Wiro Sableng Book 1 Chapter 13

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Wiro Sableng Book 1 Chapter 13

Exaction of vengeance was terrible, especially it was now amplified by an overwhelming urge of bestial lust. Nilamsuri was really caught in a dire situation. Her strength was running out. Four pairs of human hands molested her body laying on an old tomb.

“Ha…ha…ha! Your mother’s bones will witness how this karma works! “said Bergola Wungu.
Nilamsuri smashed her knee into his belly when Bergola Wungu was about to top her body. But that powerless knee strike did not have any impact on that bearded man!

“F**kers! Just kill me! Kill me!” shouted Nilamsuri.

“I will ruin you first, then taking your life!” Bergola Wungu chuckled. Witnessed by three of his lackeys who were also fondling the body of the sixteen-year-old girl, Bergola Wungu began to indulge his confounded lust. Seeing no way to escape, Nilamsuri felt hopeless. Tears melted down her cheeks.

However, Nilamsuri’s fate was not as horrible as she imagined it. A white shadow flashed from the eastern side of the cemetery whose ground was rather hilly. And suddenly the four people who surrounded Nilamsuri became stiff as stone statues!

Nilamsuri, who sensed only the wind and the molesting hands stopping suddenly, opening her teary eyes. Surprised and almost in disbelief she saw how the four bearded people were still squatting around her but their eyes were all bulging and their bodies became stone-rigid!

This girl got up quickly. What has happened to the four men? She remembered the wind. Maybe there was someone who has helped her? Someone with formidable martial skills? He looked at the four men. Apparently they were pressure-points blocked at the large veins at the base of their neck. Or maybe those four lowlifes have been strangled by the demons living in that cemetery?!

The very strange event made Nilamsuri forget about her own condition at the time. She looked around. Her eyes struck on a roll of white objects lying on the gravestones of a tomb. It turned out it was a shirt and white pants. Looking at the clothes spontaneously reminded Nilamsuri of her current state. Regardless of who owned the clothes, no matter how the clothes got on top of the grave the girl just jumped up, grabbed the clothes and ran behind a thicket of bushes. She wore the clothes quickly. Though a little bit oversized, but the outfit gave much help to Nilamsuri and the girl felt very grateful.

She came out of the bushes. And when she looked upon the four scoundrels who were still squatting on the other side, her anger was overwhelming. Her blood was boiling. She grabbed her sword lying on the ground. The light of the sword flashed at once towards the heads of Bergola Wungu and his lackeys.


A pebble as big as the tip of an index finger hit the middle of the sword which was about to take the lives of the four bearded bandits. And the clash of the pebble made the sword in Nilamsuri’s hand bounced half the spear up, passing a span over the head of Bergola Wungu and the other three!

Kalingundil’s daughter was startled. Simultaneously she snapped and looked around. “Human or demon who did this, don’t hide! Show yourself! ”

No one answered. However there seemed to be movement in the grove of bushes near the frangipani tree. Nilamsuri punched a blow toward the bushes. The bushes were uprooted and scattered away, but nobody was seen back there.

Nilamsuri furiously turned back. Her sword slashed back toward the four heads of bandits in front of her. But once again a pebble hit the weapon!

“Damn it!” Nilamsuri shouted. “If you dare to interfere, dare show yourself!!”

There was a laugh as a respond.

The laughter came from behind the bamboo trees on the edge of the cemetery. For the second time Nilamsuri unleashed a blow. Strong wind hit the bamboo trees. The bamboo stems broke, those uprooted from their roots soon fell down while the leaves leaped to the ground. Just like the previous case, this time there was no one behind the bamboo trees!

Nilamsuri was frenziedly furious.

There was another laugh. This time it was accompanied by a taunt, “Only cowards kill enemies in a helpless state!”

Nilamsuri looked up at the frangipani tree. That instant, a figure was seen flashed northward like an apparition!

Nilamsuri clenched her jaws. Without waiting any longer, this girl stomped both feet and immediately chased northward!

Up to several hundred spear distances northward away, Nilamsuri still had not managed to chase after that being. She could not see its shadow and even track its footprint on the ground, let alone chased it. The girl finally stopped at the edge of a valley.

Deep inside her heart, she was angry but also curious. Di samping rasa geram hatinya juga heran dan bertanya-tanya. Who was that human and where did he disappear? Is that the mysterious being who had helped her from the disgusting actions of Bergola Wungu and his cockroaches? If it were true, why did the man get in the way when she was about to sever the heads of those four bandits?

Nilamsuri looked again into the valley. Everything was covered in silence. Then she looked at the clothes she wore. She found this outfit on a tomb. Were the clothes deliberately left to her to wear by the mysterious figure that escaped?

