Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 10-4

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 10-4

“Fire Dragon Hatchet!” Sage Sitaraga exclaimed when he saw the weapon in Wiro Sableng’s hand. Not even his sentence finished, a bloodcurdling shriek that reached the heaven came forth.

One body was slammed on the ground, bathing in its own blood, its head split in half! The first victim of the 212 Fire Dragon Hatchet was Tapak Luwing!

“Surround him tightly!” shouted Tapak Gadjah. He jumped high in the air. Both of his feet kicked in succession. Two other weapons also rushed forth towards Wiro Sableng.

“White Lotus School Head!” said the 212 Fighter. “We have neither grudge nor enmity between us. Please retreat and stand back!”

“Don’t speak bullshit, crazy brat! Eight of my disciples souls demanded for your cursed life!” Wirasokananta quicken his kris’ thrusts. Thus the golden kris, Azure Demon Sword and the 212 Fire Dragon Hatchet clashed with a ferocious loud sound.

Wirasokananta shouted in surprise. His hands trembled immensely and felt bitterly heated. His enchanted kris was thrown away. The Head of the White Lotus School hastened to jumped backward, away from the battle. Kalingundil was also badly startled by this collision. The sharp edge of his broken sword was blunted, while his hands turned stiff from the shock. Were it not because of Sitaraga’s mirror attacking the opponent’s flank, the deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 would definitely have made a hole in his stomach. Kalingundil was bathed in cold sweat!

The 212 Fighter’s whistling was then alternated with chuckling sounds. His body moved so fast that it was now only a blur. The Fire Dragon Hatchet kept on spinning, causing buzzing sound in the hunt for its prey, causing  all four of his opponents now became incomparably frantic. Feeling that they were now getting pressed back against the wall, Tapak Gadjah quickly reached to his pocket. Without any warning, the martial arts expert suddenly unleashed hundreds of hidden weapons in the form of black needles to Wiro Sableng. However, the wind shield made from the spinning of the 212 Fire Dragon Hatchet deflected every single one of the needles, and instead it was Tapak Gadjah and co that panicked as they have to dodge the deflected black needles, that were then flying towards them in “counter attack”!

“Hehehe…” the 212 Fighter laughed. “Wirasokananta, I will warn you for the final time. Stand down or die in vain!”

The White Lotus School Head began to waver. He thought inwardly, “Has there ever been any opponent of this level that would even mind warning me twice?”

“Wirasokananta, don’t be stupid!” yelled Kalingundil. “This man had killed eight of your disciples, are you just going to le… akh!!!”

Kalingundil’s sentence didn’t even manage to reach its end. One of the blade of the hatchet in Wiro Sableng’s hand hacked away his left arm. Both the hand and the broken sword flew into the crater. Blood gushing out from the wound, while the man staggered back in pain. Finally he lost all power from his body and fell lying down gasping for breath, albeit still living!

Tapak Gadjah and Sage Sitaraga were stunned in silence, but at the next moment they woke up and once more attacked ferociously. This assault was met with whistling sunds and mocking chuckles from Wiro Sableng. “Both of you are martial arts experts from the Dark side! People like you only deserve to be worm baits for the big fishes in hell!”

The 212 Fighter spun his hatchet.

“Break for me!”

The mirror in Sitaraga’s hand was shattered in pieces. The Sage let out a muffled exclamation and disbelievingly looked at his destroyed weapon.

“Sage, watch out!” shouted Tapak Gadjah… but it was too late!

The advance of the Deadly 212 Fire Dragon Hatchet could no longer be stopped.


And Sage Sitaraga’s neck was beheaded. Blood gushed out like fountain into the air. The cut head rolled like a ball into the crater of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain!

Watching the demise of his good friend, the midget Tapak Gadjah’s guts had shrunken to a tiny mushroom. Without any further ado he immediately turned his body to escape.

“Oi… little man… where are you going?” shouted Wiro Sableng. “Stop!”

But how could Tapak Gadjah be willing to halt his steps? The man instead hastened his movement and run with his tail between his legs. Wiro grinned mischievously, his right hand moved and pressed the part near the hilt of his hatchet that was shaped like a dragon head. And thus 212 white poisonous needles were blasted forth towards Tapak gadjah. Tapak Gadjah tried to dodge to the side but he was not quick enough. Almost all of the white needles pierced through his body. Tapak Gadjah roared in pain, reaching all the way to the the sky! Once the poison from the needles seeped to his heart, his body trembled and he abruptly fell to the ground, unmoving! Wirasokananta’s jaws dropped when he saw how formidable the young martial artist was, but silently his hairs stood on end in fear! When he turned his view to the young fighter, he saw Wiro Sableng stood there while scratching his long-haired head! Wiro took a deep breath and then turned his body, looking at Wirasokananta. “White Lotus School Head” he said, “the reality that we didn’t see with our own eyes is hard to believe. As well what had happened at your School. It had nothing to do with me! I am fully certain that this dirty human is the source of all the poison!”

Wiro approached the gasping Kalingundil. From his pocket he took out a pill. He smiled mischievously and played around with the medicine. Do you still want to live, Kalingundil?” he asked. Kalingundil responded with silence.

“This pill can heal your wound and dispel the poision of the Fire Dragon Hatchet that is currently running in your vein. I’ll give it to you if you admit and explain that it was you who killed the eight disciples of the White Lotus School…”

Kalingundil kept his silence.

“You dont wish to live…?”

Kalingundil gazed with deary looking eyes at the pill in Wiro’s hand. In every human’s soul at the edge of death, there is always a hope to continue living. The same thing as well with Kalingundil.

“First put it into my mouth” he said.

Wiro inserted the pill into Kalingundil’s mouth and he immediately swallowed it.

“Now spit out the truth!”

Kalingundil started recounting whatever deeds he had done to the White Lotus School. Once Wirasokananta heard the story, he could no longer hold back the overflowing anger in him. Without any warning, he kicked Kalingundil with his right foot. He was kicked so hard and mercilessly that Kalingundil’s body flew several spear distances into the air and unfortunately his body was thrown directly into the blazing crater. The desperate screams of the man was still lingering when his body flew down before it was burnt to crisp in the sulphuric crater!

Once more the 212 Fighter inhaled a deep breath and turned towards Wirasokananta. A big smile was plastered in the lips of the young man. The White Lotus School Head also smiled back in response.

“Young man, are you really Sinto Gendeng’s disciple?”

“Ah… whoever disciple I am is not a big matter, White Lotus School Head” replied the 212 Fighter. “People branded me as crazy youngster, insane, abnormal, moronic… I guess one day that craziness would be necessary. Only crazy people like us that will have the power to kill wicked men and crush evil. Do you think any sane human would want to kill his own kind…? a fellow human?”

Wirasokananta laughed in relieve, “You do make sense, young man!” he said.

Wiro looked at the sky. “Ah… the sun is high. There are a lot of new things that await us in our journey. White Lotus School Head, our meeting shall end here. I am glad to make your acquaintance. Hope we can meet again…”

“212 Fighter, please wait…!” shouted Wirasokananta. But it was in vain. The martial artist had flashed and disappeared at that very moment! Wirasokananta shook his old head, “Such a great young man… his attitude was truly insane but his heart was truly pure. His martial arts… ah, this old bones may never be able to reach the height of his own arts. I haven’t even said my thank you, and he was gone like that…”

Wirasokananta looked at the bottom of the crater, before following Wiro Sableng’s action and leave that place.

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