Wiro Sableng Book 1 Chapter 15

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Wiro Sableng Book 1 Chapter 15

As a rookie who had just descended down from the mountain and involved himself in the world of martial arts, Wiro Sableng still lacked the experience in real combat. However, as a result of these past seventeen years of harsh training under Granny Sinto Gendeng, those furious attacks did not make the young martial artist nervous.

Granny Sinto Gendeng had arranged not only trainings on martial arts day-in day-out for him, but the trainings and practices given by that mighty old lady were no different from real brutal battles which could fatally hurt Wiro himself.

When the three attacks were reaching him, Wiro Sableng quickly grabbed Nilamsuri’s waist. This young man lightning-quickly crouched and punched his right fist while roared loudly to the horse’s leg that almost smashed Nilamsuri’s head. The horse neighed loudly and collapsed as its leg was crushed. The rider, the slanted-eye Pitala Kuning, was thrown to the ground but managed to jump and land on his feet unharmed with the help of his light body skill.

On the side, while, Bergola Wungu’s saber and Seta Inging’s klewang were clashing fiercely, Wiro Sableng dodged and rolled over the ground, his feet simultaneously kicking the two bearded men’s horse legs.

Similar to Pitala Kuning’s horse, those two beasts also threw Bergola Wungu and Seta Inging. Wiro Sableng laid Nilamsuri to a tree and immediately readied himself when he saw the bearded bandits were charging at him, excluding Ketut Ireng who sat nailed on the ground writhing in agony with his right leg swollen black with immeasurable pain!

“I am warning you for one last time!” said Wiro Sableng, “Leave this place at once!”

“Don’t just flap your mouth all you want, you f**king brat!” snapped Bergola Wungu wrathfully. “Tell me your stupid name so my saber can conveniently cut your neck!”

Wiro Sableng whistled then scratched his head and laughed out loud. Then this disciple of Granny Sinto Gendeng began to sing.

Stupid snotty kid is called a great fool,

Stupid old geezer is called a great fool,

Monkeys wishing to be men,

Now why beard grown by men,

Seems they want to be monkeys…

Morons, fools, idiots, dimwiyyss!

Bergola Wungu was furious upon hearing the song which words were addressed to him as a mockery.

“Crazy brat!” he retorted, “receive my blade!”

With his technique “Crane Poking the Frog,” Bergola Wungu stabbed his long saber to Wiro Sableng’s throat. The martial artist from Gede Mountain instantly used his light body skill. The tip of the blade missed just half an inch from his neck. Wiro laughed mockingly.

The leader of the Four Beards grew even more incensed. It was the first time that his much-prided saber arts could be dodged so effortlessly and even doing so while laughing heartily and taunting him!

With clenched jaws Bergola Wungu flipped his saber’s blade and slashed it. Now it was meant to hack the youngster’s neck.

Wiro Sableng’s feet slightly moved, his left hand parried the saber-wielding hand while his right palm was stamped on Bergola Wungu’s chest!

The leader of Four Beards of Sanggreng Cave gave a muffled scream. His body staggered backward, almost falling on the ground. When he saw his chest which was attacked by the youngster’s palm, his face immediately became pale!

His black cloth was burned out. The skin stamped by the attack was branded white with Wiro Sableng’s palm and fingers! In the middle of the brand, black numbers of 212was etched. The pain in the chest branded with the right palm and its 212 number was no joke. Although Bergola Wungu had circulated all of his inner power, he could only reduce the pain slightly.

Pitala Kuning and Seta Inging’s face was no less pale when seeing what happened to their boss. It was unprecedented that the childish-faced young man’s martial skill was exceedingly formidable. What is the meaning of the numbers 212 branded black on Bergola Wungu’s chest?

That “Palm Strike 212” executed by Wiro Sableng was actually performed using a mere one-fifth of his inner power! If this young warrior mustered half of his inner power, then it was certain that Bergola Wungu would be dead with his chest crushed!

Bergola Wungu’s wrath blinded this bandit leader notorious in Cimandilu River from the truth that this youngster that he called “crazy boy”, “snot-nosed brat” was actually beyond his league!

