Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 1 (Death Sang in Pajajaran)

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Hiya all!

Surprise surprise! As a “payback” for the long absence, here is another release of this epic series! This also signifies the start of book 2, Death Sang in Pajajaran. Those who want to know more about Pajajaran can click here!

Here’s the artwork cover for the book (this one was close to 50 years old now!)

As always, please support us by your review, rating, putting it in your reading list or simply by sharing our work! Those are the strongest doping for us to work even harder!

Last one (last chap Book 1) was TL-ed by Wildhammer and edited by me. This one was the other way around! Enjoy!


Wiro Sableng Book 2 Chapter 1

Under the scoching heat of the sun in the middle of the day, a strong and dry gust of wind came forth. The dust and sand on the plain was blown up to the air, covering the view for a few moments

A weird, shrieking whistling sound playing a random, chaotic tune was heard from the hillside at the end of the plain. The weird whistle seemed to want to bash the dry wind blowing forth from the plain. Suddenly that weird wistling sound stopped abruptly! In place of it was a chuckling laugh that resounded all around the hill

The young man dressed in white standing on the top of the hill lookd to the side. Before he could clearly hear the laugh, some sort of fragrant liquid substance was darting right to him. If he didn’t quickly jumped back in reflex, some part of his face would have definitely splashed by the liquid. The liquid that failed to hit the young, long-haired man instead smashed at a big tree. The strength behind the splash of that liquid wasn’t something that could be taken lightly!

The youngster himself was indescribably shocked. He had only just walked for half a day and suddenly someone already desired his life! He looked at the direction where the burst of liquid came from. As he just turned his head, suddenly from above hundreds of drops of the liquid rushed in like a torrential rain that was powered by a storm!

The youngster shouted loudly and slammed his palm upward. The hundreds of drops was blown away back upwards, with a few hundreds more blown to the side. The leaves of trees around him was pierced to a sieve while the trunks looked dented just like they were nailed on! The chuckle again echoed all round the hilltop. Weirdly, the youngster still couldn’t find the man that became the source of such laughter with his eyes, albeit it sounded really close. His heart was very curious! While scratching his head he looked around the hilltop. His eyes finally stared closely at the trunk of a giant tree that was towering uo into the sky, perhaps the height of the tree was more than thirty meters tall. The laughter came from the top of the tree, but the person in question was still invisible to his eyes. Likely he was well covered by the leaves that was densely grown on the top.

“Tree-man!” yelled the youngster

“If you dare to cause trouble for me, show yourself!” After finishing his words, the youngster sent his right palm to strike to the top of tree. A robust, strong gust of wind that was as strong as a hurricane blown all the way to the top ofthe tree. Branches and twigs broke away, while leaves was fallen apart. In a blink of an eye the towering giant tree became desolated! And on the peak of the tree an old man sashed in a white clothing was uncovered. Due to the height, he couldn’t be seen clearly, but his long beard that reached his chest could be seen fluttering along with the dry wind coming from the plain. On his lap was seen a bamboo tube about a meter length. Another similar tubes of bamboo was hanging on his back as well. And from those two bamboo tubes a fragrant, delicious wine could be vividly smelled. That wine was the one bursted towards the youngster to the youngster under the tree! That youngster’s palm strike that had blown away all the branches and leaves nfrom the tree should have been enough to blow that white bearded old man sitting on the treetop, at least causing him some inner injury to his body. But strangely that white bearded old man could still sit calmly, crossing his leg at that desolated summit, even still drinking his wine and laughing around carefreely like nothing had happened! The youngster became incomparably incensed. But he still didn’t dare to recklessly act. This old man on the treetop with hi white beard was once heard by him from the story of his master back at the summit of Gede Mountain. He was a mighty martial artist that was famous since 40 years back, who then rarely shown himself who hailed from the white world of the martial arts, which means he used his martial arts and might for good causes. But why he used his wine to attack the youngster was beyond the comprehension of this long-haired young man

“Old man” shouted the youngster. His lips were trembling, signifying that his words was powered by his inner strength in order to reach the top of that tree which was more than 30 meters tall.

“If I recognize you correctly, than is it not that I am facing a famous figure in the martial world titled as the Wine God?” The old man on the treetop stroke his beard for a bit. He drank his wine once more and then chukled once more like previously.

