Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 18

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Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 18

Jatimaleh Hill was located not far from the rebels’ encampment. When Mahesa Birawa was about to leave the camp, several soldiers offered to escort him but Mahesa refused, “Let me handle this problem by myself! You all should remain here and prepare everything. Reinforce the defense and double up the patrol guards!”

The night in Jatimaleh hills was pitch dark. Neither moon nor stars illuminated the sky. The icy winds pierced the flesh and cut deep to the bones. In this dark there was two figures standing face to face. One of them roared furiously, “Explain who you are, you puny slave!”

“Ah…no need to talk harshly, Mahesa Birawa. It’s not necessarily that I am more lowly than you!” answered the 212 Fighter. Mahesa Birawa was enraged. He stepped forward, however he halted immediately once he heard the young man in front of him saying, “Granny Sinto Gendeng’s message was for you to return to the peak of Gede Mountains immediately!”

“Return to the peak of Gede Mountains…?!”

“Yeah…to receive the punishment for your evil deeds since you left the mountains seventeen years ago!”

“Don’t blurt out randomly! What’s your relationship with Granny Sinto Gendeng?!” The 212 Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet Fighter chortled coolly.

“I’m just a humble messenger, Mahesa…” he replied.

“F**king liar!” Mahesa Birawa snapped in thundering voice.

“If you don’t want to speak the truth, don’t beg for mercy if I snap your neck!”

Wiro Sableng whistled in response, “I don’t care about your neck-snapping nonsense. I was just here to deliver Granny Sinto Gendeng’s message that you are to appear before her at the top of Gede Mountains! You heard that, Mahesa… He…he…he…” Mahesa Birawa’s fingers clenched, forming a fist.

“I want to know right now. Will you abide her demand or not…?”

“I’m asking first! What’s your relationship with Granny Sinto Gendeng? Don’t make me lose my patience!”

“I should be the one whose patience is wearing thin even by just looking at your face now!” retorted Wiro Sableng.

“Just tell me straight that you defy Granny Sinto Gendeng’s demand to appear before her! That way, it will be clearer and better…!”

Mahesa Birawa puffed his chest out. He boasted, “If that old fart desperately want to see me, tell her to come here by herself!” A fierce growl could be clearly heard from 212 Fighter’s throat. His expression was dark and ferocious. The ground he stepped on sank to three inches!

“You bragged too highly, Mahesa Birawa! Too arrogant! Your own sins are way beyond mercy and redemption! An today you dare to insult your own master! The master who raised and taught you all kinds of knowledge and skills! The master whose name you have horribly stained! What do you rely on, Mahesa Birawa…?!”

“Cocky brat! I have no choice but to rip off your blabbing mouth this instance!” yelled Mahesa Birawa. In an instance, even before finishing his words the five fingers on his right hand already moved, gripping forward. 212 Fighter chuckled. He laughed and whistled. A mighty roar thundered from his mouth and he jumped to the side while sending a left hand punch. Mahesa Birawa was shocked to sense the gushing wind piercing his body. Immediately he used his right hand to deflect the attacking wind, however it was inevitable that his body was unsteady upon deflecting it! Now cold sweat trickled on the man’s forehead!

“The way of violence is the easiest one, Mahesa!” responded Wiro Sableng. “However I’m not done talking. Seventeen years ago you roamed in Jatiwalu. Remember…?”

“Crazy brat! How do you…”

“Ah…you still remember! Great…that’s really great! Do you also remember that seventeen years ago you killed Ranaweleng, the Village Chief of Jatiwalu Village?! Do you also remember that you also dishonored a woman named Suci, Ranaweleng’s wife, where she then committed suicide out of her sorrowful shame?! Do you still remember and can count how many lives you have taken, how many people you have killed?!” Mahesa Birawa’s lips closed tightly.

The 212 Fighter continued, “If I don’t give face to Granny Sinto Gendeng’s message, the moment I laid my eyes upon your disgusting face I would have immediately crushed your head! Now that I know that you dare to defy her command to return to the top of Gede Mountain then there is no more restraint for me to take my revenge on you, to exact the deep-rooted, wrathful vendetta I hold since seventeen years ago! Keep in mind Mahesa Birawa, I am Ranaweleng’s son. And I am also Granny Sinto Gendeng’s disciple! Your own martial younger brother and the one who will tear off your wretched soul from your filthy body!” After saying that, 212 Fighter released a thundering laugh. It was a long roaring laugh, which somehow sent shivers down one’s spine. Mahesa Birawa’s heart trembled upon hearing the laugh. The memories of seventeen years ago flashed before his eyes. It was just now that he realized how quick time flies and all of sudden he must confront the bitter reality! Standing against the child of the man and woman who fell victim to his past action. He could hardly believe this!

“Young man…!” Mahesa Birawa said. His voice was filled with inner power to conceal his trembling heart. “Just wake up from your delusional dream and realize who you are against with…!”

The 212 Fighter laughed again. This time it was even more frightening than the previous one!

And he heard Mahesa Birawa’s voice, his nemesis, who talked conceitedly:

“Don’t think you are able to… Even Granny Sinto Gendeng herself will not be able to handle me! If you are determined to carry out your foolish attempt, know that you’ve come all the way from the peak of Gede Mountains to this place just to meet your own death at my hands!”

“We’ll see Mahesa Birawa! We will see it together! Whose blood will gush out and be absorbed by the earth! You have wantonly condemned my parents’ deaths at noon, witnessed by the sun and the sky! Therefore, tomorrow when the sun is at its zenith, I will wait for you in this place! Let the sky and the sun that once witnessed the death of my parents also watch the exaction of sacred vengeance!”

Mahesa Birawa snorted. “I’m not good at waiting, and even more towards a cockroach like you! But listen to me, young man…instead of meaninglessly die here, I have a proposition for you. Why don’t you come with me to destroy Pajajaran, surely I will appoint you later as a high-ranking official..!”

Wiro Sableng whistled. “I don’t need your proposition, Mahesa Birawa, I don’t need anything. Right now what I need is only your putrid soul! Tomorrow afternoon in this place, Mahesa. My blood or yours, my life or yours!”

Mahesa Birawa could no longer restrain himself. “No need to wait any longer! I am ready to smash you right now! See this Thousand Storms Punch technique!”

Mahesa Birawa charged forward. His right hand punched and a massive rushing wind swoop down to 212 Fighter’s direction. The one attacked immediately flashed and jumped up seven spear distances high. Both of his legs trembled and in shooting pain when the wind from his opponent’s punch in such high distance could still hit his legs! Harnessing half of his inner power, Wiro Sableng smashed his right hand to the ground and released his Wave-Crushing Hurricane Shield technique! Mahesa Birawa was greatly shocked to see a whirlwind-like mighty storm coming to his direction. He quickly jumped to the side. His body was almost thrown off when blown by his opponent’s whirlwind. Channeling the full strength of his inner power, he managed to stand in place after his previous dodging movement. However, his legs sank five inches to the ground! In his shock of witnessing his opponent’s might, Mahesa Birawa heard the laughter of 212 Fighter.

“I will wait you tomorrow afternoon Mahesa Birawa. Right here, at this hilltop! One thing I will say to you. Tomorrow I am fighting you not as a human named Mahesa Birawa, but as Suranyali!” Wiro Sableng flashed.

“You wretched slave! Don’t run!” Mahesa Birawa a.k.a. Suranyali yelled. However the 212 Fighter had already disappeared in the dark.

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