Wiro Sableng Book 1 Chapter 8

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Sorry, got assignments from my boss… Please enjoy chapter 8

This is chapter 2/5 this week

TL: Hero Fatty Kindsword Ed: Wildhammer


Wiro Sableng Book 1 Chapter 8

But Grandma Sinto didn’t attack him. This formidable old lady apparently was only jumping onto the guava tree and sat on the place whence she came from.

“Good Wiro…. very good,” she said. Her face was facing straight to the east. “All this while I trained you on top of this Gede Mountain, and you were not a disappointment….!” Sinto Gendeng laughed shrilly. And after that laugh, she again repeated the song… the song that trembled the heart of Wiro

Pitulas taun wus katilar,
Pucuking Gunung Gede isih panggah kaya biyen mulo,
Langit isih tetep biru,
Wulan lan suryo isih tetep mandeng lan kangen,
Pitulas taun agawe kang tua tambah tua.
Pitulas taun ndadekake bayi abang dadi pemuda kang gagah,
Pitulas taun wektu perjanjian,
Pitulas taun wiwitane perpisahan,
Pitulas taun wekdaling pamales.

Seventeen years have passed by,

The peak of Gunung Gede still stands sturdy,

Still blue is the sky,

The moon and the sun still stare reminiscently,

Seventeen years of the old grows more elderly,

Seventeen years of the infant grows valiantly,

Seventeen years of obligation,

Seventeen years of separation,

Seventeen years of redemption.


Wiro sat down under the trunk of a guava tree. He saw his master sighing deply a few times.

“Do you feel stiff on your chest master? I can help you massage….”

“Shut yer trap!” shouted Sinto Gendeng.

Wiro scratched his head and stayed silent.

“I want to talk to you!” said Sinto Gendeng.

“Talk about what Granny….?” This youngster also started talking solemnly when he saw his master became serious.

“How long have you stayed with all this time, Wiro?!”

“Disciple doesn’t remember….”

“Such nonsense! Then what for did I taught you to learn to read, write and count for?!”

“Maybe ten years, Granny….”

“Imbecile! It was seventeen years, you get it?!”

Wiro laughed, “yeees…. seventeen years, Granny,” he parroted.


“I hope today you don’t talk nonsense with me Wiro!” yelled Sinto Gendeng while her eyes kept on staring towards the east.


“Do you see that sun?”


“I see them Granny….” replied Wiro while facing eastward.


“That sun is still the same old sun, still the same as the one seventeen years ago. This peak of Gede Mountain is also still the same as the old one. Just that the old is getting even older, the baby is now becoming a youth! Only the world outside that changes a great deal!”


Wiro Saksana listened solemnly as he had never seen his master talking in this fashion. And then he again paid attention to his master’s words. “Seventeen years… It’s that long that you’ve stayed with me… learning to read and write, learning martial arts, learning all kinds of martial skills… But don’t you dare forget! You have to remember! All the martial arts and martial skills that I have taught you are all very little, way too little. They mean nothing compared to the power of the God Almighty. Do you understand, Wiro?”

“Yes, Granny….”

