Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 3

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Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 3

A storm like wind blew on the 212 Hero. The youngster countered with a punch to the air, twisting his arm that unleashed a violent tornado! Two powerful attacks clashed in the air… the two waves of windstrike that were both as powerful and emitted a powerful roar in the air, once clashed immediately caused an explosion of wind that was incomparably fierce. Hills and peaks, as well as cliffs trembled, bushes and trees uprooted. Wiro Sableng’s tornado punch had dispersed the tornado strike caused by Bladra Wikuyana’s staff. Even then, Wiro Sableng was still hit by the remnant windstrike and it caused his body to stagger backwards! Bladra Wikuyana was shocked. That blue staff strike had utilized almost one third of his inner power. He already made sure that even though it may not kill his opponent, it would have definitely caused him to be injured with blood vomited all over the place! But his belief didn’t come to reality. Below him he could see that Wiro Sableng was still standing in one piece!

Thus he shouted, “Young lad! Your skill is pretty good for you to brag! I shall wait for you at the Sanggreng Cave School!” after those words, the man pulled on Bergola Wungu’s hand. In a blink of an eye the master-disciple pair vanished from Wiro Sableng’s view. The youngster could only scratched his head.

“That staff was very powerful” he exclaimed inside.

But he waited no longer. He immediately jumped to the top of the cliff that was tens of spear distances high. The top of the cliff apparently was very slippery. If his light body skill was only of a low level, his feet would definitely slipped off of it! Wiro looked to the surroundings to find traces to where those two people ran to. His sharp eyes quickly caught the shadow of Bladra Wikuyana and his disciple behind the cliff on the east. Without wasting any more time, the 212 Hero immediately leaped towards the nearest cliff. Like a hawk, he jumped here and there until the people he chased were gone in a very deep abyss!

Wiro stood at the edge of the cliff, looking downwards. Jumping down was something impossible, as the cliff was more than hundreds of spear distance deep. That would also mean that it was impossible for Bladra Wikuyana and Bergola Wungu to vanish by jumping down to it. But coincidentally Wiro saw a sturdy rope ladder at the Southern end of the abyss. He immediately headed there and checked on the rope ladder. He pondered for a moment and then swiftly went down the ladder.

The bottom of the rocky abyss was also a rocky land with very scarce number of vegetation. The 212 Hero carefully checked the surrounding. Suddenly a whistling sound came from the north, which was replied by another whistle from the west. Wiro immediately ran towards the western direction! Meanwhile, on the top of the abyss, a figure that had followed Wiro Saleng for a long time hated its step near the rope ladder, not finding the courage to follow him went down below…

Wiro stood behind a pillar-like cliff rock. At the very least, the cliff should be able to act as a shield for him against enemies that tried to sneak-attack him. From behind the pillar-like cliff, he looked forward. Right in the middle of two big, low wooden logs a few tens of spear distance away from him he could see a huge cave. And then he heard more whistling sounds, now coming from his back. That whistle was followed with a whistle that echoed out from inside the cave. The youngster impatiently waited. Where did those two people go to? Did they enter the cave? And was that cave the one named as Sanggreng Cave? And was he now already in that Sanggreng Cave School?

Suddenly there were whistling sounds that was even louder than those he heard previously. And Wiro could see from the mouth of the cave jumped out two dozens of people, all of them male, some were bearded and some were not, all wearing black clothing with white sash. On each of their waist slipped on a blue staff with similar form as the one owned by Bladra Wikuyana. All twenty four men formed two long lines starting from the mouth of the cave up to the stone stage. Not long after, Bladra Wikuyana showed up along with Bergola Wungu.

“Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Warrior, no need to hide behind the pillar! Come out!” Bladra Wikuyana shouted.

The young man immediately came out from behind the rock pillar and stood cautiously at the edge of the stage. “Hurricane of the West! What kind of drama or dance are you going to show to me?!”

Bladra Wikuyana blandly laughed, “You imbecile! Death is right in front of your eyes and you still try to clown around! Do you know that whoever comes in here means that that person had no more way out! It means that they will be dead here?!”

Wiro Sableng grinned. He said, “Well then it means all of you here will be dead here along with me!”

Bladra Wikuyana laughed blandly once more. He clapped his hands and said, “Take down the rope ladder.” Two students from the Sanggreng Cave School immediately obeyed the order.

Bladra Wikuyana grinned, “The rope ladder had been brought down, which means that your end is coming closer. However, there is a condition where you can keep your petty life…”

“What is it?” asked Wiro Sableng curiously.

