Wiro Sableng Book 1 Chapter 14

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TL: Fatty Kindsword Ed: Wildhammer


Wiro Sableng Book 1 Chapter 14

As she felt that her chase was fruitless, Nilamsuri at the end decided to swiftly return back to the graveyard. Actually this girl had met with the person that helped her when she was being outnumbered by Bergola Wungu and his minions. It was just that Nilamsuri totally had no idea that the person she met was her savior. And who else was the helper if not Wiro Sableng, the young man that just came down the mountain, whose attitude and behavior was so eccentric that people would think that he most definitely was a person that was not so straight in his head.

When Nilamsuri returned to the graveyard, what she saw was not Bergola Wungu and his three minions, instead it was Wiro Sableng! This youngster was kneeling silently in front of a grave which soil was almost flat and full of weeds and dirty with dried leaves.

“Where did those bearded bastards go” Nilamsuri wondered. She was so curious of it. She didn’t manage to chase the person that she was hunting, and now her four nemesis had gone after she gave chase… and what business does this crazy guy who claimed to be an “Eccentric” Wiro doing in this graveyard? Whose grave was he solemnly visiting there?

Right then, Nilamsuri saw Wiro standing up from his kneeling pose. And when he turned around, Nilam saw that on the face of that youngster was a distinct, deep sadness. Due to all of the weird happenings she encountered lately, Nilamsuri unknowingly wanted to find out who exactly this long-haired young man. Thus, she opened the conversation by asking, “Brother, when you first got here, did you see four bearded men?”

Shadows of sorrow on Wiro Sableng’s face instantly vanished, and the youngster smiled. “You are really funny, sister” said Wiro. “When we first met, back on the riverbank you asked me one man. Later when we meet for the third time, how many men do you think you will be asking me about?!”

Of course Nilamsuri’s face turned beet red hearing Wiro Sableng’s words just then.

“Brother,” she said, “who are you really?”

Haven’t I told you my name back then on the riverbank? Why are you asking me again? You yourself haven’t even told me yours.”

Nilamsuri grew silent. She immediately changed the subject by asking, “Whose grave is that?”

You can read for yourself on the tombstone.” He answered. Full of curiosity, Nilamsuri stepped in closer towards the old tombstone, made from common slab. The lines engraved on the cracked stone was no longer clear for her to read. But Nilam could still see some engravings: “HEREIN LIES SUCI BANTARI”

Seeing Wiro that still looked young, Nilamsuri knew that this person named Suci Bantari was definitely not Wiro Sableng’s wife

“Your mother?” she asked.

The youngster nodded slowly. He recalled the information from Granny Sinto Gendeng when he was still trained on the summit of Gede Mountain back then. According to that mighty lady, he was taken care by her since he was a baby. Now, after ten odd years, after he turned adult, after all this time he couldn’t get any parental love, all he could see was only two mounds of graves that were not properly taken care of. The graves of his mother and father.

“Then you are a local?”

Wiro Sableng nodded again. “I never knew them”

“You mean your parents?”

“Yes. Both of them died from someone else’s savagery.”

Wiro Sableng nodded. His eyes that used to shine brightly now looked desolate and both his eyes looked at the corpse of horses whose necks almost cut in two by Nilamsuri’s sword during the battle between that girl and Bergola Wungu’s group. Wiro grunted in his heart. His father’s fate wasn’t much better than the horses’!

Meanwhile Nilamsuri was busy with her own thoughts. Back then Bergola Wungu also said that his parents were killed, murdered by her own father Kalingundil. Did this young man’s parents were also killed by her father? If that was so, then this youngster was coming to create some trouble for her, to settle his revenge just like the appearance of Bergola Wungu and his minions. Thus, this young man was nothing more than an enemy for her as well!

But just to be sure, Nilamsuri asked, “Who was the person that killed both of your parents, brother?”

“Ah, it’s a long story. Even if I told you, you may not know the person anyway. Moreover these were all not your business anyway.”

“Was the murderer someone named Kalingundil?” Nilamsuri baited with a throbbing heart. Her chest felt relieved of a heavy burden when she saw Wiro shook his head.

“How about you? Why do you come to this graveyard?” asked Wiro.

“Just like you. To visit my mother’s grave.” And Nilamsuri recounted what happened to her when she was weeding the wild grass on her mother’s grave. But she didn’t tell why Bergola Wungu intended to ruin her chastity and tried to kill her!