“Young man! You have such a sharp eye to be able to recognize this 80 year-old self! But do you dare to accept my invitation to come here to this treetop and drink thi fine, fragrant wine from the heaven with me?” It was as such. The Wine God named his own wine as the wine from “Heaven” (TL Note: in Indonesia, heaven refers to the afterworld heaven where people with good deeds will get into after they die, unlike the Chinese “Heaven which refers to the Heavenly Court, the dwelling of the Gods). It was indeed far and hard to fine a wine that can rival this one from its taste and fragrance. The young man smiled.

“Old man, you are really kind. I have a very important matter today. Perhaps next time I can fulfill your invitation… Many thanks for your hospitality and I am really happy to be acquainted with a figure that was well known by all under the heaven!”

“You flatter me too much, young man!” replied the Wine God

“I’ve been paying attention to you since you walked from the edge of that plain. I waited until you have reached here. When you are here you even rejected my invitation. Was it perhaps because my wine wasn’t good enough? Wasn’t fragrant enough…?” the youngster pondered for a bit. It seemed fine if he accepted the invitation of the Wine God and conversed a bit with the old man on top of that tree. He shut his lips, both hands opened to the side and with both feet stomping the ground he soared like an eagle to the top of the tree. The treetop was ad wide as a round table. Although it no longer had any branches nor twigs but that tall place was still quite cool.

“I dare not to refuse your invitation then, o Wine God,” the youngster said while sitting on a protruded part where traces of  a broken branch could be seen.

“Ha ha ha…,” the Wine God laughed heartily.

“It is indeed there is no loss in accepting my invitation, young man. Great wine, good seat… the whole area could be seen clearly from this place!” Indeed when he was sitting on the treetop, the youngster could see the beautiful view as far as the eyes could see them. The Wine God promptly took one of his bamboo tube and gave it to his guest.

“Are you used to drinking wine, young man?”

The youngster answered, “Once in a while”, even though in his whole life, today was the first time he was about to see and taste a wine, but he called his bluff. He pretended to look around to see the scenery and took the bamboo tube from the hand of the Wine God while the Wine God took his other tube.

“Come, young man! Let’s drink!” the Wine God toasted him

“You should know, my wine is very pure. If you are not used to drinking then this can make you drunk or dizzy, and it sure is capable to get you roll off of this tree!” The youngster laughed. He put his lips to the edge of the bamboo tube. Just a tiny bit of the wine flowed down his throat, and it already made his whole body warm, his eyesight cleared up and his mind became exceedingly calm!”

“How was it?”

“Your wine was excellent, old man. It wasn’t wrong for you to name it as the wine from heaven!” The Wine God laughed in joy.

“Where did you come from anyway, young man?”

“I was just from Jatiwalu”

“Jatiwalu’s a rotten village. Lots of bandits there…,” snorted the Wine God

“And the bandit’s even a local” The youngster thought that if the Wine God knew what happened in Jatiwalu then why did he just saw them with folded arms? The Wine God seemed to be aware of what the young man was thinking about.

He further said, “I am too lazy and too bored with those kinds of rotten stuff. That’s why I just let what happened to that village to happen. Those villagers there also seemed to not care with their own fate. They prefer to be oppressed. The stuation there would gradually return to how it was if that persists…” the Wine God glugged his wine again.

After a brief silence the youngster inquired, “Wine God, is this tree your dwelling place?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

“Because if it is true that means this junior had recklessly offended you and made this tree desolated! And thus I have to apologize to you…!” the Wine God chuckled until his wine overflowed from the corner of his lips.

“I like men such as your type. You are qualified to be matched with my disciple!” The Wine God sipped his wine again, but while he drank the wine, his eyes took a glance at the young man. But of course he was incomparably shocked when he heard Wine God’s words. His face was red with shyness. It seemed that this world had too many people with eccentric ideas, he thought. He once more gulped the fragrant wine inside the tube, then he returned the tube to its owner.

“My thirst has been abated, o’ Wine God. The wine was extremely delicious. I pay my thank you to you and now I bid you farewell to resume my journey…”

“Ah, young man, the sun hasn’t even moved to the west yet, the wind still breezed coolly and many more beautiful sceneries are still there without you seeing it for yourself. Why the rush?”

