Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 6

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Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 6

“Oho…turns out it’s a beautiful girl! That’s why you felt bashful in showing yourself…!” Wiro said with a wide smile on his face. Seeing the girl’s purple clothes the young man immediately recognized her as the disciple of the Wine God.

“My beauty…why have you been stalking on me since I was at the slope until that desolated, deadly abyss there…?”  Wiro inquired.

Anggini, the girl in purple, did not give any reply. She blushed in embarrassment.

Wiro Sableng chuckled again and said, “I sensed that maybe you are up to something devious…?”

“Brother…listen…I…uhmm…” Anggini stuttered. What should she say to this young man?

“Is your master the Wine God also here with you now? Do you perhaps intend to set a trap for me?”

“Brother…please listen…” Anggini answered. “I honestly don’t want any of this…”

“What? What do you mean by not wanting this?” Wiro Sableng interrupted.

Anggini bit her lips.

“Is your master with you?”


“Is it your master that told you to stalk me?”

The girl nodded.

“For what purpose did he order you to do it?”

The girl bit her lips again in her edginess.

“Isn’t he satisfied yet with our battle this afternoon?”

Anggini was still silent. Well, how could she say to this young man that her master demanded her to chase and ask him to marry her? How could she explain that bluntly to him! She wished she could just run out of this situation and hide, weeping quietly. However, she is scared of her master the Wine God!

The 212 Hero frowned. He gradually realized it and his face reddened, as red as the sky veiled by the crimson-colored radiance of the sunset in that dusk. He remembered the Wine God’s sentences when he said that Wiro Sableng is the perfect spouse for his disciple!

The young warrior glanced to this girl in purple in front of him. Anggini has an attractive ellipse face – like a perfect, unblemished egg – with beautiful features. Her skin was golden-colored and her curvaceous body was truly desirable. However, this matter of finding spouse was of no concern for the young man. It was beyond his thought at all.

Even for the heavy duty burdened on his shoulder by his master, the bitter revenge on Suranyanli or also known as Mahesa Birawa has not been exacted until today! The blood feud has not been soothed!

Wiro Sableng stood up. He looked at the girl in purple briefly then burst into laughter.

“Sister…is your stalking on me in any way related to your master’s words?”

Anggini’s face became even reddened, even redder than a boiled shrimp, “I’ve told you…actually I don’t want this to happen. But Master insisted…”

“What did he insist you to do?”

“He said I must chase you until I am successful in becoming your spouse. If I can’t do that, I was not allowed to go back to the abode. He also said I must…must…” Anggini could not continue her words.

“I think he is crazy! Well, at least a quarter-crazy!”

Although Anggini was reluctant to fulfil the Wine God’s demand, hearing his master was being disgraced provoked her anger.

“Don’t you dare insult my master, brother!” she snapped. Wiro Sableng scratched his head in confusion.

“If your master ordered you to eat shards of glass or drink poison, will you also obey that…?!”

“My master is not that senseless!” the girl retorted.

“I didn’t say your master is crazy, but I said he is insane!” Wiro Sableng replied.

“Once again you dare to insult my master, I’ll slap your mouth off!” Anggini threatened.

Wiro Sableng whistled, “Well, your master is indeed insane!” he stressed it again.

Anggini has witnessed the height of the 212 Hero’s martial skills and inner power during the battle in Sanggreng abyss a couple of hours ago. She could measure that even her master probably would be unable to defeat him easily. However in that moment she could not restrain her rage anymore. Her right hand moved so fast. Instead, Wiro Sableng placed his cheek to receive her slap!

“Smackkk!” The slap landed on Wiro Sableng’s cheek. He laughed out loud. “How gentle your fingers caressing my cheek…” he said with eyes closed.

“Come on, slap me once more…two more…three more…well, as many as you like…!”

Wiro waited again but the next slap would not come, thus the young man opened his eyes. He saw Anggini standing with flaring nose, holding back the overflowing rage which filled her chest. The 212 Hero chortled.

“Why don’t you slap me?” he asked cynically. Due to continuous provoking, Anggini could barely restrain herself. Quickly she loosened the purple shawl wrapped around her shapely hips.

