Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 20

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Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 20

In the middle of the intense, raging battle, when the western gate of the Capital was almost breached and when Prabu Kamandaka’s safety was in the line then at that moment a thundering voice could be heard, overpowering the tumults of the bloody battle!

“Foolish people! Stop your battle right now!” Almost everyone fighting at the eastern front were shocked and their eyes looked over the walls of the Capital where a long-haired young man clothed in white standing on the top of the wall! Perhaps Raden Werku Alit was the one most surprised to see the young man standing on the wall. This man looked exactly identical to the young man he accublocked the other day when it rained in the old hut!

“The dead yearn to live again, while you the living ones seek battle to death! What a complete fool you are!” said the young man standing on the top of the wall with his extremely loud voice.

Werku Alit gritted his jaws. He felt anxiety towards the young man. He knew inside that such thundering, roaring voice could only mean that the young man possessed high level of inner powers. However, he glanced to the side and that moment saw Prabu Kamandaka was in unguarded state thus Werku Alit made use of the opportunity in his best possible way. His weapon slashed rapidly and fiercely. The sharp-pointed end of the spear was aimed to the neck while the other end was directed to swipe Prabu Kamandaka’s feet! Seeing the incoming attacks, Prabu Kamandaka realized his carelessness. It was already too late for him to dodge his opponent’s weapon striking at two points simultaneously. One of his nemesis weapon’s sharp blade would surely find its target on his body. Prabu Kamandaka threw himself back even though he knew that his feet will be swept by his opponent’s spear. However, in that moment from the top of the wall a bright white missile weapon darted. It was star-shaped and made a whizzing sound, smashing the middle of Werku Alit’s spear with superb accuracy. The spear was broken in two. One of the spear shards was deflected and instead scratched Werku Alit’s chest himself! The man screamed in pain and jumped back, however he was furiously chased by Prabu Kamandaka. In wounded state, Werku Alit persistently maintained his defense with his guards. Two of his allied Dukes seeing Werku Alit cornered immediately rushed to help and thus Prabu Kamandaka and his guards were repelled back! Werku Alit went berserk, fighting ferociously with his broken spear. However, he was soon exhausted from the wounds he suffered. His movements were getting sluggish and he was forced to take a defensive position and let his lackeys to strike the opponents. Duke Tapak Ireng approached Werku Alit and handed him a pill.

“Swallow this quickly, Raden Alit, and channel your inner power to the wounded part…” Werku Alit quickly swallowed the black pill and then circulated his inner power. The medicine given by Duke Tapak Ireng was indeed very potent. A moment later, the blood flowing from Werku Alit’s wound stopped and it eased off the pain. Drawing his kris, Werku Alit resumed his fight, charging right to Prabu Kamandaka. When Duke Lanabelong with his white, iron nunchuks assisted Werku Alit then Prabu Kamandaka’s condition was even worse than when he was previously cornered.

“Rebels! Stop this battle!” shouted the man standing at the top of the wall.

However no one paid attention to it and Duke Jakaluwing from Karangtretes even challenged back, “You ragged brat! If you want to feel my iron spear, you come down here at once!”

The man on the top of the wall grumbled. From behind his waist, he drew a double-edged hatchet! The hatchet’s blade gleamed under the morning sun. Then with one casual movement he jumped down. Once his feet touched the ground, he put the end of the hatchet handle to his lips. In an instant, a voice sounded like a flute echoed in that place. At first it sounded faintly, then gradually it got louder and shriller! Hearing such screeching voice of the flute, the rebels’ ears felt they were pierced with such intense pain. The rebel’s foot soldiers became sluggish and were easily taken down by the weapons of Pajajaran soldiers!

Werku Alit and his five allied Dukes were shocked when they experienced the unexpected pain in their ears while their blood movement was blocked and clogged up. And when they looked around they saw how their army was decimated, their soldiers lying dead, bathed in their own blood! Werku Alit and his surviving Dukes were greatly astonished. Their attacks that were directed to Prabu Kamandaka were then also aimed to Wiro Sableng! However once the Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 flashed, it was Duke Jakaluwing’s turn to bite the dust with his head split open in two! Werku Alit and his remaining Dukes cowered. They glanced each other sharply and beckoned but at the same time 212 Fighter who already sensed their intention made a quick move. Ranabelong’s iron nunchuk was broken in two and flew to the air, followed by the scream of his death! The only surviving Duke, Warok Gluduk could as well be considered powerless after his right arm was severed by Prabu Kamandaka. He decided to escape but one of Pajajaran captains’ spear pierced his back through his chest!

Werku Alit’s guts was shrinking. At the eastern battlefield, he was the last living leader of the rebel army. Previously, he and his army were the attacking force breaching through the line of Pajajaran’s defense, but now the situation surprisingly reversed! Everywhere in the battlefield, there were piles of dead soldier’s bodies. The surviving ones battled reluctantly, continuously retreating in chaotic orders! The sound of Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 which constantly screeched seemed to paralyze Raden Werku Alit’s whole body. He tried to muster his inner power however it felt like it has vanished! His ears were in so much pain and he felt something dripping down from his ear canals! It was blood!


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