The young man smiled.

“I think I have enough already. If in another day this young man has a chance, I will definitely invite you in return to pay back your invitation and the beautiful wine…” The Wine God put both of his bamboo tube on his back.

The Wine God tapped the youngster’s shoulder,  “You shan’t leave yet, young man. You must first meet my disciple. You are definitely well matched with her! Let us go down!” The Wine God held the youngster’s arm and both of them jumped down to the ground like a pair of hawks. But once they got down, the youngster relieve his arm gently. He bowed in respect.

“Next time, o’ Wine God. Many thanks for your wine!” But just as he moved forward a few spear distance, his body stopped abruptly and was pulled back. A string of a soft silk thread had circled around his waist. Apparently it was the Wine God who used the thread and pulled him back to his side. “Young man, I said, what’s the rush… You haven’t even met my disciple… Come…”

If not because that old man was the Wine God, perhaps the youngster already bursted with curses. Yet, while holding the contempt in his heart the youngster replied:

“Wine God, we just got acquainted today. This kind of stupid, ugly man like… how can I be a match to the disciple to a great martial artist like you! Surely there are still many more appropriate person!” The youngster was about to be on his way but the soft silk thread still circled his waist. Seeing the thread, it wasn’t that the youngster was unable to break it, instead he was worried it will make the Wine God discontent. Meanwhile, he heard the Wine God whistled weirdly. A purple figure came forth to the front of the youngster, and apparently she was a girl with a purple robe and purple ribbon on her head. Seeing the beauty, the long-haired youngster couldn’t help but be attracted to her anyway.

“Young man, do you see? My disciple ain’t half bad right?! What do you think?” The youngster’s face was full of contempt, and the girl in purpe was even more so. She lowered her head until her chin and her chest were stuck together.

“Your disciple is indeed a beauty, Wine God,” said the youngster

But it was my face that is too ugly, so we are not a match! You better find a young man that she likes… Wine God, farewell!” Immediately the young man flicked his finger to the silk thread that circled his waist, and the thread abruptly broken!

“Idiot youth! I’m giving you a virgin and you run away instead!” the Wine God cursed. He further said:

“Oooiii young man! Wait up! You haven’t told me your name!” The old man took out a rope made of rattan and he threw it towards the waist of the escaping youngster. The youngster, knowing that he was about to be caught again, threw out his right palm to his back. A strong gust of wind rushed to his back, deflecting off the rattan rope and was carried on towards the old man. Wine God was forced to jumped up as he knew the incoming wind was not normal. The wind strike ruined the bushes and then slammed onto a big tree. “Crack” the big tree was mercilessly smashed broken with a noise that reverberated in the whole hillside. The Wine God shook his head.

“Such a pity… such a pity…” he said

“It’s such a pity that I couldn’t get that young man…” when he put the rattan rope in his sash, he became really surprised. On the part of that big tree that still stood, amongst its messy uprooted looks, he could see three numbers of 212 was imprinted. The Wine God stared at the purple robed girl on his side and then stared back at the three numbers on the trunk, he stuck out his tongue in pondering. Those three numbers had shaken the martial world about twenty-odd years ago. Those three number would mean death to the martial artist from the dark side! Has the numbers of 212 had retruned back into the world?! The martial world would definitely be rattled just like how it was 20 years ago! But what became a big question in the head of the Wine God was who that strong young man was? Was he the disciple of Granny Sinto Gendeng? If he was, then that means the re-appearance of a formidable figure titled:

“The Deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet 212 Martial Artist…!” The Wine God turned his head back to his disciple, “Anggini! You have seen how formidable that young man was. You must find and pursue him! You must get him! Otherwise, don;t even think of returning back to my side…”

“But master…”

“No buts! Anggini! Go on chase the man. You… you must, with any way possible make him your companion, as he will be the one who rule over the martial world in this near future!” Anggini the purple robed girl just stood there in daze.

“What the hell are you waiting for?” asked her master. The girl spoke no more words and instead immediately left that hill towards the direction where the young man, who imprinted the numbers of 212 on the trunk, went!

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