“It’s really weird, the story about the person that saved you back then, sister,” said Wiro Sableng while holding back his laughter. “That person was definitely an incredible expert. It is even possible that he was an angel!”

Nilamsuri just kept her silence. But sneakily she took some peek at Wiro Sableng. If previously she was admiring the cool, handsome look of this youngster but seemed crazy due to his eccentricity and insolence, but at that moment she could see that this person was definitely not a crazy person.

“If somehow you found the killer of your parents,” asked Nilamsuri, “are you going to kill him?”

Wiro Sableng laughed, “that needs no further explanation, right sister?” he said. Nilamsuri remembered the bad luck that was about to befallen on her. Then that girl snapped, “This world is so full of injustice!”

“What kind of injustice are you talking about sister?” asked Wiro Sableng further.

Nilamsuri was about to open her mouth, but immediately she shut it again. She was close to telling him the secret why Bergola Wungu was about to kill her. The girl could only shook her head. “You’ll face yourself later anyway,” she said. “At least seeing with your own eyes the kind of injustice that happens.”

Wiro Sableng laughed

“Why did you laugh?” asked Nilamsuri, feeling that she was being mocked.

“How old are you sister?”

The girl felt in her mind that this youngster was about to start with his eccentricity again. Wiro while laughing then said, “You are still very young but you speak like an old person.”

Unknowingly Nilamsuri also laughed, yet more of a cynical laughed. Silently her heart that was leaning a bit to him was getting more and more attracted at him. Suddenly those two people looked at each other. From afar they could hear the galloping sound of horses.

“Ah, it’s just the sound of hooves, why do we feel so shocked?” asked Wiro Sableng, although his gut feeling was uneasy

“It’s very possible that those are the people that ganged up on me!” Nilamsuri said

“Then let’s get out of here fast!”

The 16 years old girl shook her head.

I’d rather die than run!”

Wiro Sableng grunted. “Your courage is brainless, sister!” he exclaimed. Wiro Sableng jumped forward and blocked the acupoint in Nilamsuri’s right shoulder. That girl suddenly fell stiffly, but before she crashed to the ground Wiro already carried her. The girl was swiftly brought to run but alas, the four riders already had him surrounded. Those four were none other than Bergola Wungu and his minions.

“Haha, we apparently have a midday kidnapper that was aiming for our prey, boys!” said Bergola Wungu.

“Smelly rat!” Ketut Ireng shouted, “put down the girl!”

“You are still a snotty brat but you already know about women’ ey!” shouted Pitala Kuning, Bergola Wungu’s slanted-eyed lackey. “Quickly put her down!”

Wiro Sableng slowly put down Nilamrusi’s body. He took a look at the four bearded men all at once. “Brothers, we don’t know each other… why were you talking so rudely to me?!”

“Little idiot! Take this!”, Ketut Ireng yelled while using his right foot to kick the youngster’s chest.


Ketut Ireng’s right foot landed on Wiro Sableng’s chest, but the Gede Mountain hero didn’t even move a hair. Instead, Ketut Ireng’s mouth cried out a miserable shriek that reached the heaven! The kick he unleashed was only using outer power, or known as physical power, as he didn’t care about the identity of that long-haired youngster. And as a result, that kick felt like kicking a steel bucket instead. His right leg, up to the thigh, looked swollen and blackish. Ketut Ireng sprawled on his horse’s back while wailing in pain. Bergola Wungu and the other two bandits were exceedingly surprised with this


This leader of the Four Beard of Sanggreng Cave quickly pulled out his long saber. Seta Inging also took out his klewang (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klewang) while Pitala Kuning took out his spiked nunchaku!

“D**n bastard! Who the hell are you?!”, Bergola Wungu growled while readying the saber in front of his chest

“I’m warning you,” Wiro talked in a flat tone while his lips curved up in a smile, “I’ve got neither grudge nor grievance with you people. You better leave this place while you can do it in one piece!”

“God***n it!” Pitala Kuning grunted. “Do you know who are in front of you now?!”

“Like I care who you people are! Leave this place if you know what’s good for you!”

“You better kneel down and beg for forgiveness right now you crazy lad!”

“I told you already to leave this place, are you guys deaf that now you still blab your flab huh?!”

And the blood in Bergola Wungu reached its boiling point!

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