Bergola Wungu stepped his right foot forward and set his left foot backward. The long saber was gripped straight forward.

“Loonie boy! How dare you wound my chest! I, Bergola Wungu, will surely settle the score with you! Do you even know what technique I will attack you with?!”

The deadly Fire Dragon Hatchet martial artist responded by laughing out loud while scratching his long-haired head.

“Now that’s ridiculous!” replied Wiro Sableng. “Fighting is fighting. Why bother to give such a boring speech!”

Bergola Wungu felt his body burning with rage. “You can laugh and mock me for all I care, you crazy brat! When my saber moves with my technique: Tearing Sky, you will regret it!”

The sword technique known as “Tearing Sky” was actually the technique executed previously by Bergola Wungu to “strip” Nilamsuri by tearing apart her clothes with his saber tip.

“That “Tearing Sky” technique sounds awesome!” Wiro Sableng said. “But prove it first. Or is it just a crappy technique?”

Without uttering a single word, Bergola Wungu spinned his saber fiercely. Violent wind darted from his slashes. The technique was unleashed with such force that the saber seemingly multiplied into hundreds! In an instance, Wiro Sableng’s body was wrapped in a storm of saber slashes!

The weird thing was that Wiro Sableng apparently did not move a single muscle when dealing with such vicious attacks. What looked more bizarre was Bergola Wungu’s saber wasn’t even close to scratching any part of Wiro Sableng’s body! Seta Inging and Pitala Kuning who witnessed the young martial artist’s might couldn’t help but to drop their jaws!

The technique “Wave-crushing Hurricane Shield” was released by Wiro Sableng so strongly that every strike, thrust, and slash of the saber totally could not hit Wiro Sableng’s body. The saber was constantly blown away by the great whirlwind wrapping this Sinto Gendeng’s disciple!

Bergola Wungu roared loudly and accelerated his saber strikes. However, even after twenty stances of the technique, his saber still could not touch Wiro’s body! Bergola Wungu’s body and clothes were soaked in sweat. The sweat also made the saber’s hilt slippery. Fatigue caused his reflexes and movements to be slower!

“Seta Inging! Pitala Kuning! Don’t just stand there gawking! Help me out!” yelled Bergola Wungu angrily.

Hearing his command, Pitala Kuning and Seta Inging immediately charged with weapons in hands. A long saber, a spiked nunchaku and a klewang furiously hacked and slashed at Wiro Sableng’s body. However the technique “Wave-crushing Hurricane Shield” made the three weapons’ attacks to have no meaning at all.

Wiro Sableng laughed out loud. His laughter filled with inner power increased the effect of his technique “Wave-crushing Hurricane Shield!”

Ten stance afterwards.

“Ciaatt!!” suddenly the Fire Dragon Hatchet martial artist yelled loudly. The three bearded bandits were taken aback by surprise and jumped out of the range of battlefield. Their eyes glared upon seeing Wiro Sableng’s hand who had seized and held their weapons!! Ketut Ireng who was curling up in agony was also astounded and bewildered!

The name of the Four Beards of Sanggreng Cave was not a new name in the world of martial arts, where they were known infamously as a group of highly skilled bandits and was feared throughout Cimandilu River. Their leader Bergola Wungu was especially acknowledged for his saber arts among the martial arts circle! They finally realized that if the young man wanted to take their life then he could have done that easily since the beginning!

“If you let us go today,” said Bergola Wungu with trembled voice, “then you’d better know that we won’t forget what you did. One day we will come to you to take our vengeance over today’s humiliation!”

Wiro Sableng chuckled heartily, “That’s good! You can still preach, huh!! Here, take back your weapons!”

With one move from Wiro Sableng’s right hand, the three weapons he previously seized were now whistling towards their owners. Bergola Wungu caught his long saber, Seta Inging grabbed his klewang’s hilt while Pitala Kuning got his spiked nunchaku.

Without further yapping, those bandits was about to swiftly retreat, bringing their companion who was in agony over his foot injury. However, before they could leave, Wiro Sableng said:

“One other thing that you must remember, bearded dimwits. If you dare to touch this girl again, you better start digging your own grave!”





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