“Therefore you must be aware, you must always remember. Even though now you have become very strong and mighty that most people won’t be able to contend with you, yet the one most important thing that you must do is to keep yourself away from all the bad traits! Don’t even once you become arrogant, cocky, and conceited! Use all the skills and martial arts I taught you to help others, to do good. If you stray from this, you will get your karma in the future! You must remember that you are not the only strong one in this world. You must realize that beyond a sky is an even higher sky. Do you understand Wiro?”
“I understand, Granny….”
“Can you remember?”
“I remember, Granny….”
“Remembering… is remembering! Human remember things in their mind, with their brain! But I don’t want you to simply remember, as remembering also means there are time that you will be forgetting. And any human being, as long as they stay human, will always bring their forgetfulness. Forget and forgetting. The most important thing is to plant this teaching as deep as possible into your heart, into your soul, into your blood, into your every heartbeat, into your every breath! That something, when planted deep, will be just like a big tree, not a single hand will be able to uproot it from the earth as from day to day to come, the root that makes the tree stand tall will become stronger and penetrate deeper into the ground!”
Silence seeped in for a moment. This silence was then broken by the voice of Granny Sinto Gendeng again.
“Today will be the last day for you to stay here, Wiro!”
“But Granny….,” Wiro Saksana was shocked upon hearing those unexpected words from his master.
“Are you surprised….? No need to be. In this world, there are times to meet and there are also time to part. Time to come and time to depart! I have completed my obligation to teach you all kinds of martial arts and martial skills to you and you have completed your obligations, which is to learn and study all those things from me….”
Wiro Saksana sat in silence. Apparently the song that was sung by Granny Crazy Sinto was related with his own life. But what still confused Wiro was the lines of “Seventeen years of promises… seventeen years of redemption…” Granny Crazy Sinto suddenly floated down back to the ground. She stood in front of her disciple, and resumed her lecture.
“Everything that exists in this world is always consisting of two parts, Wiro! Two parts that are different from each other but is complementary to each other….”
Wiro Saksana frowned, not understanding her meaning. “For example, Granny?” he asked.
“Examples…., we have man and woman. Aren’t those two different? But they are a match to each other?!”
“True, Granny….”
“Another example, we have the sky… we have the earth. We have the ocean and the land. There is also water and fire… living and dying, also the rich and the poor. Some are blind the others can see. Straight and bend, we have high and low, we have hardship and happiness, also laughing and crying. Above all those, there is one that is supreme. This one is the one creator of all. Who created you, Wiro….?”
“I don’t know Granny….”
“I know Granny….”


“My mother and father.”
“Who created your mother and father?”
“Grandma and Grandpa….”
“The one created your grandma and grandpa….?”
“Grandma of my grandma and grandpa of my grandpa….”
“And who created your Grandma of my grandma and grandpa of my grandpa….?”
“Surely my grand of Grandma of my grandma and grandpa of….”
“Idiots!” yelled Sinto Gendeng. “Human can never create another human! Your father married your mother and your mother gave birth to you, nothing else!! Your mother was born from your grandmother, and so on and so forth, you imbecile! All these humans, anyone and anything was created by the One. By God Almighty! Those things that are in pairs are also created with all its power and destiny by the God Almighty. The God created men as well as He created female. God created the sky, also the earth. He made people to live in hardship but also made people happy. He made people rich and also made them poor. Now, let me ask you. How many eyes do you have?”
“Two, Granny.”
“One, Granny.”

“Two, Granny….”
“Two, Granny.”


“Also two, Granny….”
“Do you have any d**k balls….?”
“Two, Granny,” and in his heart Wiro cursed in his silent laughter.
“D you have any d**k?”
“One, Granny….” Wiro again felt like laughing and cursing at the same time.
“Well…. it all proves that in this world human’s life is nothing more than like those twos and ones, ones and twos, two one two and so on. Those numbers 2 and 1 will always stick to every human being. And all those were created by the Almighty that is God! This 2 and 1 life, this 2-1-2 life, and the existence of this 212 cannot be denied and must be embraced in every single individual! Human will definitely feel happy and sad, joy and sorrow, rich and poor, full and hungry, live and die, and human must believe on the One, there is the God Almighty….”
“But half-blind man, Granny… their eyes are only one, limp people with one leg lost, meaning there is only one leg. So that person doesn’t have the perfect two in their selves….”
“True, but even though it means that the person only has one eye, only has one leg, still there is a “one” that is in his person right?! I told you already that in every human being there must be a two and one right! Do you still not understand you idiot?!”
Wiro kept silent, his master’s words were indeed true.
“Now you stand up!” ordered Granny Sinto Gendeng.
Wiro Saksana stood up. Granny Sinto Gendeng grinned and giggled incessantly. Suddenly from under her black clothing, she took out her mighty hatchet. Surprised, Wiro Saksana took several steps back. Sinto Gendeng grinned wider, laughing until both her eyes were teary.

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