“Err…sister, are you aiming for stripping in front of me?” Wiro Sableng asked, blinking his eyes in mischief.

“Impudent brat, let’s see how you handle my shawl!” Anggini yelled. Her right hand started its motion. The tip of the shawl rolled slowly and gently towards Wiro Sableng’s head. The shawl was made of fine fabric. When it moved slowly, it meant it was filled with a soft-type flow of inner power. And Wiro knew that sometimes such soft power could be more dangerous than raw power which looked formidable in the surface. This young man did not want to confront the swirling shawl. He shifted his feet and pushed his head away. He sneered while laughing.

“Sister, you are dancing marvelously! Is this also the technique you learnt from your master?!” 212 Hero’s estimation was accurate. If he tried to strike away the swirling shawl, in one quick movement Anggini could yank the shawl and dart its tip to the young man’s eyes. This was just a rough prediction that Wiro Sableng might be inflicted with such mere attack, which was unlikely to happen. However, indeed soft power sometimes should be opposed with graceful and nimble movement. Seeing how the young man sliding his feet with a sneering attitude, Anggini immediately changed her technique. Like a purple dragon, the shawl twisted and jabbed here and there. Now Wiro started opposing it with raw power too.

“Sister, your shawl attacks is worthy of praises!” the 212 Hero complimented.

“However, it’s not enough to justify attacking me… I’m…” Wiro Sableng’s words were interrupted by Anggini’s shout.

“Shut your mouth, noisy bastard! Here comes the shawl!” The tip of the shawl suddenly pierced towards Wiro Sableng’s left eye. Laughing even louder, the young man bowed his head to dodge. He had seemingly countered his opponent’s attacks with raw powers, however in fact Warrior 212 had constantly dodged the attacks. The second he dodged an attack, however, in that instance the tip of the shawl quickly darted and strangled his neck! Before the shawl could completely strangled his neck, 212 Hero immediately shook the shawl using his left hand, however it was impossible to do since Anggini sent a piercing attack with two fingers of her left hand to Wiro Sableng’s left chest. This was a terrifying technique to behold that when it was seen from above, in a simultaneous attack with the strangling shawl, Anggini’s attack combo was like a giant scissor aiming to sever the young man’s body and neck!

“Wow…wow…marvelous, splendidly marvelous sister! You are truly worthy of becoming the disciple of the Wine God!” Wiro Sableng praised her. His left hand had to be docked to parry the opponent’s piercing finger attacks. Anggini who knew that the young man’s inner power was way higher than hers aborted her attack and instead her right hand quickly yanked the purple shawl which tip had almost strangled Wiro Sableng’s neck. The 212 Hero quickly shove his neck forward to loosen the shawl thus in case the shawl was yanked, it will not inflict much damage to his neck. With his right hand, he immediately robbed the middle part of the shawl! Anggini could not manage to see the lightning speed of his right hand’s movement in disarming her weapon. She just realized how her shawl suddenly was strained and pulled forward! Knowing how her weapon could be seized by her enemy, the girl was shocked. She tightened her grip on the shawl and yanked back forcefully, however how would Wiro Sableng let go of it? Instead the young man managed to pull the shawl thus Anggini’s body was gradually, step by step drawn closer to him. Anggini cursed in silence.

“See how you manage my silver darts, scoundrel!” the girl snapped. Once she moved her left hand, a dozen of half-palm long, nail-shaped, silver-colored darts whirled towards Wiro Sableng. Given the short distance between them, throwing a dozen of such weapons could be fatal to the young man. Anggini suddenly felt regret that she released her secret weapon because she was afraid the young man might not be unable to dodge or deflect them, because wasn’t it her master himself who had told her that the man would be a perfect match to be his spouse…?! Surprisingly, the one attacked was calm. With a whistle on his mouth, he waved his left hand. Eight silver darts fell to the ground while the other four could be dodged by moving slightly to the side. If she had been sorry for attacking the young man previously with her secret weapon, now when seeing he could dodge it Anggini became furious again. She yelled loudly, jumped up and sent two flying kicks continuously with a short interval.

