Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 10-1

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Wiro Sableng Book 3 Chapter 10-1

The peak of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, the thirteenth day of the twelfth month…

The northern wind blew hardly, outblowing the western wind that was only breezing lightly with some humidity. The peak of the Tangkuban Perahu Montain was enveloped with eternal tranquility, but it appeared that today that very eternal tranquility shall be wiped away by the arrival of the Mighty Martial Artist seeking their redemption, shall be blasted away by the waves of blood vengeance of the Sages! The wide volcanic crater unceasingly fumed sulphuric smelling thin smoke.

Few tens of feet from the edge of the crater, lush wide-leaves pine trees grew in lines, towering tall, straight all the way piercing to the heaven! At that time, the morning sun had risen right at the middle of its highest point and the rising horizon.

The northern wind blew even harder, the pine leaves danced in the air, waving to the traveler despite unable to leave its stem. And among the whispering sounds of rubbing leaves of the pine trees, a whistle that reverberated in the entire Mount Tangkuban Perahu was heard. That whistling voice seemed to want to contend against the sulphuric crater and slammed against the sulphur fog rising up to the surface of the crater. The whistling was random, not singing any particular tune or song, the tune was erratic. But within that randomness and erraticness, when paid attention to, it actually was playing a weird song with a magical tune! The whistling was capable to take its listener floating away in a world of illusion. But in that morning nearing its noon, on the peak of the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, not a single person was present but the one playing that particular tune. And who might that person be?

That the whistling came from the top of the tallest pine tree was a definite sign that the person was also there, and he was none other than Wiro Sableng, the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Fighter! The reason for him being in the peak of the mountain was none other related to the challenge of his old nemesis Kalingundil. But the young martial artist until then was still unaware that the people he would meet on the peak of the mountain would not just be Kalingundil alone, but also some more figures of the martial arts world that were as famous as they were mighty!

Wiro kept on whistling while glancing around the mountaintop once in a while. The area was calm and serene. Everything was tranquil and utter silence was in the air. After enough time passed to drink two pots of tea, the well trained, sharp ears of the 212 Fighter faintly heard something. Immediately the youngster stopped his whistling. He turned his head to the east of the peak, to where the noise originated from. Nothing could be seen, but the noise got increasingly loud. A few moments later, from beyond the hard soil of the eastern side of the crater a head of a person came out, followed by his chest and body. This figure apparently was not Kalingundil, as his hand was not stumped!

“I waited for one, but another came instead!” hissed Wiro Sableng inwardly. Both of his eyes kept on looking without blinking to this newcomer. His age was already late, Wiro measured that he should be at least fifty years old. However, although he was old, his body was sturdy and muscular as rock. On his waist could be seen a golden kris was slipped on. From his light and calm movements, Wiro could see that this old man was definitely someone that had mastered a high level martial arts.

“He is most likely someone who resides around this peak of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, or perhaps it is just a coincidence that he came here on the day that I am finishing my business with Kalingundil…” the 212 Fighter thought to himself. Meanwhile, the unknown old man stood at the edge of the crater, looking downward and then turned his body, gazing upon the whole surface of the mountain with his pair of small but sharp eyes. Afterwards the old man finally gave up and moved to the lines of pine trees and sat there relieving his fatigue. Wiro understood that the old man came there to look for someone and when that person was not seen, he decided to wait. As he felt that he had no business with the old man, Wiro stayed where he was, on top of the tallest pine tree.

The sun moved towards its highest spot. Wiro kept on paying attention to the old man, but he suddenly turned his head southward. He saw a figure flashed by! The entrance of this man could be said to be totally stealthy and undetected, even by Wiro Sableng’s ears! It was evident that his movement art and light body art was incredibly formidable. The interesting thing for the 212 Fighter was that this man apparently was still not the man that he waited for, Kalingundil!

This man was rather midget, with his head shaven clean and flashing under the sunlight. Both of his sole were not just really wide, but also as thick as an elephant’s. Suddenly the 212 Fighter recalled of a recount from his master Granny Sinto Gendeng. According to his master, on the peak of the Lawu Mountain resided a pinnacle figure of martial arts named Tapak Gadjah. Tapak Gadjah’s might came from his pair of feet that were shaped like elephant’s. Not to mention human, even a big rock would be shattered to pieces upon kicked by him! And indeed Wiro saw himself how the mountain’s soil that was stomped by the feet of that man was left with an inch-deep foot prints!

“It’s very probable that man is Tapak Gadjah himself…” thought Wiro Sableng inwardly. “But why on earth did he come all the way to this place…?”

While he was pondering inside, Wiro Sableng was surprised to see the reaction of the old man sitting under the pine trees, as he abruptly jumped up and stood in response to the midget’s arrival! The two old men looked upon each other, calculating the other side. In a jump the midget was already two spear distances away from the old man with the golden kris! Once again both of them stood vigilantly, paying attention to the other side’s movement and judging their skills. Suddenly the midget barked out ferociously.

“So you’ve come early, huh… Wiro Sableng, you insane martial artist!? It seems that you indeed want to die real quickly huh!” The overflowing anger caused Tapak Gadjah forgot about Kalingundil’s information that Wiro Sableng was a youngster! Not only the old man surprised and wondered, even the 212 Fighter hiding on top of the pine tree frowned in confusion when he heard the loud shout of that midget!

Before the old man managed to answer, the midget already asked in a fiery tone, “What kind of death do you want, 212 Fighter! This Tapak Gadjah will grant you that generously!”

“If I am indeed in the presence of Tapak Gadjah, the famous martial artist from Lawu Mountain right now…” said the old man in response, “then your guess can’t be more mistaken!”

Tapak Gadjah glared back at him, “what the hell do you mean mistaken?” and suddenly Tapak Gadjah was reminded of Kalingundil’s information. He then questioned, “Are you not Wiro Sableng, that insane retard with the 212 Fighter nickname…?”

The old man shook his head, “I am Wirasokananta, the Head of the White Lotus School on Siharuharu Hill…”

“Ah… I didn’t expect to meet such a famous martial arts figure from afar” said Tapak Gadjah in a friendly tone. Recalling that Wirasokananta was a martial arts figure coming from White Sects while he himself was someone coming from the Dark Sects, Tapak Gadjah asked him, “I wonder what brought the Head of the White Lotus School up to this remote place…”

“It’s a long story, Tapak Gadjah” replied the old man with the Golden kris. “But to make it short, I come to find and to fulfill the invitation of that wicked man named Wiro Sableng, who dares call himself the 212 Fighter!”

“Ah… ah… ah…! Then we both come here for the same purpose. And that surely would be to end the pathetic life of that accursed man, right?”

Although he wondered how Tapak Gadjah could guess about it, Wirasokananta nodded his head,

“We may have the same objective, but the background would surely be different. If I may ask, what could cause the Head of the White Lotus School to come personally instead of sending the disciples of the school?”

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