Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 10-3

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 10-3

Tapak Luwing! If you are confident with your skills, then take back these knives of yours!” yelled Wiro from the tree top.

Right after he spoke, a strong gust of wind blew down. The three flying daggers flew back, attacking its owner!

Two of them managed to be dodged by Tapak Luwing, but the third one very swiftly swished towards his skull.

“Watch out!” exclaimed Sage Sitaraga. Once he waved his hand, the dagger was parried and Tapak Luwing, who was sweating profusely in silence, was averted from the touch of death!

Wiro Sableng now laughed uproariously, “You are way too low level to come and take part in this Tapak Luwing! You might as well wash your feet and go to bed instead!”

At that moment, Wirasokananta could no longer hold his patience. He smashed the pine tree with his right hand.


The tree was downed.

Wiro jumped sideways and down in a light movement, as if he was floating. While floating down he even managed to say, “I only had one challenger, how come it is now five? I didn’t know you can give birth by yourself, Kalingundil?”. And then towards the three famous martial artists Wiro said, “And you old codgeys still want to put your hand in worldly affairs with such dense killing intent! Do you not feel ashamed that you were tricked and used by that cripple?”

“Cut your crap insane brat! Your death is coming real soon!” barked Tapak Gadjah. He moved forward and sent his right foot kick before the 212 Fighter even managed to step on the ground!

His kicking wind was incomparably strong, making dust flying like a tornado. To get a good grasp of how strong his opponent’s inner power was, Wiro intentionally didn’t dodge, but instead contended the attack with his own “Monkey Throwing Fruit” punch. When the two attacking winds clashed, Tapak Gadjah was shocked! Both his feet were suppressed that he actually was burrowed three inches into the ground, while his kick wind that could easily destroy a rock was dispersed! Apparently the inner power of this 212 Fighter not a bit beneath him!

With two somersaults in the air, Wiro was standing on the ground on the third spin. The five men before him immediately had him surrounded.

“Aren’t you old bastards feeling ashamed for ganging up on me like this?!” the 212 Fighter could still ask them a question with a smile on his lips.

“A sick dog like you is very well deserving to be slaughtered together!” Wirasokananta shouted.

“Ah… old man… It seems you still don’t realize that you’ve been tricked! I swear in the name of truth that I have never ever visited your School. Whatever matters happened there, I have no idea at all. It was all baseless slander. Someone else was behind it. I believe that the culprit is none other than this cripple! Wiro pointed at Kalingundil.

“Hahaha… You are not in a place where you can just wash you hand clean, you crazy man!” barked Kalingundil while twisting and turning the broken sword in his left hand. “Don’t try to put someone else as your black sheep! Don’t you dare to do but dare not to take responsibility!”

“I’m indeed not trying to make you my black sheep, you stumped-hand man. But why don’t you try to take a look in Sage Sitaraga’s mirror. You’ll see that you indeed look just like a sheep!”

Kalingundil’s face flushed red.

Wiro chuckled in amusement.

Sage Sitara, feeling insulted, abruptly moved forward, “Friends, let’s not speak bull with this insane bastard! Let’s just cut him to pieces!” Right after, Sitaraga moved his hands. A burning, blinding white light flashed to Wiro Sableng’s face. Once that strike hit his eyes, Wiro Sableng abruptly felt the world had turned dark.

“Curses!” said Wiro inwardly. He channeled his inner power to his head and quickly jumped to one of the pine trees to take cover from his opponents’ attacks.

Tapak Gadjah didn’t just looked with folded hand. His kick twirled, attacking all around. The pine trees were smashed although at that moment Wiro had dodged and moved elsewhere. With his eyes still closed he spun his hands in the air, and thus the “Wave-Crushing Hurricane Shield” had been unleashed. Although this technique only utilized a part of his inner power, as most of it had been channeled to his head, its might was still enough to cause his five attackers to dodge sideways. Once he managed to open back his eyes, his view had returned to normal.

Sage Sitaraga was surprised to see that his opponent’s eyes were no longer blinded by the flashing lights of his mirror. On the other hand, Wiro considered that the most dangerous weapon in the hands of his opponents’ was the mirror in Sitaraga’s hand. Thus he decided to first destroy the weapon.

However, with five opponents circling him with airtight defense, it was truly not easy for Wiro Sableng to do what he wanted to. The five opponents’ attacks came in waves. Every time he tried to destroy the weapon in Sitaraga’s hand, Kalingundil’s sword or Tapak Luwing’s saber, or even Tapak Gadjah’s kick would also came forth in attack towards him, sometimes even all at the same time! With his swift footwork, while counter-attacking with his bare hands, the 212 Fighter could only held on until the twelfth pass. For the next passes, he was badly suppressed, with the square saber continuously hacking at his chest and abdomen, the azure light of the Demon Sword in Kalingundil’s hand that attacked unceasingly to every parts of his body, and Wirasokananta’s golden kris that sent along deadly thrusts like rain. And amidst all those attacks, Tapak Gadjah’s kicks was incomparably deadly and the one with the most threat, the mirror in Sitaraga’s hands, repeatedly flashed to his face. It was his good luck that he still managed to dodge all those!

After the fifteenth pass, the disciple of Grany Sinto Gendeng was cornered to the edge of the crater. The mirror light flashed to his face. At the same time Tapak Gadjah’s kick assaulted his crotch. From above, the Azure Demon Sword hacked, the golden kris was stabbing to his chest and Tapak Luwing’s huge saber slashed towards his abdomen!

“Die, crazy brat!” yelled Kalingundil.

“Don’t forget to send my regards to the demons in hell!” said Wirasokananta.


The tip of the Azure Demon Sword slashed accross his chest, ripping at the clothes of the 212 Fighter!

“Damn!” cursed Wiro Sableng.

“Curse all you want, you Little Imp! Devils from Hell indeed like humans like you that curse a lot!” mocked Kalingundil.

Wiro Sableng gritted his teeth. Both of his cheeks swelled with air. A split second later, a thundering roar was blown, so incredibly loud that it echoed all the way to the bottom of the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain crater! The 212 Fighter’s body abruptly vanished! A moment later suddenly a shrieking whistling noise was heard. Among the shrieking, a sound like hundreds of bees rushing in was heard, buzzing, hurting the eardrums of the enemies! A gushing white light rushed forth, pushing back the five attackers.

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