here instead…”

“And these villains were definitely in cohort, or perhaps became the lackeys of Chief Kundrawana…”

“Possible…” said the 212 Fighter. “But it is possible as well that they were the whole cause of the problem, blackmailing the Village Chief!”

Kratomlinggo nodded in agreement.

“To make it clear, let’s interrogate this guy,” continued WiroSableng. He stepped closer to Tapak Luwingrelease he accublock on the Black Trio’s Head. But as he started his step, suddenly a figure flashed by from the dark. That figure grabbed on the waist of Tapak Luwing and took him away!

Kratomlinggo was shocked, while the Deadly fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter shouted, “Damn thief! Stop!”

In reply, a loud hearty laughter from the person who tookTapak Luwing away was heard. “WiroSableng, crazy brat! Don’t you think you’re the only strong and mighty person in this world! I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow afternoon in Rawasumpang! I hope you have enough balls in you to go and receive your death invitation! Hahahahaha!

“Dammit! Who the hell are you! Stop right there!”

“Tomorrow afternoon, Wiro!”

Angered, the 212 Fighter unleashed the “monkey throwing fruit” fist technique to he unknown man! An unprecedented, furious wind assaulted the stranger. At that time he saw a flash of azure light, and the wind blow from WiroSableng was blocked as if it hit at a steel wall! This startled the 212 Fighter. That strike that he unleashed contained at least one-third of his inner power! But the unknown strange managed to bring down the strike! WiroSableng strongly suspected that the person who took away Tapak Luwing was his master, or at least his senior martial brother. Or it was also possible that he was a sage from the black faction martial artist that was in friendly terms with Tapak Luwing.

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