Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 8

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Sorry for the irregular release time. Really is crazy in RL work. We’ll try to keep the 5 per week, but otherwise we’ll keep it on hold to the following.

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Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 8

The man walked through the aisle of the rear section of the palace with his head bowed. Occasionally he went pass the patrolling guards. The palace guards did not inspect or halt this man because everyone knew he was Udayana, the aide of Prabu Kamandaka. All the household affairs of the King were managed by him. At the huge gate of the rear palace, the man stopped for a moment and crossed the small courtyard then entered the door of a beautiful little building. It was here that two palace guards stopped him with their spears crossed.

“I wish to have an audience with Raden Werku Alit,” said Udayana.

“What’s the need?” one of the guards asked.

“He already knows.”

“Please wait here,” the guard entered while the other one remained in his place. Soon the guard returned.

“You’re permitted an audience,” he said. Udayana nodded and entered the building. In a spacious room, Werku Alit welcomed him. He tapped on Udayana’s shoulder.

“How was it? Is there any progress…?” Werku Alit was tall and lean and had a Fu Manchu moustache (long dangling mustache, grown in a style similar to the emperors of China! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fu_Manchu_moustache )

“No new progress so far, Raden…however, there is actually one. I thought perhaps it would be best to tell directly to Raden…”

“Good, tell me Udayana…”

“Tomorrow afternoon Rara Murni, younger sister of Kamandaka, is going to Kalijaga to visit her grandmother’s sister. She is going there by coach escorted with just a few guards…”

“Hmm…” Werku Alit mumbled and twisted his Fu Manchu moustache.

“I couldn’t see any use of your report for my plan. But wait a minute, let me think further…” The hand that had been stroking the moustache now massaged the forehead. And that hand suddenly tapped Udayana’s shoulder that the man was surprised.

“I have seen the potential of your report, Udayana. Have one of our spies contact Kalasrenggi. Tell him I’ll talk to him privately in the old hut outside the kingdom’s outer walls.” Udayana bowed.

“Raden’s order will be carried out,” he said and quickly left the room.
* * *

The entire army of Pajajaran Kingdom was divided into five divisions and each division was organized into two units, led by a major ranked military officer, Kalasrenggi was one of the captains of Pajajaran Kingdom army. As a major, it was a certainty that he had a formidable martial arts and reliable battle experience. Indeed, people have been claiming that among the five majors of the Pajajaran army, Kalasrenggi was the one with the mightiest martial skills. It was unfortunate that this captain had been swayed over to the rotten plot of Werku Alit and Mahesa Birawa. He had been tempted and manipulated to take part in the rebellion and to overthrow the reign of Prabu Kamandaka! This afternoon, a messenger of Raden Werku Alit had secretly met him and relayed the message that Werku Alit needed to talk to him in private in the old hut outside the kingdom’s walls. At night, Kalasrenggi went alone to the rendezvous point. He arrived in that old hut, which should not be called a hut at all since the old deserted structure had no walls and the roof was already partially wrecked with age. The hut, or more precisely the ramshackle shelter, was silent. Not a single soul was seen there. Kalasrenggi surely thought Raden Werku Alit had not arrived there yet, thus he waited. He lit a cigarette, then looked up to the sky. It looked gloomy. The stars were gradually covered with clouds. The moon disappeared and the wind blew stronger and colder. He was growing impatient. The cigarette he smoked was almost burned out. At the same time when he was throwing the cigarette butt to the ground, three figures appeared at the turn of the path. Two of them stopped while one figure came closer to the shelter.

“Have you been waiting long…?” the arriving figure asked, who was none other than Werku Alit.

“Been awhile,” Kalasrenggi replied.

“Raden need to talk to me?” At the moment, raindrops started to fall. The wind blew harder.

“I have a mission for you tomorrow, Kalasrenggi,” said Werku Alit.

