Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 10

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Hi Readers,

This is Book 2 Chapter 10! This is going to be counted as the third chapter for LAST WEEK (3/5 last week). We’ll try to churn out 8 chapters this week, but no guarantee as I will be going on a camping trip with Young Master and Young Mistress of the Kindsword clan starting from Wednesday! Anyhow, any leftover chapters will be brought over to next week!

As always, we highly appreciate your ratings, reviews and reading list inclusion in Novelupdates.com of this novel! Any comments in the chapter as well as all the shares in any platform is also much appreciated! Enjoy!


Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 10

“If Rara Murni is the younger sister of the King of Pajajaran…” the young man murmured while walking down the path under the scorching heat of the sun in the dry season,

“Her kidnapping must have a huge and dangerous reasons!” He looked at the sky.

“Ah, how quick the sun is shifting…” he said again. When he encountered a vegetable peddler he inquired, “Old man, where is the road leading to Limanaluk valley?”

The vegetable peddler wiped off the trickling sweat on his forehead first. Then he turned around slightly and pointed to the end of the road.

“Follow this road, just go straight. Limanaluk is around a half day trip from here.” The young man thanked him and continued his walk… The royal coach was well-designed and sleek. Two chestnut horses pulling the coach ran vigorously. Four trusted guards escorted the coach. Two men at the front, the other two at the rear. The cloud of dust covered along the trails they passed. After two hours ride from the Capital, they began to pass through the craggy, rough path with many holes on it. The coach driver slowed down the pace especially when going through a sharp turn. The guard at the front right waved his hand, signaling them to stop. When the coach halted, the curtain was drawn and a stunningly beautiful young face came out.

“Why are we stopping?” the girl’s inquiring voice sounded so beautiful. The guard leader bowed slightly and answered:

“The horses need water, Princess…” Rara Murni drew back the curtains. The coach driver got out of the coach and brought the two chestnut horses to the riverbank. They raced to slug down the cool refreshing water to fill their thirst. After few minutes, the party prepared to resume the journey. However, even before the coach driver managed to climb up, four horsemen appeared in front of him. They were of muscular builds and their faces were unrecognizable because they wore a mask of black fabric hollowed at the eye points.

“Your journey ends here!” said the horseman at the front. His voice was greasy and hoarse, filled with inner power thus it was difficult to recognize his real voice. The four guards who knew it was impossible that those black masked men approached them with noble intention quickly drew their swords! Seeing their reaction, the front horseman guffawed in contempt.

“You Pajajaran monkeys, if you hold your life dear just scram right away!”

“You scums! Dare you insult the royal guards! Here comes my sword!” shouted the guard leader. He jumped forward and his sword flashed, glistening in the sun! The masked man pulled the horse’s reins and leaned sideways. Simultaneously his right leg kicked with astonishing speed. The guard leader shrieked. His sword was deflected and thrown away while his elbow joint was dislocated by the kick! He squealed in agony, stooping over while clutching his broken elbow joint! Without uttering a single shout, the three other guards immediately charged and were confronted by the three masked men. After fighting for two passes the three guards were cornered. At that time in the coach, upon hearing the commotion and sound of the clashing weapons, Rara Murni opened the window curtains anxiously. She was shocked to see a masked figure approaching the coach and reaching out to open the door!

“Rara Murni… no need to be worried! What happened here is just a mere show. Please get out of the coach…!”

“Who are you people…?!”

“Who we are is of no importance. Come out…”

“You savage bandits! If you know who I am you should just leave now before the royal soldiers come and slaughter you!” The masked man exploded in laughter. He opened the coach door and raised his right hand to seize Rara Murni out of the coach. The coach driver who had been stunned over witnessing the fierce battle in front of him, realizing that Rara Murni was about to receive harsh treatment immediately grabbed his whip and lashed on the masked man’s back.

“F***ing thugs! Dare you touch the King’s sister!” And the whip lashed out few times more. The masked man turned his body around. Once he moved his hand, he snatched out the whip. And the whip now was used to strike back the coach driver’s face. He wailed in pain. Furiously he pulled out his short saber and attacked the masked man. However with a simple dodge and one kick the coach driver fell down, plunging deep to the river. His body drowned helplessly because right before falling to the river he was already unconscious due to the masked man’s kick! The battle between the three guards and the three masked men did not last long. The three guards dropped dead on the ground soaked in their own blood. Meanwhile in the coach, Rara Murni was struggling to defend herself, kicking and punching the man who was about to drag her down by force. However, her strength is clearly no match for him. In just a moment, the masked man could subdue her. Rara Murni was brought up to the horseback.

“Throw the dead into the river!” ordered the masked man who had managed to ride his horse.

“Also get rid of the coach!” The three dead guards were thrown into the river. The horses whinnied and kicked hard when the three masked men pushed the coach into the river!

In a short time the four men quickly disappeared. All that remained now was the traces of battle, blood, dead bodies, and the coach with its horses still neighing as they slowly drowned into the river!

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