Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 10-2

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 10-2

“All of my disciples perished in the hand of that cursed human! Two of them were even raped!” replied Wirasokananta. His voice was trembling with rage. He then recounted the event that befallen his School and disciples.

Up on the pine tree, the 212 Fighter Wiro Sableng opened his ears and eyes wide unblinkingly. The recount of Wirasokananta of course shocked him to the bone.

Ever since he came down the Gede Mountain he never even heard of the White Lotus School’s name, and this is even the first time he came face-to-face with Wirasokananta. And on this very same day, the Head of that School recounted that he – Wiro Sableng – had massacred the disciples of the White Lotus School! This is a totally wrongful accusation! If this were not a mistake then this is definitely a vicious slander! And even if this is slander, what would make Wirasokananta so certain that the 212 Fighter was the one that destroyed his School?

Your fate and mine weren’t that much different, White Lotus Head” Tapak Gadjah answered. “My disciple Suranyali also fell to that damn crazy man!”

Only now Wiro Sableng realized that apparently Tapak Gadjah was the master of Suranyali or Mahesa Birawa!

“But you only have one disciple dead on his hand, while I lost all of them” replied Wirasokananta

“It’s not about number, White Lotus Head. The thing that matters for me is to have that damn insane man erased from the face of this earth!”

Wirasokananta nodded.

Tapak Gadjah was about to open his mouth again, but he instead spotted from the corner of his eyes, a figure flashing and in a blink he was already right in front of them.

“And who the hell is coming now…?” Wiro Sableng thought inwardly.

A moment later he heard Tapak Gadjah’s voice while he was bowing in greetings, “It’s such an unexpected encounter. The martial arts figure from the Halimun Mountain could even come to this desolate place…?”

The person coming laughed uproariously. He was dressed in white garment, his long hair was tied up like a girl, his beard flowed down to his stomach. The hair and beard already turned white and was gently swaying, blown by the wind.

“And what the hell are you doing hanging out in this place…?” the white beard asked him back instead, while glancing to Wirasokananta.

Tapak Gadjah firstly introduced the white beard to Wirasokananta. Apparently the white beard was Sage Sitaraga, the mighty sage from the Halimun Mountain.

After listening to the stories from Tapak Gadjah, who also recounted about Wirasokananta, Sitaraga took a deep breath and said, “it is really unexpected for us three to come here for the same objective! I knew Mahesa Birawa really well. I promised to help his fight to destroy Pajajaran since I did have a deep enmity with that Kingdom! But instead Mahesa went ahead! I found out about this from one of his men that came to my place. Apparently before the battle was ensued, Mahesa sent a messenger to me, but he was caught by Pajajaran’s sentry!”

Silence fallen in the air. From above the pine tree Wiro Sableng was hiding unmoving. With all these three people coming, and from their stories Wiro could guess that something was not right. And this whole thing was instead smeared on his face. The person causing all this was easy to guess, that it was Kalingundil! But where on earth was Kalingundil himself? Convinced that those three wouldn’t just be the only peole coming, Wiro decided to wait a bit more, and indeed he guessed right. After the time to drink a pot of tea passed, from westward he saw two figures running swiftly as wind! One of them was crippled with a stumped hand and was immediately recognized by Wiro Sableng as Kalingundil, but he could only vaguely remember the other one. But seeing the numbers 212 on his forehead, Wiro was reminded that this man was Tapak Luwing, the head of the Black Trio of Comel River that fought him the other day, but was brought to an escape by Kalingundil!

Once they arrived before Tapak Gadjah , Wirasokananta and Sage Sitaraga, the both of them bowed deeply. Kalingundil looked around, “Please excuse us for being late”. He looked around once more. He saw that the people he invited were already complete and said, “That insane martial artist still hasn’t showed up!”

Tapak Luwing coughed once, “I have a feeling that he won’t have the balls to come deliver his own life here!”

“If he dared to challenge, he must have enough guts to come”

“Let’s wait then…” Sage Sitaraga decided.

“And even if that bastard at the end forfeited, I’ll find him even to the gates of hell!” exclaimed the White Lotus School Head

Kalingundil was ecstatic to hear what Wirasokananta said. It was evident how deep the vengeance that this old man had with Wiro Sableng.

Meanwhile on the top of the pine tree, the 212 Fighter Wiro Sableng paid careful attention to the happenings below him. By now, there was no more any doubt that all of this, even that the three famous main figures in the martial arts world gathering here, were all Kalingundil’s machinations. He would have to face five people! He already could guess the height of Kalingundil and Tapak Luwing’s martial prowess, but what about the other three? Would he be able to face all five of them at once? The 212 Fighter silently took a deep breath. He looked upwards to the sky, and he saw that the sun had reached its highest peak. Should he showed himself or should he wait for the best timing?

At that moment he heard Tapak Gadjah said, “I’m still unconvinced that the snot little brat is really Sinto Gendeng’s disciple. That old wrinkled granny had walked out of the martial arts world since God knows when! Did she really accept any disciple?”

Wiro Sableng’s heart turned fiery when he heard his teacher being insulted as such. Undoubtedly, urged by the instinct of protecting the reputation of his teacher, a whistle whizzed out of his lips.

The five men under the trees were surprised and immediately looked upwards.

“Damn it! That crazy brat had been staying there for a long time!” cursed Kalingundil

“Crazy brat! Come down here and embrace your end!” barked Wirasokananta

The 212 Fighter laughed in chuckles, “White Lotus School Head, I really pity you! Don’t you know that you have been tricked by that crippled-hand man!”

Kalingundil hurriedly barked back, “It seems that’s the place you chose for your grave, huh Wiro Sableng? That tree is indeed tall enough to hasten your stinky soul flying to hell!”

Wiro just laughed back at him.

“I’ll make him come down here!” said Tapak Luwing. His right hand moved, three poisonous flying daggers whooshed to the top of the pine tree where the 212 Fighter was sitting on!

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