“What is your command, Raden?” The drizzle began to pour into heavy rain. Thunder rumbled. Lightning flashed. A white figure was seen under the flash which was only a split second, who seemed to run very fast to the shelter. Werku Alit and Kalasrenggi were shocked and their hands immediately grabbed the weapons at their waist!

“Stupid rain!” the figure, which turned out to be a man, cursed. Then he looked to Werku Alit and Kalasrenggi and said:

“Brothers, please let me stop by this shelter with you.”

Werku Alit and Kalasrenggi glared sharply to the newcomer. He was still young, well-built with long hair. His sudden appearance inevitably raised the suspicion of the two men even though he had explained the reason that he stopped by due to the pouring rain.

“Who the hell are you?!” Kalasrenggi snapped furiously. His glare was vicious. His left hand slid to the weapon on his waist. The young man looked back in wonder.

“Am I not allowed to stop by here, Brother?!”

“I’m asking who you are, don’t you dare to ask back!” Kalasrenggi barked.

The young man whistled and grinned. “No need to yell around. Trivial matters when treated harshly can cause you unneeded problems, you know!”

Kalasrenggi impatiently stepped forward to the young man and was about to slap him. However, he halted once he saw the signal from Werku Alit. He did not want unnecessary commotion which could compromise his grand plan. Therefore, he cautiously stepped closer to the young man.

“Brother,” said Werku Alit while holding the young man’s shoulder.

“Please forgive us. My friend was just in his bad mood over losing his gambling bets! Anyway, there’s nothing we need to quarrel about in this pitch-dark night, under this cold, rainy weather. What do you say…?”

“Ah… indeed that’s true brother…” the young man answered. Werku Alit smiled. Suddenly with a lightning-fast movement, his two left fingers pierced forward, accublocking the major vein in the left part of the young man’s body. He helplessly fell to the ground. His legs stretched outside the shelter roof and immediately exposed to rain! Werku Alit laughed mockingly.

“Silly cocky brat!”

“Maybe he is not any ordinary brat, Raden. It could be he is a spy…”

“Ah, just look at his blank, idiotic face, how can he be a spy? He fell powerless with just a simple accublock!” Kalasrenggi observed the body lying on the ground with his face downward. He would frisk the young man, however he stopped when Werku Alit said:

“Now now, don’t bother with that scamp! Let’s talk. According to the information from my secret aide, tomorrow afternoon Rara Murni will depart by carriage to Kalijaga. Your job is to kidnap the girl, and keep her at the old temple in Limanaluk valley. Once it’s done, report to me and then I will decide what to do next!”

“A minor matter, Raden,” Kalasrenggi replied.

“However I’d like to know who will escort Rara Murni…?”

“I don’t have information on that. However, what matters is you must capture Rara Murni alive. Others, if they stand in our way, just get rid of them!”

“As you wish, Raden. Before nightfall tomorrow, I will send a messenger to inform you once the job is done…”

Werku Alit tapped on the captain’s shoulder. “See it done. I’m leaving now!”

“Nah, aku pergi sekarang!” Kalasrenggi memperhatikan sampai ketiga orang itu lenyap di kejauhan dalam kegelapan malam. Kemudian laki-laki ini memutar tubuh dan kembali matanya memandangi manusia yang menelungkup di bawah teratak itu. Dia membungkuk hendak menggeledah, meneruskan niatnya yang tadi batal, tapi kemudian terpikir olehnya, perlu apa susah-susah dengan diri orang lain. Dengan seenaknya Kalasrenggi menendang tubuh laki-laki yang menggeletak itu sehingga tubuh itu terlontar sampai beberapa tombak! Kalasrenggi kemudian berlalu pula dari teratak tua itu.

Kalasrenggi watched the three men leaving until their figures disappeared in the dark. Then the man turned back and stared at the body lying on the ground with his face downward under the hut. He bent over to frisk the young man, continuing his former intent, however he then thought why bother himself with that puny man. Kalasrenggi casually kicked the lying young man that he was hurled up to few spear distances! Kalasrenggi then left the rickety shelter.

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