Nilamsuri was about to turn back to the cemetery. However, she immediately stopped when she heard a man’s voice behind a hibiscus tree.

“Going back to commit a cowardly act? Killing a helpless enemy? It’s useless to learn martial arts but be ignorant to the customs in martial arts! ”

Nilamsuri was furious on hearing the mockery. She jumped toward the hibiscus tree. However, that being mockering her was still quicker to dodge and ran to the valley.

“Are you human or demon! Don’t run!” shouted Nilamsuri. Immediately she chased to the valley. However, just like before, once she reached the bottom of the valley the mysterious being she was after had vanished! Curiously, this girl jumped onto a tall tree and looked across the valley to investigate where it had run, but to no avail.

Nilamsuri came back down. She explored some parts of the valley. She was not satisfied if she had not managed to meet the shadow she pursued. At the edge of a creek the girl finally stopped. A moment later she was stunned at the river bank. Then her nose was struck by the scent of something grilled. This smell came from upstream, making her throat full of saliva. This girl stepped her feet upstream.

Not until fifty paces she walked, at a river bend where the water streams faster, she saw a man sitting in the middle of the river on a large shiny black rock. This man was sitting with his back facing her and his hair was long, dressed in white clothes. Nilamsuri did not know what this man was doing on top of the rock in the middle of the river. She became suspicious that that this man was the one she had been after. But oddly enough the smell of grilled food came from the man in the middle of the river!

Nilamsuri kept going down the river, passing the man, to see what he was doing. Nilamsuri still could not see the long-haired man’s face. From where she stood up she could see that the scent that enticed her appetite was caused by a big fish that was being grilled by the man and now he was gnawing at it! The grilled fish was still warm. What Nilamsuri did not understand was that on the rock where the man was sitting or on the edge of the river she did not see at all the traces of the fire to burn the fish that the long-haired man was eating now!

Nilamsuri thought for a moment. Then she shouted to the man in the middle of the river.

“Brother! Did you see someone passing around here?! ”

The man in the middle of the river did not answer. In fact, he did not turn his head and continued to eat the grilled fish.

“Brother!” Nilamsuri shouted once again.

This time the man turned his head. Nilamsuri gasped for a moment because she did not think that this long-haired man was actually a good-looking young man!

Though good-looking, seeing his face reminded her of a boy’s childish face!

“Err… Are you talking to me?” asked the young man who was still preoccupied with the grilled fish.

“Yes! I am asking if you see someone passing around here?!” replied Nilamsuri.

“A man or a woman?” the long-haired man asked.

“A man…”

“Is he old or young…?”

“I couldn’t tell. I only know he is dressed in white…”

The long-haired man thew the fish bones he had just eaten to the river. Then he looked at his own clothers. “Uh, I’m also dressed in white…,” he said. “Then surely I’m the one you are looking for!” This young man scratched his hair and laughed.

This young man’s attitude and language was a bit annoying to Nilamsuri. She hesitated to make sure that the mysterious figure she was pursuing was this young man since despite his good looks, he behaved childishly.

“Uh, why are you silent?!” asked the young man. “Hmm… I know, I know…” he said.

“What do you know?”

“I know you came here because you smelled the yummy scent of my grilled fish! Then you pretended to look for someone! Why did you have to pretend it? If you want to eat my grilled fish then you are welcomed to join me. I still have another one!”

”Brother! Don’t be a smartass!”

“What do you mean by a smartass?!”

”I’m really going after someone! And I don’t need your grilled fish!”

“Uh… Is that so…?” the young man nodded. Then he continued, “If I know about the person you are looking for, what will you give me in return?”

“Anything you want…” Nilamsuri answered without really thinking because she really wanted to quickly pursue the person she was looking for.

The young man laughed and choked and coughed because of the fish he had eaten got stuck in his throat.

“If that’s the case…,” said the young man in between his coughing and laughing, “I want you, Sister.”

“Noisy brat! I will slap you hard, damn it!”

“Well…” the young man gawked like a fool. “Why are you so angry?!” he asked.

It really annoyed Nilamsuri. She clenched her mouth tightly against her frustration.

“Uh, now you shut your mouth. That’s funny! You still haven’t answered my question, Sister. I ask for you. Will you…?”

Nilamsuri’s resentment now turned into overflowing anger. Her face looked red. In one jump, she was in front of the young man, standing on the top of the rock.

“Crazy fool, you want to die?!”

The long-haired man scratched his head. “I don’t understand, Sister, really I don’t get it. Why are you so angry to me?!”

“You are so impudent, you know?!”

