Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 21

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Hello Readers,

Here we are at the ending of Book 2! The climax of Wiro’s fierce battle with Mahesa Birawa! We will start Book 3 this week!

This brings us to 9/20 chapters, including the addition this week.

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Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 21

Mahesa Birawa, who was in charge of the western battlefield, at that time was close to breaking down the Pajajaran troops and breaching the defensive gate. He was shocked when he took a glance to the eastern battlefield, seeing his side being beaten back, fighting in chaos and disorder, most even had retreated due to the heavy pressure of the Pajajaran army’s momentum, with some of them running away chaotically! And beyond all that he saw, he faintly heard the shrieking sound of a flute! His distance from the eastern battlefield was miles away, but the sound of the flute still felt like pricking his skin, clogging his blood vessel and hurting his eardrums. And gradually he number of soldiers capable of fighting on that side was getting smaller, with most of them running and even more dropping dead!

Mahesa Birawa left the leadership on his side to a captain that he trusted. Afterwards, with a flash of movement he headed to the eastern battlefield. Once he got there he was welcomed with a terrifying scene, with Raden Werku Alit badly disadvantaged and was no longer capable of dodging the fiercely striking sword of Prabu Kamandaka. From a distance Mahesa Birawa tried to sneak-attack Prabu Kamandaka with his fist strike, but the wind from his strike was deflected by another gust of wind coming from the side! When he turned to that direction, his eyes met a youngster that was no longer a stranger to him.

And Mahesa Birawa’s rage had gone beyond his limit. Before he roared, however, suddenly a round thing rolled over towards where he stood, and with a closer look he could recognize it as the head of Raden Werku Alit that was beheaded a moment ago by the sword of Prabu Kamandaka! Mahesa Birawa’s was inconceivably angry. With a kris in his right hand and a thorny-chained-three-pointed mace he rushed towards Prabu Kamandaka, but a gushing wind from the side halted his advance. And when he looked at the side he once more saw the youngster was again in his way!

“Your opponent is me, Mahesa Birawa!” yelled the 212 Fighter with his eyes brimming with killing intent. “I waited for you on Jatimaleh Hill!”

“Lowly swine! Your grave will be amongst the dead, right here in this place!” barked Mahesa Birawa.

Meanwhile, Prabu Kamandaka who knew that the one who tried to attack him was a leading figure in Werku Alit’s rebellion and was a dangerous man immediately shouted his order, “surround this rebellious bastard!”

Two dozens of soldiers, three squad leaders and Prabu Kamandaka himself immediately surrounded Mahesa Birawa.

Right at that time Wiro Sableng jumped forward and exclaimed, “Prabu Kamandaka! You indeed have the rights to capture and kill that lowly human as he was the ringleader of Pajajaran’s enemy! But I believe I am more rightful in taking care of him, as he was the killer of my father and the one causing my mother’s death! Please leave him to me Prabu Kamandaka!”

The Pajajaran King albeit his raging anger could still held back his attack and asked, “Brave young lad, who are you?!” Wiro Sableng smiled faintly. He lifted the hatchet in his right hand, and on the blade of the hatchet three numbers were clearly visible, 212!

The King was shocked! Never would he think that the youngster was in fact the weird man that warned him about the rebellion. Knowing that the gallant youngster was indeed on his side, the Pajajaran King did not mind agreeing to Wiro Sableng’s request. He signaled his troops to stay back.

Meanwhile, it could be said that the battle is near its closure. The rebel troops that was now headless had retreated far from the Kingdom’s walls and were being chased by the Pajajaran’s army as they ran disorderly. And right in the middle of the sea of corpses, on the blood-soaked soil, with the air smelling with the stinging stench of death, two nemesis were standing face-to-face, the Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Martial Artist and Suranyali or widely known as Mahesa Birawa

The 212 Fighter was just readying his stance and put forth the Fire Dragon Hatchet in front of his chest when Suranyali dashed forward with a fierce shout. His kris stabbed to his opponent’s head and the thorny mace sweeping towards his abdomen!