“Wow, who knows such a beautiful girl could be this fierce!” Wiro Sableng remarked. He jumped to the side. With a twisting move of his hands, before Anggini could land on the ground, her legs were already wrapped in her own shawl! It made her staggered, unable to move!

Wiro laughed heartily.

“Come on, why stop being fierce on me?” he asked impishly.

Because Anggini was still holding the other end of the shawl she could quickly unwrap it. The girl’s face was crimson red. Her eyes glared to Wiro Sableng, however the 212 Fighter just blinked mischievously!

“What other weapons will you draw?!” Wiro asked.

“Let go of my shawl!” Anggini demanded.

Wiro only responded with guffaw.

“Let go!” the girl demanded again. She tried yanking the shawl however Wiro tightened his grip on it. If she insisted pulling her shawl, it would surely be ripped apart.

Angry and annoyed, the girl stomped her feet while releasing her shawl, turned back and ran behind a huge rock. There, the girl sobbed.

“Uhhh…why are you crying?” asked Wiro while approaching the rock and coming closer to her.

The young man could only scratch his head. Then he said, “Sister, it’s almost nightfall. You’d better go back to your master! Otherwise you will be lost in the dark night!”

“I don’t want to go back! I can’t go back to the abode!” Anggini answered between her sobs.

“Why don’t you? Why can’t you?”

“My master will be furious at me!”

“Why furious?” Wiro asked again.

“Enough…just stop! You don’t know what it is!” and Anggini’s cry grew even louder.

“Then if you don’t want to go back to your master, will you just stay here?!”

“Never mind me! What do you care if I wander around! Go away now!” Anggini wiped her eyes and cheeks.

“No need to speak so harshly, Sister. There is no enmity between us. This is all because of your harebrained master!”

“Don’t you dare insult my master!” Anggini snapped.

“You are an exemplary disciple. You are dutiful and respectful to your master. It’s unfortunate that you blindly follow his every whim. Now please go back to your master before the night is getting dark…”


Wiro Sableng moved closer, facing Anggini’s back. He felt a mix of glee and pity towards the girl. Finally the young man said: “Here is your shawl. If you practice more with this, someday surely you will be a great martial artist…”

Wiro then draped the purple shawl over the girl’s shoulder. As he looked up to the sky he saw that the stars had appeared and the crescent moon was faintly visible behind the clouds.

“The night is getting late…” the young man whispered. Then he looked to the girl standing in front of him.

“Please leave quickly, girl. I’m afraid you will have to stay outside for the night instead.”

Anggini shook her head.

“My master will be wrathful…will be furious if I return empty-handed…”

“Then simply don’t go back to him…” said Wiro Sableng sneeringly.

“That’s what exactly I am doing…” replied Anggini.

“Errr…and where are you going?”

“And why the hell are you asking?”

“Ah…” Wiro laughed. He stepped forward closer to the girl. He held Anggini’s shoulders. The girl immediately wanted to push the hands away. But her body had been submerged by a strange feeling that rushed to the bottom of her heart. She felt powerless to cast off the grip on her shoulders.

“Sister, please listen…” Wiro whispered. His hands still holding the girl’s shoulders began stroking them gently.

“Regarding master-disciple relationships, no matter what you must return to your master’s abode. You must not take the path by yourself. If you don’t return, you will incite your master’s wrath. You will be surely punished!”

“How can I go back to him now? I can’t, brother…you just don’t know…”

“What don’t I know?” Wiro asked. It was impossible for Anggini to explain it plainly. Before she could realize, the words had blurted out of her mouth:

“If I am to go back to my master…he said I must bring you with me…” Wiro laughed. His laughter echoed in the cold sparse surroundings in that dusk.

“Sister…what’s your name?” Wiro Sableng asked. And because the girl was just quiet when he stroke her shoulders, then Wiro’s hand now touched her cheeks, caressing the cheeks still wet of her tears. The strange sensation which made the girl’s heart beat fast was not thumping even harder. Again somehow she could not reject the caressing hand. She bowed her head.

