Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 11

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Here’s Chapter 11 for a Double Release Day (4/5 LAST WEEK).

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Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 11

The Limanaluk Valley was a place that human rarely went to. The area was deserted, overgrown by giant trees and thick bushes. This was where the four masked men took Rara Murni. In front of an old temple they stopped and put down the girl which was still struggling with all she had at that point.

“Rara Murni, if you behave I won’t use violence on you…”

“Let me go!” yelled Rara Murni.

“Get into the temple!”

“No!” and Rara Murni tried to run, but to no avail, her hands were quickly strangled. The masked man acting as the leader of the other three turned around, and he told the other three, “You guys go back. Tell them that our mission was successful!”

The three masked men quickly jumped onto the horseback and left the place. That other one then dragged Rara Murni into the temple. It was an abandoned old temple, the stone wall had partially collapsed with age. A big statue on the corner was ruined on the face and its arms and legs had broken.

“Let me go!” yelled Rara Murni for the millionth times, her voice started to get sore.

“You’re too damn noisy, Rara Murni.” The masked man said. His eyes flashed with lust seeing the looks and body of the girl.

“But then…” this person carried on, “You may not be making much trouble if you know who I am”

After finishing his words, the man then opened the mask covering his face. Rara Murni was shocked beyond believe. She seemed to not be able to believe her own eyes. How could she!? The masked man was none other than one of the division leaders that she knew quite well.


Kalasrenggi chortled, “You’ve now seen my face and know who I am. Are you still being noisy?”

“What do you want with all this, Kalasrenggi?!”

“What do I want? You’ll know later eventually!”

“Traitor! You’re a damnable traitor Kalasrenggi! Do you know the consequences if my brother finds out of your deeds?!”

“Your brother will never know!”

“I’ll report you and you’ll be banished to Hell Island! Where they sent the traitors of the kingdom!”

Kalasrenggi’s laughed exploded, his eyes flashed looking at Rara Murni’s figure. It had indeed been a long time that this man had silently admired and fell in love with Rara Murni. Now that the two people were alone in that secluded place, the desires suppressed in his heart was blazing like fire, heating up his blood and body.

“Perhaps you’d have no more chance to report me, Rara Murni. Your head itself is a good enough tribute to be given to your brother!”
Rara Murni was surprised, “What do you mean?”

Kalasrenggi laughed. It was a disgusting laugh in Rara Murni’s eyes. He resumed, “If you are willing to do as I told you to, perhaps I can consider saving you from certain doom…”

“You’re truly a despicable traitor! Disgusting!”

With that disgusting, laughing face still on, Kalasrenggi stepped forward approaching Rara Murni, his eyes flashing, his nostril flaring and his chest rising… Rara Murni immediately moved back seeing his expression, backing up until his back bumped to the wall. Before she managed to run to the door, Kalasrenggi’s big, hot fingers held her arms.

“Why must you be afraid…?” said the man. His hard, heated breath blew on Rara Murni’s face.

“Bastard! Let go of me! Let go!” Rara Murni frantically screamed. Suddenly Kalasrwnggi snapped that hand. Rara Murni was drowned into his fierce, strong embrace. His kisses landed relentlessly on the beautiful face of the girl. Rara Murni screamed… she struggled and screamed! Her body was pressed hard to the wall by Kalasrenggi, making her unable to fight back and dodged the kiss. She was even unable to do anything when Kalasrenggi strongly tugged and ripped the piece of clothing that covered her breast!

Rara Murni screamed when her body was thrown to the floor. Both of her legs kicked, yet it inevitably made the clothing she worn to instead dropped to her thigh. This view made the lust demon burning in Kalasrenggi to be stoked fiercely. Rara Murni yelled and screamed non-stop. She screamed although she knew that it meant nothing for Kalasrenggi, screaming though she knew that in this condition, it was impossible for her to keep her honor and chastity! In that burning lust, Kalasrenggi suddenly felt that something flew over his back. Before his head could turn, he heard thudding sounds on the floor of the temple! And once he managed to turn his head, he went beyond shocked, as if he saw a demon with seven heads! Three bodies were scattered on the temple floor! Even more shocking was when he realized that the three bodies were his men that he sent back to the Capital to report to Raden Werku Alit that her kidnapping Rara Murni’s mission was accomplished. The burning lust in Kalasrenggi instantly withdrew and vanished without trace. Slowly this man stood up and left Rara Murni that was close to becoming a victim for his evil.

He saw that his three men were no longer drawing breath, signaling their death! Their faces were bluish while on their forehead were printed a line of 212 numbers. The blue face could be recognized as the result of a punch or a slap that was immensely strong… but the 212 on the forehead of the three men was totally unknown by Kalasrenggi!

When she was let go by Kalasrenggi, at the same time Rara Murni stood up and ran towards the gate of the temple. But upon her third step, the girl stopped moving, her blood felt dried and he face was pale. In the doorway of the temple he saw a figure standing wearing a black mask with his hands on the waist. It couldn’t be wrong to think that this man was also one of Kalasrenggi’s lackeys, guessed Rara Murni. Kalasrenggi himself felt surprised when he saw someone’s shadow on the doorway of the temple, which clearly shown on his face! He had no idea who the masked man on the doorway was, but he was certain that this man was not his own, and that the black mask that person was wearing was the mask previously worn by his man that now became cold log on the temple floor! It wasn’t unthinkable that this man was responsible for the death of his three men! Even though his anger was unprecedented but Kalasrenggi didn’t want to act recklessly. His pair of eyes looked sharply as if he could see beyond the mask that covered the man standing on the doorway of that temple!

“Uninvited guest, open your mask if you have guts!” said Kalasrenggi. The person on the door grinned under his black mask, and then his laughter could be heard… at first was a faint chuckle, but then it became a chortle that reverberated and trembled the walls of the old temple! Kalasrenggi was preparing his inner power and kept his vigilance. If the laughing sound of this man rendered his eardrums trembling, to the point of trembling the walls of the temple, then it was a sign that whoever this human is, he was not some random passersby! And this fact made Kalasrenggi even more certain that it was this man that killed his three lackeys.

As for Rara Murni, if her heart was feeling bitter and afraid when she saw the arrival of this masked figure, then after she found out that this man was not on Kalasrenggi’s side, Rara Murni silently felt a bit relieved. But she didn’t know yet whether this newcomer was his white knight or perhaps even more evil than Kalasrenggi! Especially since at that time she still couldn’t see the looks of this person.

Kalasrenggi’s heart felt angered when his greetings were replied with such insolent laughter from the black-mask. Then he bluffed with a big heart, “If you’re not opening your mask, then you’re forcing my hand…”

The masked man stopped laughing. He opened his mouth in reply, “One’s vessel can’t be measured by his looks, but by his heart! If he’s a soldier, then honesty, loyalty and service to the kingdom would be the measurement of his vessel!”

Kalasrenggi burnt in shame when he heard these words. The black-mask laugh silently and turned to Rara Murni and said, “Isn’t that so, Your Highness Princess Rara Murni…?”

Rara Murni kept her silence. But she felt surprised that the man knew her name. And she leaned her guess to the possibility of this man to be a palace insider as well, an insider which, she was not sure whether a traitor or a helper. If he intended to help, why must he wore a black mask anyway?

“But…” the man on the door continued, “if you want to see my face, then so be it! I don’t mind opening this black mask. I am indeed ugly, but if the comparison is your face, I’m hundreds of leagues better than you!” the man in his laugh while opening the black mask that covered his head.

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