Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 4

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Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 4

He just sensed the wind gushing from the back. Instantly he stepped forward, moved to the side and bent his body to dodge while turning around! Bergola Wungu’s long saber slashed one and half span over his head, cutting a few strands of his long hair!

“Cowards! After ganging up on me, you dare only attacked me from behind!” cursed Wiro Sableng. Both his hands moved about forward to seize his opponent’s saber. But when he almost grabbed it, twelves staves were targeting his arms.

“Damn it!” the 212 Hero cursed and he pulled back his arms while kicking his feet to some attackers in the first wave. Strangely, those in the first wave being attacked by his kicks did nothing to counter, and suddenly from behind them the second wave of attackers surged forward, deflecting Wiro Sableng’s kicks. In a flash, the first wave charged back with their twelve blue staves aiming to attack twelve critical parts of Wiro’s body! In that moment, Bergola Wungu with his saber swoop down and struck like an eagle from above! This was the might of [rise-recede wave encirclement formation]! The masterpiece of Bladra Wikuyana! For two years he had been training his disciples to learn that formation and its techniques. While it has not been executed perfectly but the result is quite satisfying! With a smile on his face, he waited the moment his eyes laid upon Wiro Sableng’s body hacked and torn to pieces by tens of his disciples’ weapons and his ears listened to the young man’s last scream before he died horribly! However he did not see the 212 Hero hewed and crushed in that battlefield! He did not hear Wiro Sableng’s dying scream! With lightning speed, undetected by Bladra Wikuyana’s eyes, Wiro Sableng suddenly was out of his disciples’ range, standing calmly and whistling merrily! This sharp-eyed young martial artist actually had observed the weak spot of the [rise-recede wave encirclement formation] that was storming upon him. Taking down two or three attackers of from one of the wave was enough to make this [rise-recede wave encirclement formation] plunged into utter chaos! He also considered getting rid of half or all attackers in one strike with the smash of his [Whirlwind strike] or the [Wind Waves] techniques! This young man, however, opted to use his own mischievous way to defeat it. The 212 Hero then shouted.

“Hurricane of the West! Have you ever seen humans used as weapons to strike other humans…?!”

“Crazy brat! No need to blab! You are at death’s door! Boys, move your formation closer in one-third movement!” Bladra Wikuyana yelled full of anger and curiosity. The 212 Hero’s whistle suddenly stopped and instead changed into a weird heart-shuddering laughter. His body flashed and vanished. And suddenly Bergola Wungu felt both his ankles gripped firmly. He tried to kick and struggle however it was impossible to get loose from that iron grip while his body became unsteady and felt like pulled up and spun! He tried slashing with his saber! A blood-curdling scream was heard! But it turned out to be his fellow disciple’s scream, who fell dead in the pool of his own blood! Then Bergola Wungu was drifted in the spin! Wiro Sableng with his weird laughter gripped both Bergola Wungu’s ankles and spin that body like a propeller! Screams and shocks could be heard everywhere in that abyss! The [rise-recede wave encirclement formation] was destroyed. Several attackers who were still persistent to face the opponent and stunned by that bizarre technique received spinning attacks from Bergola Wungu’s body! Tens of Sanggreng Cave School disciples lied dead on the ground with mortal wounds on their bodies. Screams of agony could be heard unceasingly. The surviving disciples of around nine people edged away to the abyss wall, and 212 Hero’s laughter stopped.

“Hurricane of the West! Here comes your disciple’s corpse!” Bergola Wungu’s body that had been used as a spinner to smash his fellow disciples was thrown to Bladra Wikuyana. The old man repelled with his left hand, sending Bergola Wungu’s body fly to the side and it fell with thud. It was of course a soulless body as his head had already cracked like a rotten papaya! The pungent smell of human blood dissolving the last sparks of humans’ life perforated his nostrils. Wiro Sableng spat on the ground and looked at the Hurricane of the West.

“Storm from the West! Your disciples met their end in ways you are surely enraged to see! And their death has nothing to do with me! It is all on you in case the grim reaper inquired them in their purgatory!”

“You f**king imp!” cursed Bladra Wikuyana.

“Shut your f**king trap! Meet your death in the next three moves!” His face looked inhumanly stern and malicious. He stepped lightly to Wiro Sableng and drew his blue staff! His body instantly flashed and a blue streak rammed the 212 Hero. The young warrior quickly dodged to the side. However, from that direction Bladra Wikuyana slashed with his wooden right hand embedded with sickle-shaped weapon!