“What’s your name, sister…?” Wiro asked again.

“Anggini” the girl replied softly.

“What a beautiful name…so pretty,” 212 Hero complimented and his hands were now more passionate to stroke the girl’s face.

“Listen Anggini, it’s not uncommon for an old man like your master to speak thoughtlessly. Just return to his abode and explain to him that you didn’t manage to find or catch me. Problem solved. Or you can just say you found me dead in Sanggreng abyss!”

“I cannot lie…somehow he will know if I do that!” replied Anggini.

“Uhhh, that’s complicated!” Warrior 212 answered while scratching his head. He thought hard on what he planned to do. He didn’t have the heart to left the girl alone. The young man took a deep breath. Finally he asked the girl to sit down on a flat rock. The wilderness where they stay now was unfamiliar for him. Maybe even after hundred or even thousand spear distances they might not find a dwelling. Will he and the girl have no choice but to stay through the night in that place? The wind blew from the rock crevices protruding in that area.

“Is it cold…?” The 212 scoundrel whispered gently. Anggini nodded. His left hand moved to the girl’s back then held the girl’s shoulder, hugging her. The atmosphere got warm. And they did not speak for a while. Wiro broke the silence.

“If you don’t want to return to the abode and I can’t leave you alone here then we had no choice but to stay together tonight. Please wait, I will find a comfy place…”

“Noneed… do it later…” Anggini said. She placed her right hand on the 212 scoundrel’s thigh and looked up to the sky.

“It’s quite bright tonight” Wiro commented.

“Well, if rain comes later, then we have dogshit luck!” Anggini chuckled. Her laugh was so sweet to hear. It refreshed the 212 Hero’s heart. He tightened his embrace. Then he was bold enough to tickle the girl’s nape with his nose.

“Ah, please stop…” Anggini writhed in her ticklishness. She did not take off her nape and body though. That night Wiro purposely did not light a fire. He was worried that the fire would only brought about things he would like to avoid, especially if the thing coming was the Wine God. Although it was cold and they just lied down on the big black rock with the sky as their roof but their embracing bodies were warming each other. The young warrior remembered that night he spent with Nilamsuri at the shack in the rice fields. This night was no different from that one. There was a girl resting beside him. However, the 212 scoundrel had concerned and sober mind towards Anggini. Even when Anggini that night already offered her body for him and indeed almost every part of her body had been touched by Warrior 212, but the young warrior did not desire to do further. The virgin’s body was warm like embers, her hands reaching Wiro’s back and her thighs occasionally twitching. However, Warrior 212 just embraced her body, kissed her wet lips and caressed her droopy eyes but still restrained his overflowing desire.

* * *

The warmth of the sunshine caressing her face made this girl woke up from her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes and rubbed them gently, then she turned her head to the side. She was surprised to see that the young man was not at her side. She got up, then stood and looked around. The young man was nowhere to be seen.

“Wiro,” she called. No reply.

“Wiro…!” she called again louder. Only the echo of her own voice could be heard. When her eyes stumbled on the massive slab of rock on the side of the place where she and Wiro had slept last night, she could see a message written.

Anggini, please accept my apology for leaving you without saying a word. I have no choice but to leave you. If we are fated, our path will surely cross again. Please return to your master’s abode. I sincerely thank you for everything we did together last night.

Anggini felt her chest stiffened.She bit her lips. It was clear the young man had left her. She could still feel the warmth of Wiro’s body embracing her last night. The sensation she felt of the young man’s fingers caressing her body still lingered. Also the kisses and gentle bites she received. Anggini read the part of that writing ‘I sincerely thank you for everything we did together last night.’ She was taken aback. She turned around with blushing face lit even brighter by the touch of the sunrise. It was impossible to go after him now. She did not know whether Wiro had gone since midnight or early morning, or perhaps before she woke up. The girl took a long, deep breath. When she fastened the purple shawl on her waist, at the end of the shawl she could see the number: 212. Once again this girl took a long, deep breath. Then, with slow steps she dragged her feet to leave the place.


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