“Ciaat!” Wiro Sableng was not losing at all in the speed department! His Fire Dragon Hatchet spun fiercely, causing a strong gust of wind and buzzing sound like a stampede of hundreds of bees! The wind strike didn’t only slammed onto Suranyali’s weapons but also causing both his hands numb from the backlash! Suranyali aka Mahesa Birawa no longer faced him half-heartedly. His whole inner power was circulated and he lunged forward for the second time. His assault was even fiercer this time, but the 212 Fighter faced him with incomparable calmness. Once they reached a one meter distance, Suranyali jumped towards Wiro Sableng, and he was replied with a sweep from the Fire Dragon Hatchet with the [Madman Swatting the Flies] technique. Suranyali felt like his body was slamming into an invisible wall!

By relying on his pinnacle level light body skill, the man jumped above sideways. The Fire Dragon Hatchet swept through below him and right at that moment Suranyali dove back down and slammed his thorny mace downward! The one attacked didn’t even try to dodge at all, instead he spun his Fire Dragon Hatchet above his head. The two mighty weapons clashed violently, ringing a loud, banging sound! The Fire Dragon Hatchet emitted sparks, while two of the thorny chain on the mace in Suranyali’s left hand was cut loose, shocking the owner badly! At that moment the Fie Dragon Hatchet slashed to his crotch like a hurricane! Suranyali shouted loudly and made a summersault in the air! Cold sweat soaked his nerves!

Prabu Kamandaka had his jaw dropped seeing the incredible battle. In a short amount of time the two fighters had fought for twenty passes! And it was clear as day that now Suranyali or Mahesa Birawa was badly pressured! And when he had to discard his thorny mace for it had been cut in half by his opponent’s hatchet, he drew his next weapon, an iron staff with a pitchfork end. This iron pitchfork glowed with an eerie greenish light, signifying that this weapon was not your run-off-the-mill and that it contained a powerful poison!

With a kris in his right hand and the pitchfork staff in his left hand Suranyali moved in a flash. Both his weapons glowed brightly, enveloping his opponent. But the one facing Suranyali now was not someone with low level martial arts and not even one equipped with any ordinary weapon! The Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 resoundingly roared and sparked a bright white light. The body of the two fighters were now becoming mere shadows, and suddenly Suranyali’s pained shout was heard. The kris in his right hand was thrown loose, cut in half. If he didn’t withdraw his hand quickly, it would definitely had also been cut in half by the opponent’s hatchet!

Suranyali jumped out, escaping from the battle. His face was pale white like snow! He immediately tried to regulate his breathing, and when he moved forward his right hand up to the elbow was glowing green and trembled slightly.

“You despicable brat! Do you this hand of mine?!” asked Suranyali while raising his right hand. “Seventeen years ago your father lost his life by this [Green Centipede Fist] technique of mine! And now the son will get his share as well!”

Wiro Sableng knew that seventeen years ago that if this nemesis of his had already mastered this [Green Centipede Fist] technique seventeen years ago, then the current might would definitely be something that was beyond his wildest imagination. But this didn’t make his heart waver even one bit! The Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 was moved to his left hand and three quarter of his inner power was circulated to his right hand, causing to turn bright white while his fingernails were shining astonishingly bright red! Suranyali felt his heart trembled upon seeing this sight.

“The [Sunstrike]…” he hissed.

The 212 Fighter chuckled faintly. “You can start first Suranyali…” he challenged.

Silently Suranyali circulated his whole inner power to the right hand. His mouth mumbled, both his feet sank down 5 inches into the blood-soaked ground. And while jumping nine spear distances upward he smashed his right fist forward! The 212 Fighter stood firmly on the ground, the green light caused by his opponent’s strike was whizzing towards him and he welcomed with his own right hand fist! The two fierce strikes clashed in the air, emitting a booming sound! The green and white light fierce clashed with each other and the splashes of remnant powers spread to the side! Miserable shrieks from the soldiers standing on the two sides of the battle ensued. Much of them dropped dead, some turned green due to the poison from the [Green Centipede] from Suranyali and the others turned black and burned from Wiro Sableng’s [Sunstrike] fist! Even Prabu Kamandaka himself would have become a crossfire victim if he didn’t immediately jumped back!