The young man shook his head and shrugged. Then he laughed while observing Nilamsuri’s face. “You know, Sister…,” he said, “when you are mad and yell to me like that, hmm… you look even more beautiful!”


Nilamsuri’s left hand slapped on the young man’s cheek. The young man winced in pain. Nilamsuri regretted a bit when she saw how the cheek she slapped turned to look so red.

“You’re so mean,” wailed the young man. “I just asked you, what you will give me in return if I know the person you are after to. And you answered you will give me anything I want! Then I said I want you! Am I wrong…?!”

Nilamsuri bit her lips. She knew he was right. She knew that she had given a promise carelessly.

“Brother…,” said Nilamsuri.

But the young man retorted. “Never mind. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I just want to help, but instead getting slapped. And that’s only when I merely show I want to help. If I were done helping you, perhaps I will get kicked then!”

Nilamsuri bit her lips again. Without saying anything she jumped back to the riverbank.

“Yo, Sister! Wait a minute!” shouted the young man.

Nilamsuri turned back.

“Why are you looking for that person actually?!”

“That’s my own business!” replied Nilamsuri.

“Is that man your boyfriend?”

“Do you want to get slapped again?!”

The young man laughed. “This world is really full of weird things,” he seemingly said to himself. “It should be a man looking for a woman. Here, it is the opposite…!” He scracted his head again.

Nilamsuri began to think that the young man was surely a hare-brained one. Therefore, without a second thought she was leaving the place.

“Yo, Sister! You really don’t want this grilled fish?!”

Nilamsuri kept going down the riverbank upstream. She was almost near the end of the river bend when she heard the young man’s voice again calling for her. The distance between them was already tens of spear distances. If only Nilamsuri wanted to think for a moment, she would know that the young man did not merely shout with his own voice also inserted inner power in his shout because at such distance no matter how hard someone shout, his scream could not be heard clearly.

“Sister! Don’t go there! Sister, come back please!”

Nilamsuri kept going.

“Sister! Yo, Sister! There are many crocodiles over there! Come back please!”

But Nilamsuri still kept going. The young man shook his head then jumped to the water. The water was apparently knee-deep only. Once he got across the river, the young man quickly ran to Nilamsuri.

“Sister, where are you going?!” asked the young man while touching Nilamsuri’s shoulder.

“Don’t you dare to be impudent, Brother!” Nilamsuri snapped with anger since her shoulder got touched without permission.

“Where are you going?”

“Why the hell do you care?!”

“Don’t go there, Sister. There are many crocodiles sunbathing in that area…” even when he had not finished his sentence, two big crocodiles ambushed from behind the bushes at the riverbank.

“What did I just say! God damn it…! Sister, please run!” the young man jumped back. The two crocodilles hurtling to attack Nilamsuri. The girl unsheathed her sword quickly. In one swipe, a large piece of the crocodile’s mouth which was about to pounce her was whacked. This predator was floundering in the sand. The second crocodile suffered the same fate. The smell of the blood flowing to the water induced other crocodiles to approach. Those reptiles crawled to the riverbank and rushed to attack Nilamsuri. However the girl with her swift swordsmanship managed to slay all the crocodiles!

The young man shook his head and stuck out his tongue. “Magnificent! How magnificent you are, Sister!” he praised her. “You surely are a martial arts master! It’s been long since I want to learn some martial arts! Will you be glad to take me as your disciple?!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Nilamsuri snapped.

“I’m not talking nonsense. I truly mean it… “

“Dare you open your mouth now!” yelled Nilamsuri. Her sword, still stained with the red blood of those crocodiles, seemed ready to sever that young man’s head. Seeing this, the young man naturally jumped to the side.

“Sister, I really want to learn martial arts from you…”

Nilamsuri made a mocking gesture. “Such a shameless man whimpering like a baby!” she jeered.

The young man looked slightly irritated, then replied, “Look who is talking, aren’t you ashamed of wearing a man’s clothes?!”

Nilamsuri at the moment indeed wore the white shirt and pants which was the clothes she formerly found on the top of the tomb. Her face reddened. She quickly left.

“Sister… Wait…!”

“Now what?!”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to take me as your disciple. But I have another request… May I know your name?”

“A lunatic like you doesn’t need to know my name!”

“Well sister, you are so arrogant. Tell me your name, and then I will tell you mine…”

“Why should I need to know your name?!”

“My name is Wiro Sableng, sister… Now please tell me your name…”

“Wiro Sableng?” repeated Nilamsuri.

The young man nodded.

“That explains everything!” Nilamsuri said.

“Why is that?” Wiro asked.

“That explains your deranged behaviors” and after saying so Nilamsuri quickly left.

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