“Heyyaaa!” Warrior 212 shouted loudly. The four walls of the abyss quaked. His body flashed and after rolling on the ground this young warrior crouched and pounded with his hands to execute [Monkey Throwing Fruit] technique! However, Bladra Wikuyana’s blue staff was superior to that! The [Monkey Throwing Fruit] technique was released by 212 Hero using half of his inner power but the slashing wind from the blue staff repelled his punch to the side and crushed the abyss wall! It was cracked and crumbled! The rock shards flew scattered and fell on the surroundings! Wiro Sableng was shocked. His inner power had been harnessed too many times its normal strength that his hand now trembled violently, but his [Monkey Throwing Fruit] technique could still be repelled by the opponent’s blue staff counterattack!

“That’s insane!” this young man cursed in silence. He roared and leaped again. Now the 212 Hero executed his [Madman Swatting Flies] technique! Both his right and left hands randomly slapped here and there and released rushing wind like a mighty storm! Bladra Wikuyana was overwhelmed for two stances, even heavily cornered to the eastern abyss wall. The remaining disciples of Sanggreng Cave standing in the direction of their battle had to dodge unless they fell victims to straying inner-powered slashing winds from these two formidable fighters! Hurricane of the West secretly cursed in silence! After decades of experiences battling in the martial arts’ world, it wasn’t until today that he met an opponent whose strength was no joke! What was unbelievable was that his enemy was a seventeen-year old greenhorn! This old man gritted his jaws. From his mouth, he produced a loud whistle. Immediately his staff arts and skills changed. The blue staff in his left hand whirled and pierced like a hailing storm, splitting into hundreds of after-images! Wiro Sableng was astounded to see the terrifying technique of his opponent! He immediately jumped up three spear distances high.

“Ho-ho! Trying to escape, huh?!” Bladra Wikuyana yelled. Immediately this old man leaped forward, coming after him.

“Hurricane of the West!” shouted the 212 Hero.

“We must consider that actually there is no feud between us…” Bladra Wikuyana laughed scornfully.

“When you feel your end is approaching, you blabbed about this bullshit of meaningless feud! When your death is imminent, you start talking sweet! You’d better pray to your god because your rotten soul, you declaring yourself the Hero of the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212, will plunge straight to hell!” Bladra Wikuyana struck and smashed viciously, causing Wiro Sableng to jump back three spear distances backward to avoid them.

“If you old man insists, then let’s see how you handle this strike!”

Bladra Wikuyana was shocked to see Wiro Sableng’s right hand rapidly turned into shining white while his fingers became crimson-red!

“[Sun Strike Technique]!” Bladra Wikuyana shouted in his shock. In doing so, he warned his disciples to retreat to safety while he harnessed his entire inner power to the blue staff! A streak of blinding white light flashed forward. Bladra Wikuyana jumped up seven spear distances high to the air and slashed his staff down! Two storming winds clashed. Bladra Wikuyana screamed. While his left hand trembled violently until his staff was almost slipped off! Surprisingly, his young opponent’s inner power was a few levels higher than him. With a mid-air somersault movement, this old warrior dodged from the range of battle to control his breath and blood flow quickly! When he gazed around the battlefield, he was shaken! His surviving disciples were now all dead, lying scattered on the ground. All their bodies, including those who had been killed by Wiro Sableng before his [Sun Strike] technique, were now smoke-blackened and the air in the abyss was now filled with the smell of charred human flesh! When the 212 Hero executed his [Sun Strike] technique, Bladra Wikuyana managed to dodge it. The wind from that punch smashed the abyss wall in the southeastern side. The wall not only cracked but also crumbed to dust. The upper wall fell down apart while the wind of Sun Strike technique bounced twice unceasingly on the abyss wall. The blistering heat of this technique scorched the remaining disciples of Bladra Wikuyana, burning their bodies and killing them instantly! And at the edge of the upper abyss, the slender figure in purple witnessed what happened in that abyss with mouth gaping and eyes widening, shuddering… Meanwhile in the abyss, Bladra Wikuyana’s face looked infuriated. He stood motionless like a statue in the middle of a square. His beard and sideburns seemed withered while his eyes became red with bloodlust.

“212 Fighter!” hissed Bladra Wikuyana.

“I’ll make sure you leave here alive…!” He pointed his blue staff straight to his enemy’s face and the staff turned jet-black. The black beam glowing from that dangerous weapon looked really terrifying…

“Prepare to die!” Bladra Wikuyana howled. Instantly he charged forward. All his inner power had been channeled to his staff and now he attacked with unmatched ferocity! Between his strikes, Bladra Wikuyana endlessly released his bizarre whistling which trembled the senses and soul of his opponent! Once Wiro Sableng sensed the pressures of such formidable attacks, he started to speed up his movements. However, his high-level light body skill felt mired by the surging Black Wind technique shaped by his opponent’s staff.

“Ripppp”! The 212 Hero’s blood was drawn. He felt his soul was shredded from his body! The tip of the opponent’s staff tore the chest part of his clothes. The wind gushing from that staff battered his chest, seemingly cracking his chest bones! The young fighter screamed and jumped out of the battlefield!

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