When the two lights violently clashed Suranyali felt raging heat wrecked his innards. “Damn it!” he cursed. His [Green Centipede] wasn’t only beaten by the opponent’s strike, but he was even struck back with two kicks from his opponents. He quickly took a pill from the belt on his waist and swallowed it. A moment after, he dove like an eagle, his pitchfork stabbing at Wiro Sableng’s neck. Wiro countered with his hatchet, and Suranyali tried to catch the hatchet’s hilt with his pitchfork’s points.

But “trang!” Once the hatchet moved Suranyali’s weapon instantly snapped in two. Before he even placed his foot on the ground, before he managed to evade his opponent. The Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 swooshed once more time, mercilessly hacked the joint on Suranyali’s right shoulder, cutting it clean from the arm! The man howled like a wounded wolf going berserk on its bloodlust! His body staggered back in defeat!

Wiro Sableng chuckled, “That one was for my father, Suranyali!” he said.

“And this one is for my mother!” the Fire Dragon Hatchet once more flashed. Suranyali tried to dodge with all his effort but it bore no fruit. His left shoulder was hacked cleanly with blood spurting like a fountain! It was incredibly gruesome to see Suranyali’s armless body!

“This one is for Granny Sinto Gendeng, Suranyali!” said Wiro Sableng, still with his signature chuckle. The Fire Dragon Hatchet once more struck forward. Suranyali’s body was slammed onto the walls of the Kingdom! His chest all the way down to his abdomen was ripped open, blood poured down like rain and his innards burst out from the cavity.

“The 212 Fighter was still not satisfied, “This last one was personal, Suranyali!” he said

When the Fire Drahon Hatchet 212 hacked open Suranyali’s, aka Mahesa Birawa’s, head, no scream nor groan was audible. His body was leaning for a brief moment on the walls of the Kingdom, and then lurched downwards to the ground and fell on top of the bodies of the rebels. But it didn’t stay there for long, one more time Wiro Sableng kicked the body and thus the corpse of his nemesis was flying for dozens of spear distances!

Wiro Sableng laughed, a long and satisfying one. He put back the Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 under his robe, and like nothing had happened, it was as if he wasn’t even standing in the middle of numerous dead bodies, the youngster casually strolled with his whistling on!

“Young brother!” Prabu Kamandaka chased him. “Please wait a moment…!”

The 212 Fighter turned around, “Ah… I ridiculed myself for forgetting to take my leave from your presence King Kamandaka…”

“Brother, you must not just leave like that…”

“Why is that so?”

“Come with me to the palace. You have done a great merit and…”

“Merit is just that, my Liege. It was nothing but a beautiful memory. For me, making merit doesn’t mean that I am expecting a reward. Farewell…”

Prabu Kamandaka held tightly to the shoulder of the youngster, “I hope that you are willing to honor my palace with your presence first, brother,” he said

“Thank you Liege, but no, thank you…” replied the 212 Fighter

“Then at least tell me your name…”

Wiro Sableng smiled, “My name is of no importance my Liege. I just wish you to remember these 212 numbers. Perhaps one day these numbers shall make a return to this Pajajaran… Oh, and one more thing… Please don’t forget to send my regards to your sister, Rara Murni…”

“I will” said the King with reluctance of seeing him leave. And every single pair of eyes watched the departure of the young martial artist. The King of Pajajaran at the end could only shook his head and inhaled deeply, “Great lad… great lad…” he said.

“Pajajaran owed you a great debt of gratitude. Your service shall not be forgotten for generations to come…”

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