Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 19

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Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 19

That night Mahesa Birawa couldn’t even get a wink of a sleep. He felt incredibly anxious. Every little bit, he rolled to his left and right on top of his bed in the tent. His memory flew back to the time seventeen years ago in the past. He thought back on the death of Ranaweleng. He thought back of Suci, the lady that killed herself, and when his memory moved to the young man that claimed to be Ranaweleng’s boy, his body felt a devastating chill. Even though he could already estimate his opponent’s might, and Mahesa Birawa  felt nothing to fear of that boy’s martial art skills, the appearance of the youngster that was totally unprecedented had really surprised him and sapped away his spirit. His conscience cursed at his own stupidity. Seventeen years ago he already knew that Ranaweleng and Suci had a son. Why didn’t he kill that little baby as well? But of course at that time he didn’t really think deeply like now.

Mahesa Birawa rolled back his body. He looked at the walls of the tent. On that wall, he felt like he could see a line of sentences that he read in his residence seventeen years ago, right when he just managed to bring Suci and put here in his room. There… in Mahesa Birawa’s, or at that time Suranyali’s memory, he felt like those lines were again inscribed. A line that had now become a cruel reality: “What you did today will be repaid in seventeen years from now!”

Mahesa Birawa finally came down from his bed. He walked to and fro for a moment, pondering his moves. He then recalled the death of Kalasrenggi and the two spies that were sent to the Capital last time. They met their demise due to the interference of a strange person. Kalasrenggi died with a series of number 212 on his forehead, and just then he also witnessed the death of Suto Rande with the same manner! Then more or less, or perhaps it had been definitely… that youngster that claimed himself to be the son of Ranaweleng, who was supposed to be his own junior martial brother, definitely was related with Pajajaran. And if that was so, it would also mean the plan to overthrow Kamandaka had been compromised, the plan to coup the Kingdom had been leaked! Mahesa Birawa walked back and forth with a clenched fist. He must act swiftly before Pajajaran found out the entirety of his plan. It would not be something impossible that Pajajaran’s army were on their way to their encampment to wipe them all out!

Right at that night, Mahesa Birawa went to another round of discussion with the five Dukes, and right at that night it was decided to move their entire troops to the capital. Two messengers were sent beforehand, one to see Raden Werku Alit in the Capital, telling him that due to an unforeseen, urgent reason, the troops must be deployed that very night and would be planned to strike Pajajaran one to two hours after sunrise at the latest, while the second messenger went to the summit of Halimun Mountain, to meet the mighty Sage Sitaraga that promised them his aid in helping the coup! But this messenger was captured by Pajajaran’s soldier at the border.

Although with a heavy heart due to the warning he read on the wall of his sister’s chamber, Prabu Kamandaka nevertheless had the Pajajaran army on the ready in silent. And when dusk fell he was awoken urgently and received a report of sightings of a large army heading towards the capital. This Pajajaran King was incredibly shocked. That warning was truly on point, he thought inwardly. He then commanded the Captains of the Royal Army with a Royal Decree, “If the incoming army was really the hostile rebel, they must be fought with outside the walls of the Kingdom!”

Whence the first light shone at the eastern horizon, a fierce, grand battle raged along the great walls that protected the capital. The fiercest fighting occurred at two of the gates, the rebels attacked with reckless abandon in order to blast open the gateway to the capital, while the defenders held on with resolute heart! The melody of clashing weapons, shrieks of the dead, howls of men hacked by the opponents’ weapons, the stinging smell of blood, all created an eerie, terrifying ambience upon the battlefield. Upon noon, it seemed that the assault from the rebel army was no longer defendable, the lines of defenses were starting to be pushed back. The signs of losing had started to show not quite long after the battle was started.

Prabu Kamandaka rallied the troops with his loud shouts and presence, riding from one side of the battlefield to the other, infusing new spirits to the wavering Pajajaran army. The king rode on a white, top breed horse and his hand gripped on a long saber that was drenched red with blood! Prabu Kamandaka was stunned in disbelief of his own two eyes, as when he moved to the eastern battlefield, he was faced with Werku Alit, his own milk-brother!

“Has my eyes betrayed me or was it really you standing before me, Alit?” asked the King.

Raden Werku Alit laughed coldly, “Your eyes are still healthy and well, Kamandaka! It was just that your brain got twisted that you even robbed someone else’s birthright…!”

“What right had I robbed, and who was the one being robbed at?!”

“The throne was rightfully mine, Kamandaka!” barked Werku Alit with utmost ferocity

Prabu Kamandaka chuckled coldly, “You’re daydreaming Alit! I’d never thought that you yourself would become the source of all evil of this rebellion, the one that gives the order to attack this Pajajaran!”

Prabu Kamandaka resumed fighting and rallying with his great shouts, riding all over the place to raise the spirit of Pajajaran’s troops. He rode his white horse and gripped his blood-drenched saber! Overtime, the assault was getting harder to be contained. One by one, soldiers that fought in the frontline with the King fell dead. The King’s condition himself was getting worse, while in the western battlefield the rebel forces under the leadership of Mahesa Birawa was closing to breaching the defense of the gate!

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