“Kneel down before me and join my side!”

Wiro Sableng burst out with laugh, “Your disciple Bergola Wungu challenge me to come here to fight! Suddenly now you asked me to join, even asked me to kneel before you! Who the hell are you to make such unreasonable rules…!”

“Then you coming here would truly be to deliver your life!” said Bladra Wikuyana. He once more clapped his hands once.

“Take care of him with the Life Robbing Six Staff formation!” yelled Bladra Wikuyana angrily. Then six of his disciples promptly jumped and surrounded the 212 Hero with their staff in hand.

“You should know…” said Bladra Wikuyana further. “The one you are going to beat up is a brat that proclaim himself to be the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Warrior! Go beat ‘im!” Bladra Wikuyana whistled loudly. His six students also whistled loudly and all at the same time moved forward to attack Wiro Sableng! Six streaks of blue flashes floated in the air all over the place with a very random movements, emitting whizzing sounds and all six of them attacking the barehanded martial artist in concert.

Wiro jumped to the air and shouted, “Hurricane of the West! Why do these students of yours who are unrelated to the problem with me are the one you are sending? Have you no balls of your own?!”

Bladra Wikuyana barked in reply, “When you make a grudge with anyone from this place, it means you are making your grudge with the whole Sanggreng Cave School…!” at the moment the six students of the Sanggreng Cave School also jumped to the air and swiftly assaulted Wiro Sableng. But with his Eel Penetrates the Earth, the 212 Hero being attacked by them had already returned back standing on the stone stage. Instead the six staves clashed with each other in the air!

“Idiots,” Baldra Wikuyana cursed his students

“I am giving you a chance of three more stances! If you can’t bring that bastard down in three stances, you will withdraw and accept your punishment!” Apparently the assaults of the Life Robbing Six Staff formation performed by the six students of the Sanggreng Cave School couldn’t defeat the 212 Hero. Now, due to the fear of receiving punishment from their master, all six of them immediately turned their staves lightning quickly and performed six stabs to six different body parts!

“Heaaa!” Loud shouts reverberated and trembled the rocky cliff. The nerves of the students and disciples of the Sanggreng Cave School tingled, not just because of the power behind the shouts but also due to seeing how their six comrades were now standing stiff in the middle of the stage, as their bodies were all hit by the opponent’s accublock strike. On the other hand, the 212 Hero at that moment was just standing relaxedly, even while whistling some random tune!

Disbelief colored Baldra Wikuyana’s face and made his eyes opened wide. He cursed in his heart. All of a sudden he took his blue staff from his waist and swept it upfront. All six of his students’ bodies were blown away like dried leaves, but at the same time the formidable guest coming out of the staff also freed all six of them from the accublock!

Afterwards, that Leader and Schoolmaster of the Sanggreng Cave School said to Bergola Wungu, “You go, lead everyone here! Commence the Rise-Recede Wave Encirclemnet formation!”. Listening to this, Bergola Wungu immediately jumped to the front while unsheathing the long saber in his waist, all the while whistling three times in a row. Then, the 24 men dressed in black, all with staff in hand, under the leadership of the long saber-wielding Bergola Wungu created a two-layered circle called the rise-recede wave encirclement, surrounding Wiro Sableng in the middle. The weird thing was that the one being attacked instead was still standing relaxedly in the middle, eyes blinking and mouth whistling…

In a surprise attack, Bergola Wungu whistled loudly. Then the inner circle started spinning to the left while the outer circle spin to the right. At the beginning they spin slowly and then gradually speeding up, all the way until the bodies of all twenty four men clothed in black were blurred into mere shadows. The dust that covered the stage were lifted upward and while spinning Bergola Wungu and his companions unceasingly shrieked.

As the two rows of encirclement were spinning faster and faster in opposite direction, along with their shrieking shouts that pained the ears and scrambled the mind, the eyesight of the 212 Hero grew increasingly lightheaded. His head felt increasingly heavy! He was dazed for a couple breaths, and the two rows of encirclement now seemed to get smaller and closing in on him! Bergola Wungu, seeing his opponent was starting to get affected, shouted loudly and hacked his saber to the head of his opponent surrounded in the middle of the encirclement. This attack was a sneaky and cowardly one, as it went to Wiro Sableng’s back! And Wiro Sableng, in his dazed condition was still whistling like someone who had lost himself!

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